How to Choose a Kitchen/Bath Remodeler

How to Choose a Kitchen/Bath Remodeler
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Remodeling a kitchen or bathroom can be overwhelming for any homeowner.
For all but the most experienced carpenters, this is not a do-it-yourself project.
Remodeling these rooms is very different from a bedroom, dining room or family
room. A specialized professional should be brought in to insure success of the
Some criteria for finding an appropriate professional:
1. Choose a kitchen/bath dealer. They are specialists who can take care of your
remodel from concept to completion. Do this the same way you would
seek out a specialist in any field.
2. The kitchen/bath dealer you choose should have a permanent, well kept
showroom and not just be working out of a truck or even his home.
How long the dealer has been a member of the same community is also
3. Make sure the dealer belongs to local and national trade organizations like
NKBA, BKBG and the local Chamber of Commerce among others.
4. Check that the dealer has a Home Improvement Contractor number and is
lead safe certified.
5. Look for staff to have credentials such as AKBD for example. (Associate
Kitchen & Bath Designer)
6. Ask for satisfied customer references. (Information needed for you to
contact their past customers and ask them about their experience, should
be made available to you.)
7. Talk to a prospective kitchen/bath dealer about your remodel and decide
if he or she is friendly, knowledgeable and someone you could work with
easily. This is the most important consideration as you will partner with
them closely to insure the success of your project.
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