Funeral Service East New York
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Brooklyn, NY 11234
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Funeral Service East New York
1914 Utіca Ave, suite 310
Brooklyn, NY 11234
(347) 7976140
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At our funeral home, we will discuss with you your decision to either bury or cremate. Should you select a
burial, we can arrange for you to have a private or public visitation. You will need to choose a coffin,
vault and cemetery location. If you decide upon cremation, our funeral home can still provide you with a
wake and funeral before the cremation occurs. In this instance you will need to decide what to do with
the cremate remains, be it by scattering, utilizing an urn or other keepsake or by burial. We do
everything in our power to honor your wishes, your family and your loved one who has passed.
Within the first day of losing your loved one, please contact one of our completely licensed funeral
directors to arrange for the funeral. Please feel free to bring along trusted relatives or friends to help you
carry the emotional burden. We focus on giving you compassionate and professional care, and together
we will develop a plan to send your deceased to his or her final resting place with honor and dignity.
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