Ankle, Back & Knee Braces

Ankle, Back & Knee Braces
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The foot, heel and leg pain can be corrected with the proper orthotics. At Alba Supplies, that is our No. 1 goal: to
provide you with the appropriate orthotics that are customized to fit your body. We provide a range of orthotic
devices, including orthotic arch supports, orthotic shoes, orthotic bracing products and spinal orthotics, so you can
better manage the pain and walk more freely. We also work with your primary care doctor or specialist to
recommend the appropriate plan for you.
There are braces for various joints such as the elbow, shoulder, knee, ankle, back and wrist. The most common
braces are readily available from any pharmacy. However, for more elaborate and specific braces, you will need to
order online or purchase through medical supply companies. Some customised braces need to be prescribed by a
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