Genital Nerve Damage Recovery - Finding a Way Back to Male Organ Sensitivity

Genital Nerve Damage Recovery: Finding a Way
Back to Male Organ Sensitivity
Genital nerve damage usually doesn’t happen overnight, but it can feel like
it. One day a man’s member is super-sensitive and reacts to a cool breeze.
Not far into the future, a man is feeling numb, and nothing can make his
cucumber grow. Other men experience the freeze or fire of neuropathy. The
tingling and shooting shocks that persist indicate that something is not right
downtown. But what’s causing it, and more importantly, how can it be
fixed? Here’s the info every man needs in order to understand what causes
genital nerve damage and to know the symptoms to look for, how to recover,
and finally, how to prevent it. After all, only Thor should have a lightningshooting hammer, right?
What Is Genital Nerve Damage?
Nerve damage, in general, is also known as neuropathy. Many men may
have heard of neuropathy because it’s a common side effect of diabetes.
However, a man can have nerve damage due to many things, such as
disease, genetics, or lifestyle. Genital nerve damage specifically has its own
causes and effects, most notably loss of genital sensitivity and resulting
tumescence dysfunction.
Genital Nerve Damage Symptoms
There are several symptoms of genital nerve damage. Of course, not all men
experience the same symptoms, and some experience them in less or more
intensity than do others. The following are some of the most common signs
of genital nerve damage:
Loss of genital sensitivity
A tingling sensation
A bluish hue to the member
Complete lack of feeling when stimulated
A fiery or cold sensation
A feeling of “pins and needles” or feeling as though lightning is
shooting through the member
Potential Causes of Genital Nerve Damage
Genital nerve damage can be caused by many things, some preventable and
some that just aren’t. Thankfully, both kinds respond to treatment, and most
men can regain some or all sensation back into their member. Here are some
of the most common causes of genital nerve damage:
Disease States:
Multiple sclerosis
Hepatitis C
Inflammatory bowel disease (IBS)
Low androgen
Guillain-Barré syndrome
Peyronie’s disease
Lifestyle Causes:
 Member trauma or injury (especially repeated trauma)
 Not using any or enough lubricant when having relations or practicing
 Wearing pants, exercise bottoms, and underwear that are too tight or
in fabrics that are not breathable
 Using a “death grip” or excessively tight or vigorous self-gratification
 Intensely rough intimacy
Genital Nerve Damage Recovery
There are several treatment options open to men who are experiencing
genital nerve damage. Results will differ in intensity and success. Here are a
few ways men can bring some male organ sensitivity back or regain it
 Treat disease first before treating the nerve damage.
 Some medications cause damage; see a doctor for potential
 Use a quality lubricant every time things are approaching dry, whether
with a partner or solo.
 Pull back on the intensity or participation in rough intimacy.
 Stop using a “death grip.”
 Take some time away from sensual activity of every kind for a while
to regain feeling.
 Swap the tight pants and skivvies for looser fits and better, breathable
 Use a specially formulated male organ health oil (health
professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been
clinically proven safe and mild for skin) to keep the member
vigorous and sensitive. Using an oil like this that includes an amino
acid called L-carnitine is the best way to go because it has been
clinically shown to be successful at protecting the member from
peripheral nerve damage.