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Special Needs Trust Lawyer
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You have worked hard throughout your life to build up your estate, so it is important to do everything
you can to protect what you have earned. Part of any good estate plan is going to be evaluation of your
exposure to creditor liabilities or litigation risks. There are many different threats to your assets, and
planning for all of them can be difficult. Our team can help by analyzing your particular situation and
taking steps to protect your family from the most likely risk that may present itself.
If you have a chronically disabled family member, partner or friend help take care of them in such a way
that will not put them at a disadvantage by losing government benefits. You can create a third-party
special needs trust that will ensure that your loved one is taken care of but, at the same time, does not
loose access to important government programs. Such trusts san be created during lifetime or at death.
If your children are about to graduate into litigious profession, protect them by creating a trust for them
that will never be subject to any creditor’s claims. If your children are about to get married and you
know that they will not listen to your advice of getting a prenuptial agreement (or they will listen to
satisfy your demand but then they will nullify the agreement anyway), protect them and your family
assets using trusts.
If you children may be subject to harassment or influence by a cult or a sect, protect them by creating a
trust for them that will never be reachable by any individuals or organizations who obtained fraudulent
access to your child’s assets.
If you believe that you child may be an alcoholic or a drug addict or a gambler, protect them by creating
trust for them that will never be subject to any creditor’s claims.
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