Polyamory and the Male Organ

Polyamory and the Male Organ
Polyamory is on everyone’s lips (and more) these last few years. With a
more-open dialogue about intimacy and relationships, more and more people
are jumping on the polyamorous bandwagon. While it’s currently estimated
that five percent or less of the people in the United States are living in a
polyamorous lifestyle, that number is on the rise as only half of millennials
are looking for a completely monogamous relationship. While people
consider managing emotions as one of the issues to keep a close watch on,
men should also be focused on what polyamory means for their member.
Let’s unpack polyamory, how it can affect the member, and ways to keep the
member in good form if polyamory is for you.
What Is Polyamory?
There are tons of synonyms for polyamory. Everything from the classic
“open relationship” to “ethical non-monogamy” (not that it’s always
ethical), which are both a flavor of polyamory but not necessarily the end all
be all. What is boils down to is this: when a person is polyamorous (let’s use
poly for short), he is open to the idea of having loving relationships with
more than one person at a time. Now, this doesn’t mean a man’s member is
on overload, having intimacy multiple times each day.
Poly is largely misunderstood because of the focus on the intimate part of it.
People can be in a relationship with just one partner and be polyamorous (so
long as the partner knows and agrees – otherwise, it’s just called cheating).
Some poly players don’t have intimacy with anyone other than their partner,
but have loving, romantic relationships with other people. Some people just
have multiple relationships going all at once. It’s a pretty individualized
concept around a core belief.
What Can Poly Mean for a Man’s Member?
While it doesn’t seem to be an immediate connection, there are several
things a man should consider from an intimacy and male organ health
standpoint. Here are a few concerns a man should be cognizant of when
practicing his desired form of poly:
1. Disease. This is a no brainer. There are tons of partner-transmitted
infections (PTIs) out there that can maim and kill. There are also other
ones that can stick around forever and require disclosures to partners
each and every time intimacy is had.
2. Infections. It’s not only PTIs that can be transmitted intimately.
Things like yeast infections and urinary tract infections can also find
their way to an otherwise healthy member.
3. Guilt Dick. Some guys have a hard time sleeping with someone (or
many ones) else when in an otherwise committed relationship. This
can result in a failure to get or maintain a hard-on. Psychology and the
member have an intense relationship, and a lot can factor in to that.
4. Allergens. Seems weird to talk about, but men (and their respective
members) can be allergic to certain bed linens, perfumes, and other
cleaning and grooming products used by multiple partners.
How Can a Man Protect His Poly-Active Member?
There are several ways a man can stay healthy and active in an intimate poly
lifestyle with a member that performs well on command. Here are a few tips
for how to keep male organ health central while playing poly:
1. Use Latex Protection and Other Barrier Methods. Don’t use the
same toys with one partner that are used with another. Get tested
regularly. You know all this, but it’s worth mentioning. Also, bring
your own latex protection.
2. Have a Straightforward Talk With All New Partners. This should
include any disease states, infections going on, overall health, and
consent. Discuss all potential intimate practices, but be sure to be
specific about anything that might injure the member, such as cock
rings, certain positions, and long nails.
3. Have an Emotional Check-in. For men who have iffy feelings about
poly lifestyle, a check-in or regular appointment with a relationship
therapist isn’t a bad idea. This will help a man keep his mental game
in check, so it doesn’t affect his member.
4. Urinate After Relations. This cleans everything out and can protect
against bacteria and infection.
5. Keep the Member Clean and Healthy. Be sure to thoroughly wash
the member daily, and after any intimate escapades, with warm water
and a gentle cleanser. Rinse well and air dry. After cleaning the skin,
use a specially formulated male organ health creme (health
professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been
clinically proven safe and mild for skin) on the member. Choose a
crème with tons of vitamins and nutrients that protect and rejuvenate
the member, like vitamins A, B, C, and D. L-carnitine is also a worthy
ingredient to look for, as it protects against peripheral nerve damage
that can affect a member’s prowess over time.
So, now you know what poly is and how it can affect your member. Keep
these considerations in mind to ensure that you have a healthy and fulfilling
emotional and intimate life.