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Vol. 13, No. 3
Farm and Home Show
Congratulations to Ryan
Gerischer of Maquoketa. He
is the winner of the Toshiba
Blu-Ray player at the 2013
KMAQ Farm and Home
Show. Thank you to
everyone who stopped by
to learn about home
security products and
Technology Solutions.
Online directory
Telephone directory
listings are just a few clicks
away with the F&B Webbased directory.
Go to
and click the “Online
Directory” link to look up
business and residential
phone numbers or perform
reverse look-ups.
Solar interference
If you notice a snowy
picture on some of your
digital video channels the
first two weeks of March in
the afternoon hours, do not
be alarmed.
During this time of year,
satellite signals experience
solar interference which
cause snow, sparkles and
blocking or pixilization.
These brief disruptions,
called solar interference, are
a natural event that occurs
in the spring and fall.
March 2013
Invest your tax refund
Does Uncle Sam owe you some money?
We have four ways that you can invest in your entertainment and reap the rewards of your hard-earned
tax refund. It’s easy to get everything you need from
Technology Solutions, including HDTV’s, laptops,
tablets, TVs and more. Check us out!
Windows 8 PC
Smart TV
Acer laptops and desktops
featuring the all new Windows 8
operating system will enhance
productivity and provide plenty
of entertainment options.
Take TV-watching to the next
level with an LG, Samsung or
Toshiba Smart TV or add
“smart” capabilities with a wi-fi
ready Blu-ray player.
Samsung Galaxy Tablet
i wireless Unlimited Plan
Starting at just $249, the
Samsung Galaxy tablet can go
wherever you go. Featuring the
latest Android operating system,
you can choose between a 7 or
10-inch model.
A new smartphone can keep you
connected to family and friends.
Experience unlimited talk, text
and Web for only $45 per month
with one of the new i wireless
Introduction to Pinterest
New Channels
Thursday, March 21 from 6 to 7:30 pm
Learn about the social
networking craze, Pinterest.
See how you can view
anything from recipes and
hobbies to home-remedies and wedding planning ideas. Find
an idea that peaks your curiosity? Learn how to pin it to your
board and share with your friends. This class will go over
setting up a Pinterest account and cover instructions for basic
use of the site.
FREE to F&B or Technology Solutions customers.
Crime & Investigation
Ch. 105 (HD ch. 705)
Crime & Investigation airs mostly
off-network re-runs of crime
dramas such as 24, Nash Bridges
and Hack, and the A&E crime
documentary shows SWAT,
Uncovered and The First 48.
Preregistration is required as class space is limited. Classes
held at the Technology Solutions store. Call 374-1322 to sign
up or register online at
Future Classes:
April 17 - Introduction to Streaming Video
May 22 - Social Networking: Facebook
Dates and topics subject to change.
Military History
Ch. 106
A spin-off of History that focuses
on military history, this channel
looks back at some of the significant battles in history as well as
profiling key individuals.
The Connection
March 2013
FBI virus locks PC, demands money
A new virus posing as an FBI alert is freezing
computers and alarming users across the country.
Infected computers display a shocking pop-up that
tells owners they have illegal materials on their PCs
and demands payment of a fine.
This is how the scam works: Computers infected with
the “FBI MoneyPak” malware display a message using
the FBI seal and citing several legal documents. “Your
PC is blocked due to at least one of the reasons
specified below,” reads the message. The reasons
include owning/distributing copyrighted material,
pornography or malware.
To unlock the computer, the virus demands a fine
(amounts vary from $100 to $300) that must be paid
with MoneyPak, a way to send cash without a bank
account. It threatens criminal action against those who
don’t pay within three days. The FBI calls the virus
Reveton. Unlike many viruses that activate when users
open a file or attachment, this one can install itself
when users simply click on a compromised website.
If you think you are infected, do not pay any money
or provide any personal
Only the most computersavvy users will be able to
remove the virus without
help. Contact a reputable
computer repair shop like
Technology Solutions for
While it does not
protection from the FBI virus,
running up-to-date anti-virus
and malware protection FBI Virus screenshot
software will minimize your
risk of an infection. For more information, visit
Ahrens, Jessica .................................... 574-4149
McLaughlin, Jay .................................... 374-3519
VoiceMail (starting at $3.95/month or
included in all Smart Connect packages)
Trouble Reports
Answering machines and busy signals are a thing
of the past. VoiceMail redefines the way you use
your phone.
VoiceMail takes calls for you when you are on the
phone or away from the phone. eForward can also
send you an e-mail with the message.
Try it for FREE in March!
Contact the office at 374-1236 or 574-1236 to sign up for
VoiceMail. If you want to keep VoiceMail after your free
month, do nothing. If you choose to cancel, call the office.
If you experience trouble after business hours, we
want to make sure your issue gets resolved as
quickly as possible. To report phone, TV or
Internet trouble, call 563-374-1238. For outages
that require immediate assistance, press option 1
and leave a message for the on-call technician.
The technician will return a call as soon as
According to ABI
Research more
than 100 million
tablet computers
were sold in
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