Dental Care For Adults Without Insurance

Dental Care For Adults Without Insurance
Address:3692 Bedford Ave Suite P1 DD Brooklyn NY 11229
Phone: 347-434-9788
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Dental care for adults without insurance has always been something that is a cloudy and sometimes
even impossible task to achieve. That is no longer the case thanks to Dent Benefits. Dent Benefits offers
a $125 per month subscription-based dental services plan that offers full coverage of a massive range
of general, routine, and emergency dental services here in Brooklyn.
See how you can get covered for almost any procedure you need without having to rely on emergency
dental insurance for high premiums, spotty coverage, and unreliable service.
Brooklyn’s Best Dental Care for Adults with No InsuranceDon’t let traditional insurance plans hold all
the cards when it comes to your dental health. While these providers will offer spotty coverage, charge
high premiums, and change your rates at will, Dent Benefits offers a flexible, more personal alternative
that puts the real power in your hands.
Simply sign up for your Dent Benefits membership today and get immediate access to hundreds of
procedures from top Brooklyn-area dental providers. Pay just $125 per month with no additional fees
and no premiums ever. There’s a better way to put your dental health in better hands, with Dent
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Hour: Sunday-Tuesday 10AM–5PM Thursday-Friday 10AM–5PM Wednesday, Saturday – closed
Payment Accepted: All cc, cash.
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