Lyme Disease

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Lyme Disease
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Lyme disease is spread through the bite of infected ticks. One of the most common misconceptions is
that Lyme disease is caused by one bacteria - Borrelia. There are 15 other possible pathogens which can
be transferred via tick bite.
The standard and official treatment for Lyme disease includes antibiotics therapy for at least 4 weeks.
Most people responded well to antibiotics, however a small percentage of patients do not respond to the
treatment as well.
We offer our four steps approach for this group of patients who are not responsive to antibiotic therapy.
There is a big difference between our approach compared to those of other clinics. We practice individual
medicine, meaning that we acknowledge that every person is different, and must be treated accordingly
as such. Using special methods, we are able to find the medication that is best suited for your body.
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