PALMISTRY for love

for love
The most common question asked is about, love and children. See below for
some guidance in predicting your future.
The lines of marriage
These lines can be found under the little finger and wrap around to the front of your
hand the longer the line the longer the relationship or marriage.
Short relationships will not be seen or insignificant ones simply will not show up.
There may be one line representing a serious commitment or man indicating many
lovers that meant a great deal to you or numerous marriages.
Small branches coming from these lines are often children
Heart line
Lines that are very light represent a selfish cold fish.
A vivid coloured heart line darker than others tells of a passionate nature.
A Heavily chained line can foretell instability an emotional basket case.
A strong heart line is someone confident in their sexuality and are warm generous
to others.
If this line dominates all other lines e.g. stands out the most this person is self
obsessed and would stray in marriages and not do the distance.
A curved heart line strong sex drive leaders in their field.
A High or low lying heart line spiritual soul mate connections likely.
Straight heart line…do not rush into love affairs take there time shrewd smart.
.looking for perfection well
Fortunate heart line ONE ENDING IN A FORK
The closer the heart line rises to the Jupiter finger (pointer) the longer the
relationship you will have and contentment in life.
A Line inside the life line indicates you will be with a soul mate this life
Branches appearing inside the life line also can indicate births of children
depending on the age the e line is found see illustration on timing below.
Problems in relationships
Small cross bars reveal unsuccessful relationships. Breaks in lines joining again
after the break could also apply.
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