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Free. Issue 15, July 2013
Hear ye, Hear ye! Welcome to issue fifteen of Huon Crier.
So far, we are having a very mild winter here in Cygnet so
why not make the most of it and get out and about to enjoy
our beautiful natural environment at a time of the year
where you’d perhaps spend less time in the great outdoors.
Even in the chilliest of winters so much still goes on in our
community. What perfect weather to come and help in the
community garden! And don’t forget that this is a great time
to clean out your shed and sharpen tools ready for a busy
spring/summer time. Happy winter to you all, best wishes,
Theresa Daley.
Community Notice Board
Peter Dufferin
Even in the age of constant contact online and by phone,
there is still a huge role for the noticeboard in any
community. Such a structure allows advertising of all goods
and services, as well as events in the public interest and this
can reach people who otherwise may not be contacted.
than automatically zoned as Rural A or B, properties may be
re-zoned as significant agricultural land, rural resource (the
most common zoning) or environmental living. During the
review of the planning scheme that is now taking place many
property owners have had their land successfully rezoned to
better suit their needs.
Council is required to zone enough land for 15 years of
projected demand, this includes both population growth and
historical notes of approval. There are some areas of land
currently on the border of the Cygnet Township zoned
residential, these areas will be re-zoned as it is not necessary
they be zoned residential but to whatever is most suitable for
the property.
The area of Cygnet which extends north of the B.P, to the
Whispering Tree Art Gallery will be re-zoned from Mixed
Zoning to Village Zoning. Village Zoning allows for both
residential and business.
The area behind the Cygnet Town Hall is currently zoned
Reserved Business and will be re-zoned to Local Business.
Community Garden in Winter
In Cygnet we are lucky to have several boards, kindly
provided by business owners in Mary St and the Council,
but an idea is afloat that there may be room for a board run
by the community for the community. Of course, practical
hurdles abound – where would it be located? Who would
oversee it? How would it not become a rubbish source?
A discussion is needed to flesh out the idea. As ratepayers
and residents of Cygnet and surrounds, we all hope that the
best decisions are made for the area. Tapping in to the
wisdom and experience of those in our midst could enhance
the quality of life here now and into the future.
Planning Scheme in a Nutshell
Theresa Daley
The Planning Scheme in the Huon Valley is currently
undergoing some changes. Some of the more prominent
changes that directly affect the area of Cygnet and surrounds
are; re-zoning of elevation levels, zoning for projected
growth demand, village and business zoning changes.
Presently, land above 150 metres elevation is zoned as Rural
B and land below 150 metres is zoned Rural A. With the new
planning scheme properties of all elevations will be
independently assessed for zoning identification. Rather
Kate Flint
There are plenty of things to keep us warm in the Cygnet
Community Garden in winter. Firstly, we have a huge pile of
mulch to spread and that is a lovely job because mulch is
light. Usually we put it on the paths and the effect that it has
on the look of makes the whole garden makes look
Next there is a spot of weeding and tidying up in the
polytunnel, warm and sheltered as it is. The Asian greens,
such as the lime green, frilly mustard, the Japanese turnips,
the Shungiku or edible chrysanthemum and the bok choy
catch your eye as you enter. They are beautiful and so
delicious I cannot understand why everyone doesn’t grow
them all through winter as they really don’t need to be
sheltered as these are and grow faster that way. The sugar
snap peas got off to a rough start; something nibbled them
badly but there’s time for them yet to grow. Self-sown
lettuces thrive under the benches made of old bed springs.
The blood and bone plus Steve Solomon’s COF mixture that
we raked into the round beds has boosted the fertility and all
the mass plantings are doing well. These include rocket,
garlic, leeks and various brassicas. This part of the garden is
a joy to work in at the moment.
Sharing a cup of tea under the sunny verandah at the end of
the session tops off Thursdays very nicely. Do join us any
Thursday, from 10am.
I thought the community noticeboard was going to be
installed adjacent to the new park next to the roundabout?
Was that one of those community requests that was brushed
aside by the incongruous section of the Council.
Huon Crier and Cinema Cygnet Fun
Theresa Daley
Thank you to everyone who came to the Cinema Cygnet for
the wonderful film The Secret of Roan Inish. It was a really
great night for one and all. I’m sure the folk in Hobart could
feel the glow from the laughing and smiling radiating out
from us all!
Cinema Cygnet shows films that are family friendly.The
films may not always appeal to children, but they are
certainly not offensive or violent.
Just before the film starts we spend a moment to share
community announcements such as upcoming events, calls
to action, resource swaps and much more.
This is a great opportunity for you to mingle with friends,
share great company and ideal for those new in town to join
in some fun with your community.
Cinema Cygnet, 7pm first Friday of the month in the Supper
Room. Entry to Cinema Cygnet, held by the Arts Council, is
a mere $2, homemade refreshments at interval - $3
(proceeds support Huon Crier). What a great night out for
just $5!
Wise Words
Yesterday we obeyed kings and bent our necks
before emperors. But today we kneel only to
truth, follow only beauty, and obey only love.
Khalil Gibran
Our Question, Your Response
Where’s a good spot for a community managed,
community notice board?
What about an online notice board so we can peruse it
before trying to put on things & then find double bookings.
It happens all the time it seems.
Paul Fenton
Rocky Bay.
A Facebook Page
Kate Flint
The new Bendigo Bank site for a notice board?
Bob Hawkins
Petchey’s Bay
Steve Kilburn
I think anywhere in the area outside the old town hall or
adjacent to the main car park area in Mary Street. This area
is always frequented by both locals and visitors alike, and
would have maximum exposure. The next best area is along
the front of Langoona Park in front of the new toilet block.
Noel Condon
Maybe it would be possible to negotiate with Saydee for a
little corner of the window.
Rod Macfarlan
'There's lots of empty wall space outside the main IGA which
is also sheltered from the weather by a canopy. A well-made
community noticeboard would enhance an empty bit of that
wall space - surely the owners would agree to allow a board
to be mounted on their unused wall space to help their
community, especially a good looking one!
Anne Elston
I would be interested to know whether you've talked about
having the space at the IGA community-managed. Are they
resistant to this idea? What is not going up there that you'd
like to have there?
It would be better to have one site that works for everyone,
rather than people having to go to another site as well.
If there was to be another site, it would need to be out of the
Cr Rosalie Woodruff
Huon Crier Team – Theresa Daley, Tereza Dobbin, Rod Macfarlan,
Peter Dufferin, Kate Flint, Talan Atkins, Anne Elston
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