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Kitchen Remodel And Design Culver City
4022 Lincoln Ave
Culver City, CA 90232
Mon - Sun 8am - 9pm
Cash, all cc.
You are probably wondering who we are and why you should choose us and not one of our competitors.
We are going to be honest with you; our company has decades of industry experience and our
professionals are all highly trained, fully insured and certified. We possess all the relevant city permits for
all trades. This is why you should choose us. We have established this company with the sole purpose of
providing top quality kitchen remodeling, design and renovation services to residential and commercial
clients in Culver City, CA – for the most affordable prices possible.
We have received hundreds of extraordinary reviews and feedback from our happy clients over the years.
Their feedback kept us going and empowered us during our journey. We are now a full-service company,
capable of getting any kind of kitchen project, of any size, done. Kitchen Remodel And Design Culver City
is here to provide the customer service you deserve for your money, period.
Kitchen Remodel And Design Culver City has been in business for over 18 years. We have served over
2,000 clients in Culver City, California to date. For us, customer service is very important. We value our
clients and we strive to give them the best quality work that money can buy. And no, we are not
expensive to hire. Our contractors are locals who care about you and about the residents of Culver City.
We go to great lengths to keep our prices as competitive as possible, without cutting any corners.
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