Kitchen Remodel And Design Oakland

Kitchen Remodel And Design Oakland
1510 Alice St
Oakland, CA 94612
Mon - Sun 8am - 9pm
Cash, all cc.
Our company has been established more than 18 years ago in Oakland, California. Back then, there was
an obvious lack of skilled kitchen technicians in the city. We managed to fill this gap and, over the years,
we have grown into a large, full-service kitchen company. During these years, we have worked on over
10,000 kitchens in Oakland.
We have designed, remodeled and renovated countless kitchens for our valued clients. Our contractors
are all locals who care about their clients. We know how to listen. Bottom line, we value our clients and
always work hard to give them the best solutions for the most affordable prices. Even though we are a
large kitchen company, we still listen to our clients. Because we really do care!
Kitchen Remodel And Design Oakland is your number one source of quality kitchen remodeling,
renovation and design services in Oakland, California. Our experts have years of experience in the
industry. We have invested a lot of money into their equipment and tools. Also, we made sure all our
contractors are properly trained, fully insured and licensed.
Working with us is 100% safe. And did you know that we also have an architect and an engineer on our
team? We can demolish kitchens, add new kitchens, and do all the plumbing and electrical work legally
in Oakland. We have city permits for all our trades.
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