Is there a need to visit the dentist if you brush your teeth daily? Yes,
because brushing of teeth is not only just enough for your teeth.
Professional deep cleaning of your teeth is required at least twice a
year to protect your teeth from damaging and infection. Only the
dentist can reach each part of your mouth, including the trickiest
part of the back which is most difficult for children to reach.
Teeth cleaning at home include only brushing and flossing. However,
a professional dental deep cleaning procedure helps to remove
tartar and plaque stuck from tooth to gum line as well as between
the teeth. If you brush correctly plaque gets removed but tartar can
only be cleaned by deep cleaning teeth procedure. If tartar is left on
the surface of the teeth then it can damage your teeth causing
infection and severe disease. If left for a longer period it can even
lead to tooth loss.
Dental Cleaning Procedure
This procedure is done by a hygienist taking around 30 minutes to an
hour. Firstly, the hygienists will asses overall oral health including
your teeth and gums. If any kind of swelling, infection or any other
red flag is found they will refer you to the dentist for the treatment.
A tool called scalar is used to clean plaque and tartar from the tooth
surfaces. These are mostly found between the teeth and near the
gums. After removing the plaque and tartar, they will brush your
teeth with an electric toothbrush by using grittier toothpaste than
that you use at home. This toothpaste contains certain particles
which help in scrubbing and polishing your teeth. After brushing the
hygienist will floss your teeth to get everything out of your mouth
including plaque, tartar and toothpaste. In the end, they will rinse
your mouth.
Various dental clinics also provide dental bridges for the missing
teeth. Find the best dental bridges near me providing dental deep
cleaning near me teeth procedure. A bridge is used to replace the
missing teeth by joining artificial teeth.
There are various types of dental bridges available such as
conventional bridge, fixed-fixed bridge, cantilever, spring cantilever,
fixed-movable, adhesive bridge, etc.
The fixed-fixed bridges have maximum strength and are very
retentive. The design of this bridge is mostly accepted by the people
for longer spans. The construction of this bridge is relatively
straightforward and simple. It has a large surface area that provides
good retention.
Fixed-movable bridges have non-parallel abutments which avoid
extensive tooth preparation. It uses minor retainers to make the
preparations more conservative. It enables small movement of teeth.
The components can be cemented separately which makes
cementation more straightforward.
The cantilever bridges require only one abutment which makes it
conservative. Destructive parallel preparations are not required in
this bridge. It has the most appropriate design if the anterior are
replaced. The maintenance and oral hygiene of this bridge are quite
easy for the patient.
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