Board of Directors

Board of Directors
Howard Blietz
John Bross
Suzette Bulley
Sue Camins
Mitchell Cobey
Doris Conant
Max Drake
Francisco Gonzalez-Pulido
Rebecca Halpern
Gretchen Helfrich
Mellisa McClayton
Armin Moehrle
Biba Roesch
Matthew Steinmetz
Robert Zeitner
David Edelberg, MD
Milos Stehlik
Executive Director
Advisory Board
Monika Betts
Stephanie Comer
Chaz Ebert
Fred Eychaner
Justine Jentes
Lindy Keiser
Patricia Blunt Koldyke
Anstiss Krueck
Tracy Kupferberg
Lisa Yun Lee
Alan Press
Dorothy Press
Merle Reskin
Dawn Shapiro
De and Paul Gray
Please Join
Two individuals who accept no limits. They are
Susan Manilow, Rhona Hoffman,
Lisa Yun Lee, and Mitchell Cobey,
2014 Facets Screen Gems Benefit
Co-Chairs, on...
fearless and tireless workers for freedom and the
rights of all, enablers of artists, actors, and filmmakers, and champions of independent voices and
those who, like them, believe that the human spirit
should have no boundaries. For De and Paul, being
a witness to our time translates into action: to right
wrongs, end injustice, empower artists, provide
equal opportunity for all, and make our world a
better place.
Wednesday, May 7, 2014
The Arts Club of Chicago
201 East Ontario Street
6:00pm Cocktails
Films that change lives and change the world.
Filmmaking as a platform for learning and character
development. More than 500,000 children—
200,000 from underserved areas—free-of-charge.
For 30 years, the Chicago International Children’s
7:00pm Film and
Honoree Presentation
Film Festival—the most celebrated festival of films
caring, compassionate, thoughtful leaders.
7:45pm Dinner and
Live Auction
All thanks to the Facets Screen Gems Benefit
and your generosity.
Valet Parking Available
for children in North America. Film as the catalyst
to inspire and motivate the next generation of