How to invite a Whatsapp group by sending link

How to invite a Whatsapp group by sending link?
It is the new feature that has appeared on WhatsApp, specifically in the beta of the Android
application that already allows us to do something that had been announced long ago, invite
contacts to enter a WhatsApp group by sending a link.
Steps to send group link for WhatsApp group To start, it is necessary to have a group of which you are an administrator since only this
figure is the one that can create the link with which you can invite others. Then, the steps are
as simple as you can see, you have to click on "Add Participant", which is a receipt maker
and then we go to the options and see the one that says "Invite the group with a link". We
click on it and we already have all the options: we see the link, we can copy it, send it by
Moreover, this link can then be shared by anyone, so as long as it is active, everyone who
uses it can join the WhatsApp group in question. Of course, as administrators we have the
pan by the handle because if we see that the thing is falling apart, it will be as simple as
cancelling the link we have created for that whatsapp groups names and all those that have
been sent will stop working.
How to generate memes with Whatsapp?
Generate meme on WhatsApp is possible thanks to its photo editing tools. You just have to
take a funny picture and write an appearing click.
You may not know it, but since there are tools for drawing on photos and videos that you
share by WhatsApp, there are endless possibilities to be creative and produce all kinds of
memes and mood issues. All you need is a photo or an ingenious selfie. For the rest, you just
have to follow these steps.
The new editing tools are applied directly and exclusively on the photos were taken at that
time, so you have to sharpen the ingenuity or take advantage of the situation to create each
meme. It is not possible to take advantage of the photos in the gallery. The good thing is that
the process is always the same. You just have to keep the eloquence and the occurrence
greased. Simply press the camera button in any chat, individual or group, and capture the
scene. It can be a selfie with a gesture to imitate Internet memes or a hilarious scene with the
rear camera that accepts titles or explanations.
After that, touch up the photo. In the upper right corner of the screen, there are three new
icons that house Emoji emoticons to paste faces, animals or various symbols on the
photograph that will end up being a vignette. It is possible to use several emoticons in the
same photo, so do not cut yourself if you need to decorate it to be really funny, although
memes do not usually use these elements. There is also the drawing tool, useful for freehand
drawing on the snapshot or for making a circle or highlighting a key element of what the
meme will be. Remember that by sliding your finger from the colour bar to the left side of the
screen you can gain weight. With this tool you can create frames for the meme also.