Study Abroad Education Consultants

A study abroad and overseas education consultancy. EduAims provides test preparation and coaching
classes for SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, IELTS and TOEFL. SAT coaching in Kolkata, GRE preparation, gmat
preparation, study abroad, statement of purpose, over’s
o Why Study Abroad?
 Provides theoretical and experienced knowledge for a higher extent. The course syllabus is not
updated regularly .
 The education is not industry specific.
 There is not a close co ordination between academic institution and the job consultant.
 The specifications of the job consultant is not fulfilled by the current education system.
 Flexibility is not there.
 Not providing sufficient exposure.
 Some Students are not getting entry into the best institutions in India like IIT’s / IIM’s.
 Students facing problem in jobs searching after doing education in India at time.
Why EduAims Educational Services
EduAims is an educational consultancy catering to the needs of students seeking quality global
education. It is the ultimate destination for all those who aspire admission to top universities
and colleges around the world. EduAims, through a team of dedicated mentors, not only
motivates but also guides students towards obtaining clarity on career and college decisions.
Our motive is to provide unbiased options and advice through various assessment programs so
that every student may take judicious and informed decisions with regards to post school
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