Some Self-pleasure Tips for Men

Some Self-pleasure Tips for Men
Self-pleasure is a great way to release stress, catch some ZZZs, or just have
a good time. It’s also great for a man’s health, mental and physical. Selfpleasure is like exercise for a man’s love muscle, as release produces
endorphins and feel-good hormones that put a man in an excellent state of
mind. All of that said, self-pleasure can get a little ho-hum after a while. But
have no fear! There are plenty of self-gratification techniques and tips that a
man can employ to make going Han(d) Solo a little more exciting. Here are
eight tips any man can add to his self-pleasure style for explosive results.
Self-pleasure Tip #1: Switch Hands for the Handy
Probably the most natural tip of the bunch: just switch hands. By changing
hands, sensation and tension differ, and stroking feels a little less familiar (in
a good way).
Bonus Tip: Try “The Stranger.” This is where a man sits on his hand until it
falls asleep and then starts self-pleasuring with it as to feel like someone else
is doing the stroking.
Self-pleasure Tip #2: Switch Up the Positions
Just as in intimacy, switching up positions makes everything a little new. If a
man is a sitter, try standing. If he likes to do it only in the shower, try it
laying down. Consider kneeling or starting on all fours for something a little
less ordinary.
Self-pleasure Tip #3: The Hips Don’t Lie
Rather than doing all the stroking with the hand, try gyrating and thrusting to
increase intensity and pleasure. Try circular or the famous in-and-out motion
and see what feels the best. This will also save a man the hand cramps that
sometimes accompany solo play. It’s also a great way to prep for the real
Self-pleasure Tip #4: Lewis and Clark Your Erogenous Zones
It’s time to get exploratory. There are many more places on a man’s body
that can elicit excitement and pleasure than just his male organ. Take selfgratification techniques to the next level by giving the regular stroke an addon. Play with the sacks, lightly tease the perineum, and go anywhere that
could incite enjoyment. There are plenty of nerve ending to go around, so
show the other erogenous zones a little love. Play with pressure as well;
there’s a lot to say for pinching, pulling, and tweaking these special zones
that can really intensify the big finish and get a man closer to the full-body
Self-pleasure Tip #5: It Takes Different Strokes to Rule the World
Sure, the fast up-and-down motion is a tried-and-true self-pleasure
technique, but why not try something different? Use longer, slow strokes, or
just focus on certain parts of the shaft. Change the up-and-down to the upand-around by stroking up the male organ, then palming the top of the head
and then stroking down. Try a little twist too – it can make all the difference.
Self-pleasure Tip #6: Edging
Edging is not only great for self-pleasure but also for release control with a
partner. To edge, a man self-stimulates to the edge of his release and then
pulls back and slows things down and then repeats. This draws out the
pleasure, leading to a more powerful release.
Self-pleasure Tip #7: Hit the P-Spot
Stimulate the prostate, or the P-Spot, for the intense, full-body release.
Stroke the shaft and then with the other hand, stimulate the fastidious
opening and slowly insert a finger to massage the prostate. Increase motion
and speed to come to a release. Some men prefer toys to help rather than
their own digits.
Self-pleasure Tip #8: Try a Toy
Ladies have toys, so why not the men? There are tons of things available
from the all-popular Fleshlight to fastidious beads to vibrating eggs. Men
should experiment and find out what works for them. Add them to partner
play if the mood fits.
After all of this well-deserved self-gratification, a man’s male organ needs a
little TLC; so after washing up, moisturize with a special oil. Men need an
oil that is made expressly for delicate midsection skin and one that provides
the necessary nutrients to encourage rejuvenation and soft, elastic skin.
Apply a male organ health oil (health professionals recommend Man 1
Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin) daily
and after self-pleasuring. It moisturizes and rejuvenates the male organ while
protecting it from nerve damage, dryness, and bacteria. It’s the best thing a
man can do for his male organ.