Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Male Release

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know
About Male Release
Most men know the mechanics of release and that it feels good, but how
much do they know about the other stuff? Beyond getting a boner and how
to make it rain love potion? Like what’s really in it, and how much is
normal? Should a man try to do it all the time or save it up? Let’s have a
little real talk about male release and those questions on the minds of many a
Peaks and Release?
A man usually releases at peak. However, a man can peak without releasing
and release without a peak.
What’s in Release?
Seed, or seminal fluid, is the love juice that is release. It is made up of seed
and other nutrients that help the seed survive.
How Much Is Normal?
On average, most men release about a teaspoon’s worth of love goo each go.
There can be more if the man hasn’t let loose in a while and less if he’s
recently come. There’s also a lot of talk about how many “spurts” should
come out, and whether it should be spurting at all. When it comes to this, it’s
completely individual. Some men dribble, some men gush, and some men
burst. It’s like snowflakes, individual.
Release Metrics
No doubt you’ve heard that to reduce the risk of prostate cancer, men should
aim to release 21 times or more every month. There was a pervasive study
that came across this finding when all was said and done. There was a
correlation between men who released more and having a lower occurrence
of prostate cancer. However, all of the data were self-reported, meaning that
the study could have been less than accurate. More data are needed on this,
so it’s not really necessary to put up a monthly chart to track release. Unless
you want to, that is.
What Are the Benefits of Release?
Well, there hasn’t been a ton of research on this topic (because dudes are
pretty happy without knowing, most likely). But it is linked to other things
like feelings of closeness and comfort, thanks to the oxytocin and dopamine,
which are peaking triggers.
Do Self-Pleasure-Driven and Partner-Driven Release Feel the Same?
No one knows, and science hasn’t looked into it. In fact, it would be
impossible to say since feelings are subjective. Many men anecdotally report
that solo love and partner play feel completely different because of the
sensations and intentions of the activities. The release response signals the
same outcomes, such as improved sleep, boosting the immune system, and
reducing the risk of heart disease.
Controlling Release Response
There are some schools of thought that believe that releasing lets go of
energy from the body that can never be regained. Taoism and Tantra both
practice limiting peaks to preserve energy and recycle it through the body.
It’s commonly practiced today and known as “edging” or “no-fap.”
The Big Answer About Release
There is actually no big answer. The best answer is that every man should do
what he feels is true to his body. He should do what’s natural to his body and
how he feels that day and place in time. Be observant and notice sensations.
Pay attention to the differences when releasing solo and then with a partner.
No matter a man’s release preferences, he should use a male organ health oil
(health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been
clinically proven safe and mild for skin) to keep his hard-ons popping.
These types of oils deliver all the nutrients a member needs to be fresh, soft,
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