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down a six'foot-sir inch,275 pound
hdbitualchild rapist.bountyhunter
Duane "Dog" Chapman doesnl cury
a weapon.Mace ud his mouthareall
hc everneedslo subduethe badguls.
but no! evenDog anticipatedjNthow
desttuctivehis ba.k couldbe.
It's alreadybeen! yer since
Chapmd's mouthsnuffedou! everything
he and his fanily had built over the past
four selsonsofhis No. I nlcd rcalit)
show Do8 lllc BrrnD ,lrller. finding
himselfat thc ccntrcofa creer-ending
scdrdalwhcnhis son Tuck€r. newly
releasedfrom lrison. sold a tafed private
with his fatherto llz
Alari.,!,/ Drq!i.z/. in wbich Chapman
usedthe N word to cha.acter'ze
then Sirlffiend.Orce the scandalbroke.
Dos s imlse as a wunior forjusticeand
a heroro klds was destoyedovernight.
As AtricaDAmerican
him, A&E pulledhis
showfrom its schedule
time Chapmanwas seen
in thc publiceye he had
ateady issued! public
apology and broke down
ehile explaininE himself
o! ldl,-a KtrS In e. his
oDlynedia appearance.
Sincethen.Chapmd has
beenin a self imposed
No$. ltier a undereround,
finally readyro tall abourthe painand
rumultof the incidentrhatalmostbroke
him, alongwith what it took to rise
abole aDd prepde lbr a rctum to TV.
Time may havepassed,bu! wounds
fron the scandal'sfallout sliUlingertbr
rhebountyhunter.indicatedby the long.
deepbreathhe takesbefbretrying to put
into words$hat ran throughhis mind
NEcA rre2r,2DoB
The hunt k on: DoCChapman,
wite Belhandthen
po$e are backlo tackins downtusftves n rrddt
of the.ameras wlh then show\ ,lesl episodes
b an nefi nonth.
ashis lvorld crasheddown dound him.
''There are no sords rc explain that. it
was says. I hadrealized
tharI badhurl pcople'sfeelings.thais
Dotmy pcrsonaard that s not me. I m a
toughguy. I gues. they say.I cd hddlc
my o\r!. but I doDt like to hu.t people's thafs wharreally got ne and
I didn t realizei! would do that.
One oflhe most binerpills to swallow
rv$ cxplainingto his childrenlhar their
dad hadhun so nany. 'I explajnedto
them that wo s like that are not cool and
whatt'e bad
thal daddydjdn't understand
done.I told lhem sticksand stoneswill
breakmy bones.but wordswil always
hurt you. Evenmy sevenyed-old understoodbecauselshel had to hear whal happenedo! the radioon the way to school.
AecauseI'm a personwith a realityshow.
I know that nofting is everprivate."
As tbr the sonwho belrayedhis
tather,he's currenllybackinjail. tbanks
to a puole rioiation.When he getsout,
Chapmanwill leavei! up !o Tuckels
Out of the
A year after the scandalthattook DOGTHEBOUNry HUNTER
off the air,Duane"Dog"Chapman
is backwitha vengeance
nks a
brothers and sisteB io decide his fare.
"When I was out huntinsfu8itiles. I
oflen wonderedwhy somepeenls would
standright at my face. Iie dd rell me
they haveno ideawheretheirchild is,'
he says. I understddI $ill al$a)s lole
Tuckerno ma(er whnthe d(xs-bur I left
it up ro the resl ofthe famil).ro decide
whal ro do wirh him. \\'e \or as a fml
ily, dd lometimes.I guess)ou could get
voted out. They lole rheir bmther. that s
then blood.but nor onll did Tuclierhun
mc, hc hun our enfre famil) and millionsof peopleaorldside "
With thei. lilelihood effectilel,!
destrcyed.Chapmd &d tus u if. Belh
s€riously consideredpacline ir in for
goodand living out the restoftheir l;!€s
in anonymiry,but Dog knew he had ro
rnake things right.
"I don't meanto say this in a boastful
manrcr,but sinceI was 15 af,dlooking
h $e ninor, co,nbing that 'do, I always
thoughrI was a legendin my own nind,"
he says."I knew this day was conins
and I would bc a leader.I will slwaysb€
a l€ader, no malter what. I am not a rich
nan. bur I donl hav€ro lbountyhund
forcver. I could go and move anywherc
in the world and that would be it.l do it
becauseI love k. I want people to love
me and I love to lovc them back""
Hc tied to restore that love thmugh
the counselof civil rightsleade.Roy
Innis. who, imnically.was one ofdle
first African-Amencanlead€6to call for
his snow to be taten off the air.
"I ve tried to curbmy swearirgcompletely.I ve leameda lot of thingsaboul
life dd huma nature, saysChapman.
'The Bible may say, 'd eye for an eye
dd a toothfor a toothand a lootb.' bul I
studiedMartin Luther King and he said
that if we do that, Americans would all
be blind and tootlless.In my business.
when you catch that guy who raped rhat
baby, you wdt to beat him, so I thought
about King s words Dd fourd that they
fit inro my wo d." He also found out
somerhingels€: Jam€s E"NrlRay. rhe
man convicted of King s assalsination,
was a tuginve. "If t d have b€en ihere,
maybe I would've got tha( guy."
tle roy hnve sbned his bounty-hunting
careertoo lale lo -rrabJmes Earl Ray.but A&E was imprcssed
€noughby Chapmnns comrnitmentto reform$at he s now back
roundingup con\icls in front ofa cmera- asrerunsbeginainng
Juncl5 with ncs episodesfollowiDson July 16.
Chapnrann y hale dore enoushro impess nclwork€xecs.
bur ifyol.l ask $hat he thinksit $'asthat sealedhis second
$bat chrged $eir s ditficull forhim to pinpoinl
miflds. You d haveIo ask A&E that he says. didn t go to
T0hitiand Bo lo a refugefor si\ months.somc peoplerecom'
mendedthat I sry thrl I drink ud checkinlo Bctly Ford,but I
didn r do that.I gol out thercmd provedto c!€ryonethat I am
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A s s e e no n G l o b aW
"People make
All that matleF to bim
now is lhar he can b€sin
rc put the pastwhcrc n
bclongsand bcginpro!ing l0 Anrericarh(t lhe old
Dog hls rclumedto lbm.
''wc re a lot closcfas a
fumily ow nnd we e goins
lo hold onlo eachother.
Chrpn.rn says."When you
ridc lhrou8hsoncthing
devashtingto your life,like
nrakingit througha to.nado
in r shelleras afhnily. you
hold on and you hcir that
romudoshakinSthe house
llnd as it goeso!er. youjust
Bel so closetogtlher.Thafs hos $e de noN.The liShtcningofthen ranhshasspdkeda net pacsionud
focus tbr Chapmanwith crc$-mefthe6 that hrle beenwith him
liom rhc bcginning.$ho \e bee. telliDghim ftey ve ncvc. seen
the Dog moe fierce.Cood thingtoo- sinceracting fugitiveshas
nc$r beenmoredifficull.
-The criminalsae
-eeningsmanernow bccauselhey watchthc
as a Kiby lacnnm snlc\mln
shoe. hct mils. IfI iricd posin-q
no\\,.rhcl \louldjust say. Oh Do-q.slop il. we tnow it's you "'
Ar.r result.Chapmanandhis crcw haveD.ned to n€w lechnology.somcofit lsed on thebanl€fieldsof Iraq md Afghanistan.
ro catchthe woal ofthe wo6t.In faci he reccntlyreornedlo
Mexico (ironicrlly. the sme placewherche olercamebis own
mle in appchendlegalroublesiastycu) lo play d unpublicized
ing Cesar
lcuow Marinegirllriendard bef unbomchild lasl December.
Still. morcclnning ard dmgeroustugiiiveswerethe leastof
Chapnrans womes whenhc fi61 hit the streclseilh his posse.
No one kncrvhow Dog $ould be receivedby thc cilizenswhonr
TV viewcrshale see! him rcly on forleads{Dd lips countless
Would theybe as $illing to belp'l
rinresin prclioLrsseasons.
''A lol morepeoplcare talkin-qto ns now thantbeycvcr did,'
insislsChrpman. I don'l havea crystalball and I can only guess
wheretheya.e sonc oithe time-IIil lvasnt tbr our fansand the
p , r , , n lqe h o h c l pu . . s e $ o u l d( r l c h n o c r i m i n J l ' . Ciapnranbelievesthat thc increasedfan supPoais becauscof
his recents|rriggle.not in spiteofit. "They !c re.tlized(hatwc rc
hun n roo nos.- he says. This is a real rerlily shos. brah
Thcy rc a fly on ihc $ull - roll cme.a and iI s onl
Not elen lhe fugiriveshe msls hale bmughtup lhe recent
scandalin an effon Io thrcw him offhis sme or discredithim:
''I hnlcn l had any sinslcguy. of all the coloursI ve mslcd. say
I'm not perfect.
Thiswas an
error,a mistake.
If you're reallya
racist,you don't
what you've done,
you're proud of
beingthat way."
lr sor lhe poscr ot lhe peoplethll ChapmancEdns rvith
gellrig hih lhr(i!!lr JLr:.i:
r ' l r s tp 1 . . . l h f 1 . r , . . r - : i : : . . .
)o! rethd(. h..,1j. l: ....r-:
lnd Lhr\ \r(1. (n l),,! ' : . .
car.hrhr\f!L\.r, r.
N r o r . ! \ J r \ L. r \ [ J . : \ \ ' _
Th..,i.\r: .
l l o n g r h . \ r ) h e - rr r i l l i m p n r !
h i ss i g D i r u r eI ) , ! i : m i t o l n g i 1 i \ c \r n ( l
rhildre. )'crir\r! ,)i-ltii-! hbell.d
i h \ p o e r i l eh. . \ r \ s t h x tt h es . ! n r [ l h i \
D d c r r l l i r s r ( ip e o p l .c r s i c r l h r r c \ e r .
_ \ \ ' h e rI ! \ c l k , 1 t J l 1 ol l d r . I u s r t lr o
rllk rhofr h\ rrl,nrenrero
t r $ hrrrhr\
\ a n t d r o b e \ h e n r h e \s N ! p . b l l
no\ lhJ\e 'rti\rc.t nielllnJ {(n'.\'
n , e \ i 3 - ! (e, l | l l r h . n r! b ( r r I r ' \ l i k . I r . l l
N kid\ '\'o! (l.r'r \rdl rorur Ihrr
$ i i b c c r u s .{ h ( Lh r s a l f e . d }d o n . i r n n ( l
f h o t r l hh e d t r r l i r r ( , rt o h r \ e r o g o
rhnn'-!h{'.h r brt,ri\Drb: tle. ilrst \irh
e \ I r r d n o r r o \ l c \ i . L ) d t h . n r h i sr r c i r l
scandll.ChrLrn'rr hof.s tcoplc crn leNf
h o n rh j s . \ p e ' r c' . r \ r n d l . u n l o l o r g r \ e .
' ' P c o p l e , r ' ! r c , r ' r \ r r k cl !n. r f o l
r , . r l e c LT.h i \ \ r \ i D . r t u r - r n r l \ r . k . I i
)ou rerelll) r.rei\r.l!! doi r dpol.
s r z cl i r \ h i r t . u \ . d o n c .\ o u r e p d ' L l
o f b e i n gr h r t $ r t l h r n k C o d .p e , ) p l r
l D l . r \ r a i d r l h r | \ o u l d n c \ e r \ i n l t { )g o
t h n s h t l r i \r g i i r . h r r I \ e l e r m e dr 1 o 1 .
T h i r h . r n ! \ r t r | .( h r f n r r n n o l o n g c r
' .h c l u r u ' e
f h n i I N I u r n L Lt h) Ll i ' l L ' t rT
nn him i\ L'!rrijj! rh. n.rt fusili\el n c e h e . c . n r r Lh
, . l r . \ c r h u (l _ o c ! \ i r :
o n r n \ r h n r rb e \ L ! r ir l r c o u l db e ! d . n
g e r o u iI h i n ! : i r ! i { r l L li l l - ! or \ a ) .
' - l ! l \ ! \ \ h e . r ( i .T h x ts h i c h d . e \ r ' r
l , l l L \ o ro n l \ n r r l , f \\ , { , \ t n n ' g e r . s r \ !
Chipnr.n. \\'r.f ),{ So thrcughsonrct h i D ga D d) r t r r ' r el r t ! r \ t i r ) o l r h c ! f l .
r l \ ( \ L b c l j e \ cl n r { ' f e r
\ou.e ldir:
. h\iou\h ir
f o s e r . i I - \ l o r t r ! r ( it r r t r k O
h . i . \ o u b c u c 'h r \ r g o n .r h r o u l hr l d
o l n u f f i n \ . t r , l i l i . l r f t h - t ' r u ! u . er h r r ' i
DOGfHE BOUN|Y HUN|ER ans Wednesdays
at 6p.n. & I0 p,n, oh A&E-
. T , . 1 E ! [ o N LN E a { 7 7