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Cremation Service Ditmars Park
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Today, many people choose cremation for its simplicity, affordability, and environmental concerns. It is
important to remember that cremation is not a funeral, it is a means of disposition. Cremated remains
should be cared for with the same dignity as a body buried in a casket.
A personalized urn helps families convey their loved one’s unique personality, especially if they would like
to have the urn present at the service. Customization can be as simple as engraving the urn or an affixed
plaque, or take the form of a more elaborate urn with a unique shape or image. Veterans’ service may be
honored with special embellishments on the urn.
Families have more options than ever for what they can do with cremated remains. Many cremation
jewelry choices are available for families who wish to keep their loved ones close. Other options include
cremation art glass pieces, which turn cremated remains into an object that’s both beautiful and
meaningful and biodegradable urns that allow a tree to grow in the earth where they’re placed.
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