Member Dysfunction and Marijuana - What Every Man Needs to Know

Member Dysfunction and Marijuana: What
Every Man Needs to Know
It’s hard to believe that marijuana is now legal, in some form, in 33 states in
the Union. According to studies conducted in 2017, nearly 37 million people
use marijuana in some form. It’s becoming more and more common. Like
any substance, it has side effects over time, and there is a direct impact from
using it. One direct impact that is currently in question is its general sensual
effects on men and women, specifically, member dysfunction in men. While
the conclusions are skewed, let’s explore the links between this common
male organ problem and weed.
Member Dysfunction: A Quick Review
Let’s all get on the same page about what member dysfunction is. Having a
once-every-blue-moon issue with summoning the soldier is not classified as
member dysfunction. Now, if a man has the issue 25 percent of the time, he
may be suffering from this common male organ problem. Also, it’s not just
men of a certain age who are affected by member dysfunction. Men of any
age can experience it, although a man’s risk of experiencing it does notably
increase every decade after age 40.
Marijuana and Intimate Time: The Hard (no pun intended) Data
Since marijuana was classified as a Schedule I substance for such a long
time, there isn’t a lot of conclusive clinical data on the effects. However,
with more and more legalization initiatives, the opportunity for additional
studies grows. However, there is at least some information out there, and
some of it does talk about member dysfunction and other male organ
Here’s what’s been studied or anecdotally noted about marijuana use and
 More people are interested in having relations. This was also
clinically measured in 2017 with a test group of 50,000 men and
women. They found that marijuana use is independently associated
with increased frequency of relations.
 Some users report increased pleasure when having relations. A study
in 2019 found that women specifically reported more intense releases
and increased sensual drive.
 The 2017 study also found that marijuana use did not seem to cause
member dysfunction or issues with sensual function in men or
While all that makes it sound like marijuana may actually be good for male
organs, there are some other correlative pieces of information that may
counter this belief. Specifically, there are heart and cardiovascular issues
that are linked to marijuana, which include:
 When smoked, it delivers many of the same negative effects as
tobacco, which can damage the heart and lungs over time, in turn
lowering stamina and blood flow to the male organ.
 MJ can also increase systolic blood pressure, which is very closely
linked to member dysfunction. High blood pressure constricts blood
vessels, making it hard for blood to reach the male organ to produce a
 Marijuana was also seen to stimulate certain receptors in the male
organ tissue, which contributes to member dysfunction.
 Researchers in a 2010 study found a link between marijuana use and
men’s difficulty in achieving release.
Marijuana and Medication: Possible Interactions
There have been some reports of marijuana interacting with sildenafil, the
active ingredient of a popular male performance aid. These effects are
especially felt in the cardiovascular system. In one instance, a man had a
heart attack while smoking weed and taking male performance aids.
It's also important to note that there have been recorded medication
interactions with psychiatric medications, asthma medications, blood
thinners, antiretroviral medication, and alcohol when smoking or consuming
Marijuana and Member Dysfunction: In Summary
Since marijuana has been legal only for a little while and in a limited
number of states, there just isn’t enough definitive research on its effect on
male organ problems like member dysfunction. At this time, outside of
medication interactions, marijuana has been seen as a mostly positive
influence on male sensuality and pleasure, but without more clinical data,
it’s still an unknown and has been linked to member dysfunction in more
than one study. The final word: use caution, and if a man does find that he is
experiencing member dysfunction, he should consult a doctor for a
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