Quinn family GENEALOGICAL MATERIAL See Arnold, Barnett

Quinn family
Redhead family
Redman family
See Arnold, Barnett
See also Forgue, Lough, Nash, White, Wintersgill
See Leigh
Renney family
See also Greene, Nash, Schoenfeld, Sjustrom, Slaughter, Webb
See House Files, 5005 25th Avenue South; possibly 4919 27th Avenue South
Newspaper Articles:
“Drastic Retrenchment Policy Held Necessary by Councilmen,” photocopy, c. April,
“Pioneer Resident Claimed by Death,” obituary, photocopy, November, 1931
“Gulfport Girl on Delivery Truck Replaces Youths Gone To War,” photo, photocopy
“Navy Reveals U-Boat Attacks Around Florida During War; 111 Ships Attacked, 882
Casualties,” June 5, 1945
“Renney, Owenby Wedding Friday,” Gulfport Citizen, June 11, 1948, photocopy
“Mrs. Dorothy Morrison,” obituary, March 9, 1953, photocopy
“Mrs. Schoenfeld, 89; Here 30 Years,” obituary, 1956
“Edgar Renney; Developed Smoked Fish Spread,” obituary, 1957
“Renney, Russell D.,” obituary, 1969
“Renney, Eugene M.,” obituary, 1973
“Fred Renney,” obituary, 1975
“Katherine Renney,” obituary, 1978
“Renney, Mrs. Dorothy Elizabeth,” obituary, 1981
“Renney, ‘Bill’ William H.,” obituary, 1981, Gulfport Gabber
“Christine Renney Reaches 100,” Gulfport Gabber, February 11, 1988, photo
“Christine Rebecca Slaughter Renney, 100, was descendant of Gulfport’s first family,”
obituary by Craig Basse, St. Petersburg Times, April 17, 1988
“Renney, Richard D.,” obituary, November 18, 1995
“Lost but not Forgotten,” by Andrew Meacham, St. Petersburg Times, May 2, 2010
Photocopies of articles about Russell Renney being struck by a car, undated
Photocopy of birth announcement of baby girl to Mr. and Mrs. E.W. Renney, July 9,
Poll Tax Exemption Certificate for Russell Renney, October 10, 1929, photocopy
Voter Registration certificate for Russell Renney, October 10, 1929, photocopy
Photocopy of receipt for $50 bond received from Russell Renney, in payment of a
speeding offense
Application for Membership in American War Mothers for Aleta Waneta Renney,
February 5, 1952
Notes made by Rita Leggette from conversation with Christine Renney, 1980s
“Renney Connections” and “Fire Department Information”
Two copies of “Renney Family of Gulfport Florida” by J. ‘Charlie’ Grandmaison, April
Photocopy of guest list from wedding of Sam and Dorothy Renney, January 14, 1928
Photocopy of Marriage Certificate for Sam and Dorothy Renney, January 18, 1928
Letter to Fire chief and Members of Fire Dept. from Town Council, August 17, 1929
Letter to “Rita and Bo” from Catherine Renney Young
Letter from Walter P. Fuller to William S. Renney, September 22, 1971
Letter from Catherine Renney Young to Catherine Hickman, 1988
Letter from Catherine Hickman to Catherine Renney Young, July 31, 1988
Letter from Rita Renney Leggette to Bob Lee, July 14, 1997
Letter from Rita Renney Leggette to Nathan White, July 14, 1997
Letter to Board of Directors, Gulfport Historical Society, from Rita Renney Leggette,
February 9, 1999
Sam Renney as
Chief of Police
Sam Renney’s shop on Shore Blvd.
Mark Girard and Billy Renney
Collecting scrap metal during
World War II
Plus photocopies of pictures of George Wesley Curry and Helen Renney, William
Andrew Renney and Elvira Elizabeth Dixon, Russell and Eleanor Renney, and
Rita Leggette et al
Claudette Renney Dean
Typed transcript of talk at Gulfport Historical Society meeting of November 9, 1992
“For Gulfport’s historian, ‘the people are the history’”, by Nichole M. Christian, St.
Petersburg Times, March 31, 1994
Nomination form for Golden Rule Award, July 6, 1994
“Curator and history buff Claudette Dean,” by Romaine Kosharsky, obituary, St.
Petersburg Times, May 16, 1998
“The House on the Bluff”
“Gulfport and Independence”
“Gulfport, How it Came to Be”
“Crackers, Cattle, and Disston City”
“First Settlers of St. Petersburg”
“A Gulfport Landmark in St. Petersburg”
“How Many Cans?”
“Alvah Curtis Roebuck”
“The Babe and the ‘Gator,” printed in Gulfport Gabber, December 10, 1992
“Our Man on the Tightrope,” printed in Gulfport Gabber, December 31, 1992
“The Mary Disston,” printed in Gulfport Gabber, January 14, 1993
“Brent T. Rodd, Franciscan Artist” printed in Gulfport Gabber, February 16, 1995
“Richard Charles Grey, Artist-Painter-Designer” printed in Gulfport Gabber, March 2,
Rhodes family
See also Barnett, Greene/Williams, Thompson, White
Roberts family
(William Roberts and descendants)
See also Barnett, Bethell, Holland
See City Officials, Wintersgill file
See House Files, 2421 49th Street South, 2232 Beach Boulevard
Leonardy, Meares, Nash, Sawyer, Slaughter, Stefanski, Wells, White,
Wintersgill, Young
Newspaper Articles:
“Virginia A. Roberts, resident here 50 years, dies suddenly,” obituary, 1928
“It was 1902. . .” photocopy
“Mayor Looking into his Right to marry Them,” July 12, 1938, photocopy
“Mrs. Roberts, Native of City, Taken by Death,” obituary, 1939, photocopy
“Rites Today for City Pioneer,” obituary, 1939, photocopy
Program from memorial service for Walter Minton Roberts, February 2, 1966
Text of interview with Phyllis Roberts Holland, April 16, 1983
Program from memorial service for Ione V. Worthington, February 26, 1988
“Former fisherman well know[n] here,” obituary, December, 1990 (has several
photocopies of family photos)
Genealogical material from Roberts family
“Dad’s song,” by Elizabeth Brown-Worthington, June 6, 2010
Fern Roberts (Long), 1938
A Morris Rubin photograph of
Virginia Roberts and her
granddaughter Brenda Byrd,
January 11, 1965
Rubin photo of Jan
Roberts, age 11,
Capt. John W. Roberts at the helm of the “Nick”, 1969
Plus a photo of Jan Roberts laminated to yellowed cellophane, and a photocopy of a
picture of Margaret (“Maggie”) Slaughter Roberts. See City Officials for photos of
Walter Milton Roberts.
Roberts, T.C. and family
See Wintersgill
Interview with Thompson C. Roberts, Jr. and Helen Ross, April 14, 1983
Historical Houses by T. C. Roberts, Jr.
Letter from Lynne Brown to T.C. Roberts, September 22, 2000
T.C. and Muriel Roberts
Thompson C. Roberts, Jr., outside Casino, 1917
Also color photos of Charlotte Roberts Merrill
Robbins, Dr. J.J.
See House File, 5208 27th Avenue South
Death Certificate of John A. Tabor, June 3, 1912
Letter from Dr. J.J. Robbins to U.S. Pensions Office, 1920, photocopy
Statement from Councilman George C. Lewis to Pinellas County, December 16, 1921,
Letter to Lynne Brown from Mary Ryan, November 7, 2007
Rodd, Brent
Newspaper Articles:
“Seven Miles of Paving, Costing $250,000, Under Way in Pasadena,” 1926, photocopy,
“Brent T. Rodd, Franciscan Artist,” by Claudette Renney Dean, Gulfport Gabber,
February 16, 1995
Roebuck, Alvah
See House Files, 5201, 5214, and 5226 30th Avenue South;
5221, 5223, 5319, and 5320 DeLett Avenue
“The Pruitts of Henderson County, Kentucky,” by Sandra Kennedy
Newspaper Articles:
“Former Mail Order King Now Building Homes Here,” St. Petersburg Independent,
January 30, 1926, photocopy
“Roebuck of Sears-Roebuck Fame,” by Marybelle Jones, photocopy, undated
“A.C. Roebuck Dies; Store Co-Founder,” obituary, New York Times, June 20, 1948
“Independent Action” column, March 24, 1971 and at another time, undated
“Alvah Roebuck Before Sears,” by Paul Davis, St. Petersburg Independent, February 1,
“Alvah Roebuck’s Workshop Visited,” by Paul Davis, St. Petersburg Independent,
March 26, 1969
“Alvah Curtis Roebuck,” by Claudette Renney Dean, Gulfport Gabber, December 15,
“Roebuck Appears in Gulfport Without Sears,” by Dennis Rhodes, June 13, 1997,
“Home’s history never far away,” by Susan Eastman, St. Petersburg Times, September 6,
“Mail-Order Mansions,” by Roger Turner, Gulfport Gabber, December 23-29, 1999
“Gulfport owes it all to catalog mogul Roebuck,” by Scott Taylor Hartzell, St.
Petersburg Times, February 2004
“A famous craftsman left mark on Gulfport,” by Scott Taylor Hartzell, St. Petersburg
Times, 2005
“Homes, made to order,” by Carolyn Quinn
Excerpts from “History of Pinellas County, Florida,” page 434
Collection of articles and fact sheets by Sandra Kennedy
U.S. Public Index Records on Lola Dusenbury
Notes from Encarta 98
Roebuck and Lett family genealogical group sheets
Plat of Roebuck’s Replat, July 1925
Round family
See also Aylesworth
Rousseau family
See House Files, 2819 52nd Street South
See White
Bound information packet by Claudette Renney Dean
Roush, Dr. Franklin and Virginia
See also Schools, Country Day School
Newspaper Articles:
“An ordinary woman who did the extraordinary,” by David Kirby, St. Petersburg Times,
July 23, 2006
“Homegrown Courage,” by Susan Aschoff, St. Petersburg Times, July 24, 2006
Rubin, Morris
Newspaper Articles:
Article from the Gulfport Gabber, January 20, 1972 with information about accession of
camera to Museum collection
“Camera’s One Of A Kind,” by Hazel Geissler, St. Petersburg Independent, March 4,
“This landmark stays on the business end of the camera,” by Peter B. Gallagher, St.
Petersburg Times, March 27, 1978
“Gulfport Photographer Made Instatnt-Print Camera Years Before Polaroid,” by Anne L.
Hall, Gulfport Gabber
Mounted photo of Edward McCue,
taken by Morris Rubin, March 23, 1950
Morris Rubin at work, 1950s
Three slides similar to above.
Plus several Rubin photos on display in the Museum
Sackrider family
See House Files, 2525, 2701, and 2707 Beach Boulevard See also Overheul
Sawyer family
See also Arnold, Barnett, Bozeman, Girard, Nash, Roberts, Slaughter, White
Newspaper Articles:
“John T. Sawyer, Former Well-Known Business Man, Died Yesterday,” obituary, 1930,
Legal notice re Sawyer estate, June 16, 1930
“She has Key West history in her . . .” photocopy
“Teenage couple slain in Dunedin Beach area,” by M.P. Fleischer and William
Nottingham, St. Petersburg Times, August 28, 1975, photocopy
“Teenage victims reported shot at close range,” St. Petersburg Times, August 30, 1975,
“Tom Sawyer beats Capt. Tony in runoff for Key West mayor,” photocopy
“They restored the house that John T. Sawyer built,” Miami Herald, April 18, 1982,
Certificate of naturalization, John T. Sawyer, November 8, 1892
Excerpt on John T. Sawyer, photocopy
Genealogical material on Sawyer family
Excerpts from “Memoirs of Florida, Vol. II, by Rowland H. Rerick, 1902, photocopies
Flyer for “Hopkins Prairie” by Rose Marie Otten, October 15, 2000
Letter from Sarah Sawyer to JudyRyerson, undated
Letter from Rose Marie Otten to Family and Friends, October 5, 2000
Castell Sawyer
Herman and Castell Sawyer
Courtney Sawyer and the “Sandra”
Plus photocopy of City of Key West steamer, postcards to and from Sawyers
Schludecker family
See also City Officials
See House Files, 1000 block 49th Street
See also Strada/Steinwinder
Newspaper Articles:
“Rites Today for Mrs. Schludecker,” obituary, 1940, photocopy
“39-Year Resident Succumbs Here,” obituary, St. Petersburg Times, 1946
“Charles Schludecker,” obituary, Gloucester Daily Times, July 27, 1977
Norma Potts birth certificate, photocopy
Genealogical material on Schludecker family
Emma Schludecker death certificate, photocopy
Excerpts from diary of Albert Schludecker, 1910-1912
Letter to Lynne Brown from Alfred L. Hammond, Jr., April 30, 2000
Email to Lynne Brown from Frankie Hammond, June 6, 2000
Letter to Lynne Brown from Frankie Hammond, August 21, 2000
Albert and Emma Schludecker
Several photocopies of Schludecker family and property photos on Zip drive
Photocopy of Graduating Class of May, 1914
Schoenfeld, Dorothy
See also Girard, Renney
Sjustrom family
See also Renney
Text of interview with John Sjustrom, April 16, 1983
Photocopy of Chimney flue cover (hanging in museum) with card of explanation
Slaughter family
See also City Officials
See also Arnold, Leonardy, Morrison,
Nash, Nobles, Renney, Roberts, Sawyer, Webb, Wilson, Young
See House Files, 5001 25th Avenue South and 2417 49th Street South
Newspaper Articles:
“Popular Local Couple Wed,” Colleen Wilson-Cecil Slaughter, 1945, photocopy
Photo of Willis Irving Slaughter, Gulfport Gabber, April 21, 1983
“Man recalls his days as a deckhand on Gulfport ferry,” by Bette Smith, St. Petersburg
Times, September 18, 1983
“Descendant of Gulfport’s first family of settlers,” obituary by Craig Basse, St.
Petersburg Times, January 16, 1987
“Ruth G. ‘Ted’ Alderman of Gulfport’s first family,” obituary by Craig Basse, St.
Petersburg Times, October 21, 1997
“Christine Rebecca Slaughter Renney, 100, was descendant of Gulfport’s first family,”
obituary by Craig Basse, St. Petersburg Times, April 19, 1998
“Renney, Christine Rebecca Slaughter, 100,” obituary, Gulfport Gabber, April 21, 1998
Marriage Certificate of Samuel Slaughter and Rebecca Arnold, March 5, 1854,
Military records of Samuel B. Slaughter, 1862, photocopy
Marriage License of Henry Slaughter and Mary Nash, August 28, 1880, photocopy
Marriage Certificate of Frank Futch and Sarah Mellisa Slaughter, May 15, 1883,
Marriage Certificate of Thomas Nobles and Clara Slaughter, December, 1895, photocopy
Death Certificate of Henry Slaughter, January 7, 1929, photocopy
Program from Memorial Service for Henry Slaughter, January 7, 1929
“Early History of Gulfport,” by Florence Slaughter Jarrett
Excerpts from “Encyclopedia of Western Gunfighters,”
Text of interviews with Cecil and Willis Slaughter and Helen Ross, April 14, 1983, July
7, 1983, and October 21, 1984
Genealogical material on Slaughter family
Signed list of donations to the Museum by Cecil Slaughter
Email from Mary Linda Bell Fussell to Ted Fussell
Cecil Slaughter, 1980s
Plus photocopies of several family photographs and color snapshots of parts of photos
once belonging to the museum
Smith family
See Slaughter
Stefanski family
See also City Officials
See also Roberts, Young
Steele/Drumm families
Sisters Shirley Steele (Riske) and Jean Steele
Steinwinder/Perry family
See House Files, 2855 51st Street South
See Schludecker
Newspaper Articles:
“Review of Gay Nineties,” January 23, 1948, photo, photocopy
“Gulfport has busy day; auctions off old city hall,” photos, 1953
Any Memories of Boom Die With Mrs. Steinwinder,” by Paul Davis, May, 1960
“Gulfport to celebrate a town lost to time,” by Bette Smith, St. PetersburgTimes, April 9,
1984, photocopy
“Richard Strada 1843-1940 Master Sculptor,” by Claudette Renney Dean, Gulfport
Gabber, 1990s
Note from Frances Purdy to Helen Ross re interview with Joe and Bernice Perry, July 28,
Joe Perry, Bud Markham, Dee Skinner
Plus photocopies of photos of Richard Strada c. 1907, Rusha Steinwinder Blackshear,
Pauline Steinwinder Coleman, Ora Steinwinder Sims, and Kenneth Perry and his
delivery truck.
Strada family
See Schludecker, Steinwinder
Strauss family
See House Files, 5110 26th Avenue South
See also Leonardy
Newspaper Articles:
J.E. and Eva Strauss voter registration cards, 1932-40, photocopy
“Making Hats from Palmetto Buds is Odd Hobby of Gulfport Woman,” undated, 1943?,
“Sixtieth Wedding Anniversary,” with photo, 1943, photocopy
“J.E. Strauss, 84, Pioneer, Dies,” obituary 1947, photocopy
“Funeral Set Tomorrow for Mrs. Strauss,” obituary, St. Petersburg Times, August 26,
“Couple Honored on 50th Wedding Anniversary,” with photo, 1965, photocopy
Obituary of Bertha Strauss Wells, St. Petersburg Times, July 30, 1968
Marriage License of Joseph Strauss and Evelena Leonardy, November 10, 1884
Death Certificate of J.E. Strauss, March 3, 1947, photocopy
Death Certificate of Evelena Strauss, August 24, 1955
“Some Joys of my Family History 1868-1966” by Bertha Strauss Wells
“A Strauss Family of Florida,” by Nancy Strauss Whittle, 1998
Genealogical Material on the Strauss family
Letter to Mary Atkinson from Nancy Whittle, May 3, 2000
Letter to Nancy Whittle from Lynne Brown, May 13, 2000
Letter to Lynne Brown from Nancy Whittle, August 9, 2000
Sweat family
See Nash
Swift family
See City Officials; See House Files, 3009 54 Street South
Newspaper Articles:
“Smiling girl of 22 Wins Gulf Beach Swim Contest,” 1931, photocopy
Tabor family
See City Officials
See House Files, 5521 28th Avenue
“Brief Tabor’s [sic] Family of Gulfport History, folder
“Descendants of Archie Lorin Tabor (US Army WWI) and Mabelle Ella Ranney”
Genealogical material on Tabor family
Note from Richard Tabor to Gulfport Historical Museum, November 8, 1999
Letter from Carol Valdes to Mrs. Mike Slicker, December 19, 2001
Henrietta Henderson at the
Henderson/Tabor house,
5521 28th Avenue South
Tabor family at dedication
Scout Hall, then known as the Archie
Tabor building
Archie, 1941 and 1942; War Mothers, Tabor family, Legion Auxiliary, Legion, with
Tabor Memorial stone; house painting by unknown artist 1936; house photo 1936
Robert and Mabelle Tabor; Robert and Richard Tabor, 1942
Taylor, Jack
Newspaper Articles:
“Home Development Attains Highest Point at Pasadena,” St. Petersburg Independent,
photo, photocopy
“Pinellas History: Breaking ground for a new hotel,” St. Petersburg Times, photo,
“Old Pinellas Press: The Downfall of Handsome Jack” by Tom Carney, 1992
Genealogical and Census records
See Rolyat Hotel file for issues of Pasadena Progress and other photos
Plus photocopy of photo of Taylor home on 1st Avenue South
Taylor, Dewey and William
See also White
Thomes family
See House Files, 5111 29th Avenue South
and 5414 30th Avenue South
See also Daniels, Webb
Charles and Elizabeth Daniels Thomes
Charles, Elizabeth, and Linwood Thomes
Rose Thomes, 1930
Thompson family
See House files, 2401 Beach Boulevard
Newspaper Articles:
See Redhead, Rhodes
“Thompson, Jack Hale,” obituary, September 3, 2007
Jack Thompson at
right, with Charles
Baker and Mary Lou
Sam and Clara Redhead Benn Thompson
Thompson-Hudson-Trudell group
Thorne, Harry and family
See House file, 5325 31st Avenue South
See Folger
Newspaper Articles:
“Harry C. Thorne 1880-1953, Photographer,” by Claudette Renney Dean, Gulfport
Gabber, February 9, 1995
Application for Membership in American War Mothers by Kathryn Thorne, October 1,
The Thorne Studio,
5325 31st Avenue South
Harry Thorne
Kathryn Thorne and
Marie Wilson with
Kathryn Thorne and Jo Auble
with Robert and Barbara
Ladies gathering, Kathryn Thorne at left
Torres, Joseph R.
See Nash
Newspaper Articles:
“The House on the Bluff,” by Claudette Renney Dean, Pioneer Sun, 1993
Purchase deed for Lots 1and 2 by Joseph and Leonisa Torres from Hamilton Disston,
March 12, 1884, potocopy
Marriage License of Joseph R. Torres and Georgia Nash, August 29, 1886, photocopy
Subdivision of Lot 5, Hotel lot and Torres Orange Grove
Travis family
See House Files, 1525 52nd Street South
See Girard
Trudell family
See Redhead
Turpen family
See Leigh