Top 5 Tangiers Tobacco Flavors that Will Win You Right Away

Top 5 Tangiers Tobacco
Flavors that Will Win You Right
When it comes to the most popular hookah tobacco brands, Tangiers
Tobacco makes it in one of the top positions. They feature exclusive design
and are sensitive to heat, which means the hookah lovers need to be a bit
more careful while preparing and focus on heat management during the
sessions than any other tobacco brand. All these love and care is only
going to bring out the tender side of these robust Tangiers Tobacco flavors.
In this post, we will be disclosing the 5 most popular and crowd-favorite
flavors of Tangiers Tobacco.
A. Cane Mint
It goes without a doubt that this peppermint flavor is the most popular
Tangiers flavor and the best of Shisha flavors of all tobacco brands.
Whether you take it as standalone mint tobacco or blend in with others, you
can’t stop complimenting it.
B. Horchata
Another delightful flavor from Tangiers Tobacco is Horchata that features a
delicious mix of heavy cream and zesty cinnamon. It would remind you of
the famous Mexican Rice Milk Drink. You can smoke it just like that or add
a tinge of Oreo flavor to it by blending in a bit of Tangiers Cocoa tobacco.
C. Orange Soda
Tangiers Orange Soda Hookah Tobacco is best-known for its sweet and
strong orange flavor and the slight jolt element. It got a subtle creamy
undertone that makes it unique and different from any other
orange-flavored tobacco in the market.
D. Kashmir Peach
This spicy peachy tobacco flavor is a crowd favorite and something the
brand is most proud of. Kashmir Peach exhibits an excellent yet complex
fusion of peach and floral tones. You cannot stop having more of it as you
taste buds more and more savory flavors each and every time.
E. It’s Like That One Breakfast Cereal
Truly ‘It’s Like That One Breakfast Cereal’ you can never forget. The
tobacco flavor features some prominent citrusy notes of lime and lemon
evened out by the sweetness of orange and the creaminess of vanilla. This
milky fruity cereal flavor is perfect for your breakfast hookah. Try it, and you
may start imagining yourself having a bowl of fruity cereal breakfast with a
The list is incomplete without a couple of more Tangiers flavors. First, there
is Pear Watermelon flavor which is a part of Tangiers Tabacco’s Special
Edition tobacco flavors. It features the mind- blowing amalgamation of juicy
watermelon and pear with a tartness. Then comes Marachino Cherry
starring sweet flavors of cherry that goes excellently with New Lime or
Cane Mint. Lastly, it is Ololiuqui, which is a complex but enjoyable flavor.
Depending on the heat you use, the flavor changes – sometimes it’s Cuba
Lime, sometimes it’s cream soda. However, you cannot miss the beautiful
earthy undertone it got.
Pack your bowl with Tangier tobacco flavors or be a mixer master and play
with them.
Regardless of how you smoke it, you are sure to have a blast. But before
that, grab some ofthese popular Tangiers Tobacco flavors before the stock
gets over!
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