How to block website on Cisco EPC 3825

How to block website on Cisco EPC 3825
1. Type in the address bar then hit enter
2. Type “admin” for User Name and “password” for Password then
click Log In
3. Click Access Restrictions > Basic Rules > place a check mark at
Enable Parental Control > then click Apply
4. Can be done by using various parameters;
a. Keyword List: Blocking using keyword on the list.
b. Blocked Domain List: Blocking using domain on the list.
c. Allowed Domain List: Allowing only the domain on the list.
Simply click the domains or the keywords to be blocked then
click Add Domain or Add Keyword as shown
5. An override password can be set to temporarily unblock a Web
on the list (as shown in the picture, the unblocking session lasts 30
a. If the correct password is entered, you can access the
website but you’ll need to reenter that password every 30
b. If an incorrect password is entered, you cannot access the