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How To Reset Or Change Norton Account
Reset Or Change Norton Account Password
Forgot your Norton Account password or nee
d to update it? Well, don’t worry as you’ve alr
eady got to your destination. Here in this blog,
we are going to guide the same. If you are als
o facing issues signing into your account, the
n without thinking one more time, use the bel
ow steps to recover your Norton Account.
Follow Steps :
❖First of all, open a web browser on your desktop and then visit the Norton F
orgot Password page.
❖Enter your email address associated with your Norton account in the labele
d field and then select Continue.
❖Check your email for the verification code sent by Norton. In case if you do
n’t find the email in your inbox, check your junk or spam folder. Also make sur
e you have entered the correct email address which is associated with your
Norton Account.
❖Now open the Norton verification email and then click on the Reset Passwo
rd option.
❖On the Reset Password page, enter your new password for your Norton ac
count in the given field and then select Reset Password.
❖Click Continue to get back into your account.
Follow Steps:
So, we hope you’ve successfully gained back access to your Norton account. In case
if you just want to change your password then follow the steps below to get started:
❖Sign in to your Norton account and then select the password icon under Email addr
ess and password section.
❖Now you need to enter your current password on the Change password screen,
❖Next enter the new password for your Norton account in the New password field
❖Type your new password again in the Confirm Password box and then select Chan
ge Password.
Norton Support
Congratulations you have successfully update
d your Norton password. In case if you are fac
ing any trouble with your account, feel free to
visit WWW.Norton.Com/Setup and help yours
elf with the process.
Contact Norton Support
Thank You
Get In Touch For Instant Support
Dial : 1-800-958-237
Visit: Norton Setup Product