Kitchen Remodel And Design Fremont

Kitchen Remodel And Design Fremont
38837 Fremont Blvd
Fremont, CA 94536
Category: Kitchen Remodeler, Interior Designer
Mon - Sun 8am - 9pm
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Kitchen Remodel and Design Fremont has 10 years of experience with kitchen repairs, remodeling and
design. We have over 500 happy clients that we have completed kitchen projects for! There is no kitchen
that our team of professionals cannot restore or transform. We can do anything and everything--from
making small repairs to your existing kitchen to a complete kitchen remodel or new kitchen installation.
Kitchen Remodel and Design Fremont has the tools and materials to create exquisite, amazing kitchens
time and time again, as we have for the past decade. Our work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed and we
take that seriously! We complete the entire kitchen remodel and installation including the electrical and
plumbing work needed to ensure your kitchen is up and running efficiently.
Kitchen Remodeling and Design Fremont offers services and options that will catapult your kitchen into
prestige. You can find everything you will need for your new kitchen design, repair, or remodel with us.
From choosing the flooring, lighting, paint, backsplashes, cabinets, and countertops—Kitchen Remodel
and Design Fremont has you covered!
If you need to make room for your new kitchen, we offer old kitchen demolition. We can create the
kitchen you've always dreamed of from scratch, or we can make the repairs, modifications, or additions
needed to revamp your existing kitchen.
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