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Colin Farrell
His vices and virtues
Love is in the air
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GrandEdition 10
February – January 2010
56 A personal touch to online gambling
34 Samba Rio Carnival style
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Colin Farrell, Ireland’s hottest export,
shares his vices and virtues with
44 Romance is in the air!
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19 The wearing of the green
St Patrick’s Day brings out the parade
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Enjoy a traditional Irish Coffee on
St Patrick’s Day
29 From eco-talk to green walk
What the rich and famous are doing
to be kind to the environment
46 Valentine’s Day special
54 Enjoy hassle free gambling
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16 The drink of the Irish
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Grand Edition 10
February 2010
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Delia is our new game reviewer and she’s got the
low- down for you on all the Valentine’s Day and Irish
games. This issue’s games are all about red and green
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Your gambling horoscope February to
April 2010
14 trivia
52 envy
58 gadgets
64 talk
Proudly GrandPrivé.com
by Delia Woker
to a green 2010!
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Grand Edition 10
Land-based casino complexes
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From doing our bit for the environment we move on to our legendary
February 2010
promotions. The four-leafed
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Spring has come to the northern
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So stick around and you’ll be
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May Lady Luck see you all
through a very happy and
prosperous year.
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WINNING LETTER – 50 000 loyalty points
by Danette Breitenbach
by Our Readers
Pots of gold
By now you are probably halfway
out the door with your ticket to
Ireland in your hand, dreaming of
pots of gold. Well there is bad news.
As with all pots of gold, they don’t
come easy. So while this may seem
like a simple exercise, it is actually
harder than it sounds. You see, to
date not one – yes not a single one
– of these self-appointed guardians
of ancient treasure has been successfully caught.
eard of the pot of gold at
the end of the rainbow? Of
course you have, but I bet
you thought it was a myth.
Well I have news for you; the pot of
gold is alive and well. Yes and not
only that, there is more than one
pot of gold.
How do I know this? Let me reveal
all. It is said, you see, that every
Leprechaun has a pot of gold hidden deep in the Irish countryside.
So first you have to go to Ireland.
Then you need to find out where
the Leprechauns are hiding and
then you need to catch one and
convince him to show you where
his pot of gold is hidden.
Grand Edition 10
If you do catch one of these creatures he will offer you great wealth
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But be warned, the Leprechaun
has two purses. The first contains
a silver shilling, which is a magical
coin that returns to the purse each
time it is paid out. The other purse
has a gold coin. This he will use to
bribe you to let him go. Don’t fall
for it as this coin will turn to dust
as soon as he parts with it. The
Leprechaun may also try to bribe
you with three wishes, but you
must watch him carefully because
he will vanish in the blink of an eye
and you will be left with nothing.
Still picturing yourself roaming the
green hills of Ireland with a net in
February 2010
one hand, listening intently for
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Staying put at home and playing on
GrandPrivé.com makes a lot more
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by Madelaine Page
by Madelaine Page
the day
Never shy to flaunt his apparent addiction to women, wine and
song, off screen and on, and an attitude of love me or leave me, it
is no surprise that Ireland’s hottest cinematic export, Colin Farrell,
has somewhat of a bad boy image.
Grand Edition 10
February 2010
by Madelaine Page
His vices: an addictive personality starting with rice
crispies (eaten dry with loads of sugar) when he was
a child, to an addiction to painkillers and alcohol as
an adult. He once admitted that the closest thing he
has to a nutritionist is the Carlsberg Beer Co. Lets not
forget the cigarettes, which today remains his only
vice – something he is quick to point out after his
rehab stint.
“For me there was no choice. I’d been drinking since I
was 14; I was pretty sick,” he said after rehab. He jokes
about his earliest addition to rice crispies saying there
were no rehab centers when he was a kid. But the love
me or leave me man is not easily phased, so please, oh
please, don’t feel sorry for him because of his troubled
life, he urges. “I mean, at the end of the day, the smallest
violin wouldn’t or shouldn’t play for me because I had a
lot of fun.”
While criticized for his excesses, he is complimented
for his talent – one of his virtues. He has appeared in
movies such as Tigerland, Daredevil, Miami Vice,
Minority Report, Phone Booth, Alexander, In Bruges
and S.W.A.T.
His choices have served him well. Just last year he won
the 2009 Golden Globe Award, as well as Satellite Award,
for best performance by an actor in a motion picture
(musical or comedy) for In Bruges – he was up against
the likes of Dustin Hoffman and Javier Bardem.
He also won the MTV Movie Awards, Mexico for best
actor for S.W.A.T; the Teen Choice Award as the movie
villain in Daredevil; the British newcomer of the year
award for Tigerland by the London Critics Circle Film.
Ireland cast a public vote the same year, showing they
didn’t forget their blue-eyed boy by crowning him best
actor (Irish Film and Television Awards).
Grand Edition 10
February 2010
Born in Dublin on 31 May, 1976, the son of famed footballer Eamon Farrell. Growing up he planned to follow
in the footsteps of his father and an uncle, another wellknown footballer of the 1960s.
His plans changed in high school when his sister
enrolled in acting classes at Dublin’s Gaiety School
of Drama. He promptly also signed up for classes, but
before he could make it to the classrooms, he dropped
out to make his film debut in a low-budget production
called Drinking Crude.
From there on Gamble could have been 33-year old’s
middle name as he left the most successful Irish TV
series ever, Ballykissangel, because Hollywood was
His rise to fame was not instant and some gambles
paid off; but others did not. Take American Outlaws,
the movie he starred in after the successful Tigerland.
It was a box office flop. His next endeavour, Hart’s War,
with Bruce Willis, was equally unsuccessful. However he
bounced back that same year with the smash hit
Minority Report with Tom Cruise. His luck continued with
another 2002 hit, Phonebooth.
The following year he played opposite the legenary
Al Pacino in The Recruit. Al Pacino was one of Farrell’s
childhood idols. He described working opposite his hero
as “scary as hell to work opposite a legend”. His famous
co-star called him the best actor of his generation and
today the two still hang out together.
Moviewise his success continued and then in 2005 he
played in some duds and lukewarm movies. But he was
not deterred and his determination was rewarded with
In Bruges in 2008 for which he was nominated for a
Golden Globe award.
by Madelaine Page
In 2009, he replaced Heath Ledger
in the film, The Imagination of Doctor
Parnassus. Ledger who had originally
been cast in the film, had left nothing in his will for his daughter (it had
not been updated in time) and so
Farrell donated his salary for the film
to her.
Even a bad boy has a heart, and Farrell has a big one. This is especially
apparent when he talks about his
seven-year old son James, who he
had with model Kim Bordenave in
2003. James has Angelman Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder characterized by intellectual and developmental delay, speech impediment,
sleep disturbance, seizures, hand
flapping movements, and frequent
Of this little boy, of whom he has
joint custody, Farrell says that
he only realizes that he is different when he sees him with other
children his age. “I am incredibly
blessed to have James in my life. He
has shown amazing courage and is
a happy boy despite everything he
has faced.”
Farrell’s current girlfriend, the 26
year old actress Alicja Bachlede, gave
birth to a little boy in October last
year. Now Hollywood is watching
to see if Farrell will marry the Polish
stunner whom he has been dating
for a little longer than a year. Her
family is Catholic, and said to be very
traditional, and were apparently
putting pressure on the couple to
get married before their son Henry
Tadeusz was born.
But what are the odds on Farrell
actually being tied down? After his
divorce – his marriage to actress
Amelia Warner was over before they
could celebrate their first anniversary.
When asked if he has soured on the
idea of marriage, he answered: “No,
no, no. I’ve never been twice shy
from being once bitten.” But that
was some time ago and since then
he has made it very clear that he will
not be forced into anything.
He did, however, get very upset
recently when the banned sex tape
featuring him and Playboy model
Nicole Narain getting passionate in
2005 was sent to his girlfriend’s family.
Maybe he cares after all. One thing is
for certain; he will find it difficult to
get rid of the notorious party-boy
image he has worked so hard on.
As difficult as getting rid of the
tattoo “Millie” on his left ring finger,
above the knuckle. “Millie” was a
nickname for his first wife. But perhaps his other tattoo shows the true
Farrell. Besides a black cross on his
left forearm he has the Latin words
“Carpe Diem”.
His interpretation of being one of
Hollywood’s golden boys; but also
one of its rowdiest leading man:
“I’m in no hurry to get anywhere. I
don’t have any plans. I don’t have a
map. If you did in this business, you’d
destroy yourself.”
Compiled by Danette Breitenbach
Top 20 Games
Call of the
magical number
Some numbers are more than
numbers and are steeped in myth
and with them there is always an
expectation. A prime example of
the ultimate lucky number is the
number 7. Think of the “Lucky 7”
dice roll which is usually madeup of
5 + 2 – a gambler’s dream craps
roll. The number 7 is the symbol
of gambler’s luck. But the ultimate
gambler’s lucky number is 777.
1. Feature Slot – Thunderstruck
Video Poker – Jacks or Better Poker
3. Slots – Big Top
4. Slots – Carnaval
5. Feature Slot – Spring Break
6. Feature Slot – Burning Desire
7. Feature Slot – Ladies Nite
8. Feature Slot – Agent Jane Blonde
9. Slots – What a Hoot
10. Bonus Slot – The Great Galaxy Grab
11. Feature Slot – Deck the Halls
12. Feature Slot – Cashapillar
13. Feature Slot – Stash of the Titans
14. Feature Slot – Reel Baron
15. Table – Atlantic City Blackjack GOLD
16. Feature Slot – Adventure Palace
17. Bonus Slot – Loaded
18. Slots – 5 Reel Drive
19. Bonus Slot – Tomb Raider
20. Table – 3 Card Poker
Grand Edition 10
February 2010
A night of mayhem
The movie Hangover has proved to be a marketing bonanza
for Caesars in Las Vegas. From the day the movie hit the
theaters, Caesars reaped its benefits.
Bonnie Gilmour, Caesars’ vice president
of marketing, said in July 2009 that
the resort’s reservation desk immediately received calls from people who
wanted to book the suite seen in the
movie. Hangover tells the story of a
bachelor party gone wrong.
The recent release of the DVD contains special features, which allow
you to recreate a night in Vegas
complete with your own map of
destruction. So check into a suite at
Caesars. Have dinner at the Palms.
Play craps at the Bellagio. Support
the local strippers and the next
morning, head over to the Riviera
to win back all your losses with a
few hands of blackjack.
Gamblers: technical smart
and savvy
The 2009 WMS Active Gambler Profile
Survey that questioned over 2 000
American gamblers who gamble in virtual
and land-based casinos has found that
the demographic composition of the
population is changing; as well as having an
aging population, gambling is also seeing
increased participation by generations X and
Y. The survey also found that gamblers have
a disproportionately higher level of internet
access than the general public. So in contrast
to their “laggard” public image, gamblers are
actually technically smart and internet savvy.
Many people believe in
the false logic, which says
that a heads spin will follow
10 tail spins. This is completely
false as each flip of the coin is a
stand-alone individual event. The
law of averages says that after many flips,
the coin will have come down heads as
many times as tails.
Don’t believe it. It was proved by a
prisoner-of-war who spun a coin
thousands of times and recorded the
result of every flip.
Try it: So you have just flipped eight heads
in a row. Is your next flip more likely to be:
1. heads
2. tails
3. heads and tails are equally likely.
The correct answer is No 3, heads and
tails are equally likely.
Answer No 1 is an example of one version
of the Gambler’s Fallacy where you think
that your luck will continue.
Answer No 2 is an example of the opposite version of the Gambler’s Fallacy where you think that your luck will
Answer No 3 is correct because the coin
has no memory so it does not matter
what the previous spins were. The coin
always shows 50-50 odds – and this principle applies equally to the red/black or
odds/even bets on the roulette wheel.
Oh my casino
– 4 800: the number of casinos in the world.
– 1 790: the number of casinos in North America; with 1 670 in the
United States and 26 in Michigan.
– Small villa, summer house or pavilion built for pleasure: the original meaning of the word casino. During the 19th century, it came
to include other public buildings where pleasurable activities,
including gambling and sports, took place.
– Playing with house money: when a winning player is placing bets
with money that has been won from the casino.
– When it opened in 1989, The Mirage, in Las Vegas was the first
casino to use security cameras full time on all table games.
– A Casino Night(also called Vegas Nights, Las Vegas Night or
Monte Carlo Night) is an entertainment event with a casino theme.
Chinese gambling superstitions
– Don’t count money during a gambling session.
– Avoid seeing monks or nuns before going to a casino.
– Wear red underwear when gambling.
– Do not touch someone’s shoulder while he is gambling.
– Don’t check into hotels with bad numbers like 4 or 14.
– Don’t enter casinos through their main entrance.
– Switch on all the lights at home before going out to gamble.
Proudly GrandPrivé.com
The drink
by Danette Breitenbach
of the Irish
Think Irish drinks and two spring to mind instantly: Guinness and
Irish Coffee. Guinness, with its blackness, is not for everyone and
brewing it is best left to the professionals.
On the other hand the Irish had the right idea when
they mixed together their famous whiskey and hot black
coffee. Worldwide it is a drink enjoyed by many and anyone can add splash of whipped cream to turn a coffee
into something more spectacular.
The first Irish Coffee is said to have been made in the
winter of 1934 when a flight from Foyne, Ireland to
New York (US) was forced to return to the Port of
Foyne because of bad weather. The terminal building
restaurant chef, Joe Sheridan, offered the tired passengers the coffee drink mixed with Irish whiskey. When an
American passenger asked if it was Brazilian coffee, the
chef answered, “That’s Irish coffee.”
In 1952, Jack Koeppler, owner of Buena Vista in
San Francisco brought the Irish Coffee recipe back
to the United States and made it famous. Every year,
the Foynes Flying Boat Museum holds an Irish Coffee
Festival in August complete with an Irish Coffee making
Grand Edition 10
February 2010
Proudly GrandPrivé.com
By Nicci Botha
by Danette Breitenbach
The original Irish Coffee
Dublin Dream
1 jigger Irish whiskey
1 teaspoon brown sugar
Cup of strong black coffee
Whipped cream
– 1 1/2 oz Irish Mist Liqueur
– 1 1/2 oz Carolan’s Irish Cream
– 1 1/2 oz SKYY Vodka
– 1 1/2 Chambord Liqueur
– 1 1/2 fresh cream
– mint sprig
In a warm, stemmed whiskey goblet, pour one
jigger of Irish whiskey. Add one spoon of brown
sugar and fill with strong black coffee within
one inch of the brim. Stir to dissolve the sugar
and top off with whipped cream, slightly aerated
by pouring it over the back of a spoon. Do not
stir after adding the cream as the true flavor is
obtained by drinking the hot coffee and Irish
whiskey through the cream.
Mix all ingredients in a cocktail
shaker with ice. Strain into a
chilled rocks glass or martini
glass. Garnish with a mint sprig.
Irish Coffee
Leprechauns are also
very keen musicians
known to have wild
music sessions at night, which in Ireland
are known as Ceili’s with hundreds of Irish
Leprechauns gathering to dance, sing and drink.
Hot Irish Monk
– 2 oz Irish Whiskey
– 1 oz Frangelico hazelnut
– 4 oz hot chocolate
The wearing of the
Once upon a time, a long, long
time ago there lived a man
who banished snakes from
the Emerald Isle and brought
religion to the pagan land.
It’s the stuff of great legends
and has, as the nature of such
things, endured through
the centuries. He may be the
patron saint of Ireland, but
towns and cities around the
globe have wholeheartedly
embraced St Patrick,
commemorating anniversary
of his death every year with
food, drink, the music and
vibrant parades where just
about anything green rules
– 1 part Jameson Irish Whiskey
– 2 parts Kahlua
– 2 parts half & half
– fresh mint sprig and vanilla bean
Stir thoroughly and add a
thick cap of whipped cream;
sprinkle with chopped,
toasted hazelnuts.
Shake all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice.
Strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with
fresh mint sprig and vanilla bean.
(Source: and
Grand Edition 10
February 2010
Proudly GrandPrivé.com
The smallest
Hot Springs’, Arkansas, parade is along
Bridge Street, the shortest street in
the World according to Ripley’s Believe it
or Not. Boulder Colorado
boasts that its one city block long
parade takes the crown.
Irish in America
The parades characterizing this auspicious day on
the Irish calendar are a relatively new addition to
the whole celebration. Ironically these didn’t start
in Ireland, but in the American colonies when Irish
troops marched through the streets of New York in
1762 as a tribute to their heritage.
The waves of Irish immigrants that have settled
in the United States over time have ensured that
just about every town in the country puts on an
extravaganza, with New York, Boston, Philadelphia,
Los Angeles and Savannah, whether they are home
to large Irish-American communities or not, all
holding their own festivities.
Everyone gets in on the act, from the incumbent
US President, who is presented with shamrock at
the White House every year, to the major league
baseball teams who add a hint of green to their
uniforms while on spring training.
Leprechauns dancing before your eyes
Meanwhile back home in the old country, the
religious significance of St Patrick’s Day is marked
by a public holiday. After a pious morning spent at
Mass, the Irish let their hair down and forego the
Lent restriction on meat to heartily eat, drink and
generally have a good time to the stirring notes of
the pipes and drums.
The parades through Irish streets only started in the
1990s, primarily as an act of reconciliation in the
fractured society. Dublin is the place to be come 17
March with an event that lasts five days.
By Nicci Botha
The genial locals mingle with the huge contingents of tourists flooding the city to feel a little
more Irish.
At the largest parade in the land, you may be
forgiven for thinking the Leprechauns dancing
before your eyes are the result of one too many
pints of that famous Irish brew, Guinness. These
magical, mythical little people are reputed to
bring you wealth in the form of a pot of gold
when you capture them and, along with the
three-leafed clover, known as a shamrock to
bring luck, form an integral part of this shindig.
If you want to opt for a venue with stronger
cultural and historical roots, pay a visit to
Downpatrick, the town where the venerated
man is buried.
The phrase everyone is Irish on
St Patrick’s Day has never been truer
than it is today, when places in
virtually every corner of the planet –
east to west and north to south – ring
out with Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig. Words that bestow on you all the
blessings you would wish for yourself
and the luck of Irish.
Elsewhere in green
On the Continent, Florence in Italy holds a Festa
Irlandese – a 10-day festival presenting its interpretation of dishes such as Irish stew, beef in
beer and smoked salmon. Germans also come
out to play on the streets of Munich in an event
where music and dance feature high on the
agenda. In the Norwegian capital of Oslo,
St Patrick himself makes an appearance in a
horse-drawn carriage driven by a red-bearded
chauffeur accompanied by a traditional pipe
Even some of the most unlikely countries get
caught up in green fervour. South Americans
don’t need an excuse to party and the
Argentineans pay tribute to St Patrick by taking
to the streets to dance the night away.
Monserrat in the Caribbean puts a calypso spin
on things with good reason. It was a safe haven
for Irish refugees fleeing the nearby islands of St
Kitts and Nevis during a failed slave rebellion in
1798. It’s one of the few places, along with the
The biggest
The Big Apple hosts the biggest party
anywhere with spectators numbering
in the millions, lining the one-mile long
route starting on Fifth Avenue to watch
the five-hour parade.
Proudly GrandPrivé.com
By Nicci Botha
1798. It’s one of the few places, along with the Canadian
states of Newfoundland and Labrador, where the day is
a public holiday.
In Tokyo’s Omotesando Avenue the parade route is lined
with a display of Japanese and Irish flags and pretty girls
hand out vouchers entitling the recipients to free beer.
To be sure, to be sure, the island that brought us such
wonderful things such as River Dance, Guinness and the
Sinn Fein movement also brings the tradition of raising
a pint of green beer on 17 March to wish all the best
of Irish luck as you drink a toast to St Paddy no matter
where in the world you find yourself.
The greenest
Chicago goes as far as dyeing
the mighty river that runs
through it green.
Grand Edition 10
February 2010
by Delia Walker
Get more of the green
by Delia Woker
this St Patrick’s Day!
email. The top four pictures submitted will each receive
10 000 Loyalty Points as a prize.
Come celebrate the luck of the Irish this St Patrick’s
Day by wearing green and winning green! Let the
Leprechauns lead you to the pot of gold at the end
of the rainbow and ignite a spark of luck that will burn
bright for the whole year.
We love seeing you making the most out of life and
would want to share in your experiences. We’re all
looking forward to seeing who comes up with the most
outrageous costume and who will get the prize for both
innovation and charm.
There’s something about the Celtic charm that’s has
the whole world in a festive mood on 17 March. For
St Patrick’s Day we’re offering a 100% Match to all
players on that auspicious Wednesday.
May good luck pursue you both day and night on this
day – set your imaginations on fire and follow you for
many more days to come. You’ve got the sun in your
pocket and an abundance of good fortune to take advantage of! Grab a couple of your friends and blame the
mischief making on the Leprechauns!
Lucky four
Think of the four-leafed clover (known as the
Shamrock to most) as a symbol of wealth, health,
love and fame. There are four St Patrick’s games chosen
to represent the four leaves of this clover and because
want you to get the maximum out of this lucky day by
playing a selection of themed games that are sure to
bring you fortune and fame.
And just by the by – those who don’t wear green on
St Patrick’s’ Day are traditionally pinched! Make sure
you make the most of this lucky day by taking up all
the offers presented to you – you’ll pinch yourself if
you don’t!
The games are:
• Treasure Ireland,
• Rainbows End,
• Fortune Cookie and
• Celtic Crown.
Players that wager the most on these four games on
St Patrick’s Day will receive US$100 Free in Bonus money
(according to your current tier). Please check your mails
to see which tier and offers you’re receiving.
Lucky Leprechauns and
four-leafed clovers are all
part of the magic of the
St Previous
Paddy’s day party
Pictures for loyalty points
And if you’re feeling inspired and creative, please send
us your photos of the crazy antics you’ve been up to via
Proudly GrandPrivé.com
by Martin Hopkins
Chasing the
Green. Just the thought of the color, and its associations with
grass, trees, plants and open park-like space, is relaxing.
But today green is more than just that.
Grand Edition 10
February 2010
ith more and more pressure being exerted
on both companies and individuals alike,
the words ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘green’ are
constantly foremost in the minds of environmentally conscious individuals all over the world.
There is little doubt that “Going Green” is very much
a part of any company’s strategy, and with local and
global scrutiny and an increasingly eco-aware customer
base, it would simply be corporate suicide not to pay attention to the effects of the company and its operations
on the environment.
Like it or not, gamblers and casinos around the world
are not exempt from having to care about the environmental consequences of their actions. Large hotel
complexes that cater for many thousands of clients are
prominent offenders when it comes to greenhouse gas
Location, location, location
Location has its part to play too, although perhaps no
more than any other vacation or sports industry. Flights
and road transportation to and from casinos, combined
with the straight energy consumption of hotel and casino complexes for excessive lighting, food preparation,
heating and air conditioning, cleaning and maintenance.
It is pretty fair to state that there is a surprisingly large
negative effect on environmental issues from simply
playing cards or slot machines at a local casino.
in specific areas such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City. But
would it really? Would the same number of beverages
be consumed, or the same amount of food wrappers,
disposable plates, utensils and containers really be
used on the home front? I would be hard pressed to
agree that it would.
Becoming greener
Fortunately, even in an industry closely associated
with excess, gluttony and lusting over only one type
of green – yes, the green stuff that makes the world
go round – there is an asserted and conscientious
drive, by casino operators at least, towards becoming
greener, albeit that the punters may still be addicted to
the ‘who-cares-I’m-on-a-roll’ lifestyle that traditionally
accompanies gambling.
There are innovative companies out there making
a concerted effort to play their part in becoming
greener. Casinos are purchasing playing tables, lounge
furniture and playing cards that have been manufactured using recycled materials.
Reducing the carbon footprint
Take a city like Las Vegas where most would assume
that, with its gaudy lights, large number of visitors
and 24 hour a day attractions, attention to and worry
Naturally, attracting a few thousand people to one location brings with it a large volume of waste created in
the process, including, cans, bottles, food wrappers and
other associated waste that, when combined with emissions, really begins to highlight the seriousness of the
situation. Add to this a lack of proper recycling and the
land-fills get a little larger every year.
Now I know what you are thinking: that usage and
waste would be created anyway even if the large
number of people were at home and not concentrated
Proudly GrandPrivé.com
by Martin Hopkins
by Monica Guy
about environmental impact would be low on the list of
priorities. On the contrary, Las Vegas has implemented
a number of initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint
with the use of alternative fuels and a progressive water
policy – and the trend has even started reaching major
hotels and casinos, long criticized by environmentalists
for their extravagant use of natural resources, that have
started playing their part.
Existing hotels and casino complexes are continually
striving towards finding ways of offsetting negative
impacts on the environment through their business
Newly constructed complexes are being designed
and built with the environment in mind. In fact the
largest privately funded construction project in the
United States recently achieved Gold certification for
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design from
the US Green Building Council. Be it through social
responsibility, or from an understanding of the situation,
the results are impressive, with the Las Vegas area now
ranking 18th in per capita carbon emissions from
transportation and residential energy use among the
nations’ 100 largest metro areas. It is even ranked as
the least toxic city in the United States.
Other traditional gambling areas are following suit.
A newly built facility in Williamsburg incorporates a
number of innovative ideas including lighting during
daylight hours by skylights, drinks served only in glasses,
and plants such as lilies, ferns and leafy hostas planted
on the roof.
Online is green
Despite all these efforts, the land based casino complexes are still hard pressed to beat the online casinos when
it comes to being green.
First online casinos negate the necessity to travel to
and from the casino thereby saving on carbon emissions completely. Then there is the substantial saving in
terms of waste materials for food and beverages.
And, as if that is not enough, think of the other benefits to the environment like the fact that with online
gambling there is no need for plastic chips to be made
for playing at the tables, no more trees that need to be
destroyed to produce chairs to sit on and tables to sit
at, and no need to produce bulky metal and plastic slot
machines to fill acres of floor space.
By playing all your favorite casino games online you are,
perhaps unknowingly, contributing and playing your
part, in achieving a greener world. So, you can be green
– while chasing the green!
If you really want to make a difference and play your
part, you can even unplug your computer (and other
electrical gadgets like cell phone chargers and gaming
consoles) once you have finished playing, to avoid them
continuously drawing power when not in use.
Air filters are incorporated that trap smoky air, pipe it
through filters and cleanse it before it is sent back outside. To top it off the complex even has its own well and
sewage treatment system that purifies 90 000 gallons
daily before returning the water to the ground almost a
clean as before.
Grand Edition 10
February 2010
From eco-talk
to green walk
Gone are the days when environmental campaigners were
grubby Greenpeace activists and hippies with holey clothes.
From driving flashy hybrid cars to adopting African babies to
off-setting carbon emissions on massive world tours,
being seen to be green is a vital issue for those in the
limelight – as well as a lucrative business and, at times, a
celebrity bitch-fight.
Proudly GrandPrivé.com
by Monica Guy
Green wheels
Forget the Ferrari collections –
hybrid cars are the latest must-have
wheels for any 21st-century celebrity. Eco- (and style-) conscious stars
from Cameron Diaz, Charlize Theron
and Julia Roberts to Billy Joel, Tom
Hanks and David Duchovny are all
to be seen out and about in their
shiny hybrid wheels. In a nutshell:
hybrid electric vehicles use joint
gasoline/diesel and electric engines
to achieve better fuel efficiency.
They’re often very aerodynamic and
have other energy-saving gizmos.
The Toyota Prius is one of the most
affordable hybrid vehicles on the
market, but others are flashier: a
hybrid Chevy Tahoe, for example,
costs upwards of US$50 500.
Even better, go fully electric.
George Clooney was one of the
first to grab the revolutionary
new electric Tango T600 – a tiny
one-person cross between a
high-performance sports car and
a motorbike, costing more than
$108 000. And Leo DiCaprio has
gone one better with his electric
super-swish Tesla Roadster – prices
start at $128 500.
Green meals
Never mind its hot nightlife, economic firepower and world-beating
cultural scene: London’s latest accolade is Most Vegetarian-Friendly
City 2009. The UK capital, according
to the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Foundation,
is the best place in the world for
those who only want to eat their
And what better celeb to spread
the veggie message than crooner
Paul McCartney, who’s been proudly
vegetarian (and a supporter of
PETA) for 40 years? His latest goveggie ad simply states: “I am Paul
McCartney, and I am a vegetarian.”
Forget fur
Fur coats and mink handbags used
to be an emblem of wealth, a mark
of distinction for top-rank women...
but now they’re a fashion no-no.
The beautiful Tamara Ecclestone,
daughter of billionaire racing
boss Bernie, recently posed for an
anti-fur ad dressed in just a saucily
draped chequered flag: “Going FurFree is the Winning Formula”, the ad
shouts. She follows in the stilettoed
footsteps of Naomi Campbell and
Eva Mendes, who also posed nude
for the anti-fur cause.
Canadian singer-songwriter Neil
Young fueled his North American
tour entirely with biodiesel,
as did the Barenaked Ladies and
KT Tunstall, who also performed at
the ‘Golden Green’ environmentally
aware after-party at the 2007 Golden
Globe awards in Los Angeles. The
Dave Matthews Band publicly off-set
carbon emissions from their lengthy
world tours by donating money to
projects that plant trees and build
wind turbines.
Since then naughty Naomi has
agreed to pose for New York furrier
Dennis Basso wearing nothing, but
Russian sable… which proves that
fashion is fickle and that animallovers still have a fight on their
Curious cases
And then there are the oddballs.
Actor Pierce Brosnan, awarded the
Green Cross International Environmental Leadership Award, likes to
campaign against the effects of
Navy sonar on whales. Fellow actor
Harrison Ford, vice chairman of
Conservation International, has a
Central American ant named after
him! Sting has been flogging the
rainforest issue for the last 20 years,
while Edward Norton, famous for
violent movies such as Fight Club,
showed off his sensitive side when
he launched the BP Solar Neighbors
Program in 2003 every time a celebrity purchases a solar energy home
system, a low-income family in Los
Angeles gets the same thing for free.
Off-setting jet-setting
Where it was once the height of
cool to jet around in private planes
and helicopters, celebrities are now
publicly showing off their green
ways of travelling. While not stopping their jet-setting, of course!
Bill Gates
It seems, though, that green lifestyles
go hand in hand with something
else that’s green – dollars. Take Bill
Gates, one of the wealthiest men in
the world, also one of the world’s
biggest philanthropists. Every year,
the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
pours proceeds from its $35 billion
endowment into HIV research, vaccine programs, trauma relief funds
and much more. Its Global Health Program alone distributes $800 million
each year to health-related causes
around the world – a figure that’s not
so far from the annual budget of the
World Health Organization with its
193 member states! The couple were
named by Time magazine as Persons
of the Year in 2005, their celebrity
status confirmed through their charitable works.
Philanthropic performers
Bono, lead singer of rock band U2,
may have a little less cash to splash
around than Bill Gates, but he’s
certainly got better looks and charisma – which he uses to full effect
in his socio-environmental activism.
African issues are the focus of his
attentions and, among other efforts,
his ONE campaign against African
poverty and disease currently boasts
more than two million members.
As a result, this one-time ordinary
Irish schoolboy is now an honorary Sir, was named joint Person of
the Year 2005 with Bill and Melinda
Gates and has been nominated for
the Nobel Peace Prize – surely the
highest recognition to which any
celebrity can aspire.
In fact, so many musicians are jumping on the eco-bandwagon that
there’s even a buzzword for them:
‘philanthropic performers’. Bob
Geldof is the other big name, with
his famous Band Aid and Live Aid
concerts in aid of famine relief in
Ethiopia. Geldof also co-organised
a string of Live 8 concerts in 2005,
designed to pressure world leaders
at that year’s G8 summit to play fair
with the world’s poorest nations.
(Greedy) Al Gore
These ‘green’ celebs aren’t always so
goody-two-shoes, though. Al Gore
is about to become the world’s first
‘Carbon Billionaire’ for his green
campaigning, which all started with
the 2006 hit documentary film
An Inconvenient Truth. In 2007, he was
awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for
his eco-efforts.
But Gore’s struggling to fight
off rumors circulated by the
Tennessee Center for Policy
Research that his super-luxury house
in Nashville, Tennessee uses around
20 times the energy consumed by
the average US household. And what
about the gas-gulping private jet in
which the politico-turned-climatechange-star gallivants around the
world telling everyone else to cut
their energy usage?
The gamble pays off
It seems that there are plenty of
celebrities who can talk the ecotalk, but let’s see which of them can
walk the green walk. Now just think,
when you leave the car in the garage
and gamble online, your carbon
footprint’s non-existent. Now there’s
something to be proud of!
Proudly GrandPrivé.com
by Delia Walker
by Delia Woker
Spinning and winning!
2009’s payouts are simply awe-inspiring and more than HALF A BILLION
has been paid out to winners who know exactly how to make the magic
work for them.
Many a winner has at some point or another complained
that they just don’t have that magic touch anymore. It’s
a common malaise that affects everyone who needs a
lucky muse to stand by their side. But don’t fret though,
Lady Luck has a soft spot for gamblers and she always,
always comes back to those who treat her kindly.
With that said though – there are some who just seem
to be in the Lady’s good books permanently (it might
be that they also make use of their weekly bonuses and
take up the offer to call our helpful Customer Service
Center for hot tips and valuable information!)
Something else that is a distinguishing characteristic of
a true winner is persistence and perseverance. These are
people who don’t become discouraged, have a firm goal
in mind and go out and get it. The mantra “Dream, Dare
and Play” is something they apply every time they play
at GrandPrivé.com – and it pays off as we can see!
This is a philosophy that can really take you places in life.
Only the brave are capable of really living the life they
want to live. Those who aren’t afraid of taking a risk –
they know their Lady will be there acting as their own
personal guardian angel.
Grand Edition 10
February 2010
GrandPrivé.com certainly takes extra delight in announcing jaw-dropping wins and phenomenal jackpot
wins! These are the top dogs for the last quarter of 2009.
Golden lady does it again and again – because she can
The maximum payout goes to Cindy S who won, wait for
it…US$100 000 on a single hand playing Double Double
Bonus Poker on 2 November 2009!
And if you thought nothing could top that, she went on
to win ANOTHER $100 000 playing Aces and Eights on
15 December. In fact it seems Double Double Bonus
Poker is her lucky game. She’s singlehandedly made our
top 20 hit list nine times! Now if that doesn’t inspire you
to take a chance then read on… The ladies yet again
There really is a reason why Lady Luck is a woman as Christiene M
discovered playing Ladies Nite on 18 December and won a juicy
$29 655. Now any lady worth her salt can think of a myriad of lovely
shiny things and shoes to spend that on!
M.W is a living inspiration
M.W is living proof of luck incarnate and is an inspirational gamer. He
won $48 000 on Pharaoh’s Tomb on 3 October and more than $80
000 on Curry in a Hurry on 4 October.
Aces and Faces also seems to have treated him well with a massive
win of $80 000. M.W is a first class player who is Lady Luck’s favorite
man of the moment.
Top of the tops for 2009
This has been a bumper year with the biggest payout being $200
000 going to – you guessed it – M.W who, on 22 January 2009, was
playing Deuces and Joker. M.W. won another fat $100 000 playing the
same game on 13 August 2009. It really has been paying off for him.
Other games that are paying out and well worth a mention are
Joker Poker which paid out $25 000 to Eric W and Lady of the Orient
which graced Pamela M with a healthy $23 230.
For those who would like a heads-up on some of the winning games
not already mentioned, may we suggest you keep your eye on:
Avalon, Tomb Raider and Thunder Struck, which remain firm favorites.
Burning desire – for big wins
Michael R won $48 475 playing the ever popular
Burning Desire on 2 October 2009. Well his passion certainly returned unbelievable dividends and a
well-deserved win.
Congratulations again to all our winners and let’s hope they not only
inspire others to get their game on but continue with their winning
streak! It takes true dedication and ambition to get to the top, but the
thrill of living on the edge is something no one can ever get bored
Charles T won $21 240 playing Secret Admirer on 26
November 2009 and there’s no reason why such an
amazing win should remain secret.
This year is the year that you make it big – make your dreams come
true with GrandPrivé.com. The payouts are breathtaking, the games
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Get ready to Samba –
Rio Carnival style
Winners will be partying up a storm in February as our Win a Trip to
Rio promotion finishes.
GrandPrivé.com’s massive Win a trip to Rio promotion started on 4 November 2009 and players
have been competing for their share of
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Mid-February is when the carnival usually comes to town and
as final preparations are being made to the elaborate (yet
often more than a little risqué) costumes, our players will be
competing in the playoff round that ends on17 January.
Round 3:
1st: Maurice
4th: StevieG
5th: white
$6 000 CASH!
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Spot prizes:
20th: loanwitch 30th: hot shot 40th: danielmtnd02 50th: jackbnimble Round 2:
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heather dhue
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the Grand
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Grand Edition 10
February 2010
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the most outrageous carniva
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spot prizes for other gamer
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Proudly GrandPrivé.com
We’re especially looking forward to announcing the lucky
winner of this fantastic prize in our next issue. The carnival is
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riotous color and magnificence.
by Adrienne Brookbanks
Here’s a summary of our Round winners are:
$6 000 CASH!
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The last lap kicked off on 7 January and skilled gamers
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Congratulations to our round leaders and remember to keep
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Now, given that this has been a particularly unpleasant winter,
we have seen some stiff competition between players who are
desperate to escape to a sunny paradise. CHILI PEPPER, Maurice
and Pamart have been playing for keeps and have all won
welcome cash prizes, but who will be the ultimate winner of
the play-off round still remains to be seen.
The whole city becomes a riot of fun, colorful
costumes and street parties. All inhibitions are
thrown aside and there are more than a few
reasons to feel good.
Round 1:
1st : CHILI PEPPER 2nd :
daz 3rd : StevieG
4th : kboy
5th : Aquitania 20th : 1Lilrascal
30th : galho
40th : mikes039
50th : nancysbest
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As you can see our players like to live life in the fastlane and
are set on winning the most luxurious and exciting promotion GrandPrivé.com has ever had. Over half a million people
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Grand Edition 9
November 2009
by Delia Woker
Get more of the green with
these lucky games!
Playing is believing!
Fun and thrills with GrandPrivé.com this spring with
green and red as our major theme. Enjoy the luck of
the Irish with some great Irish games, or if you’re lucky
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Delia is our new game
reviewer. She’s dedicated,
spinning reels until the
last free spin. She has a
nose for success and will
stay on a winning trail
to bring you every angle
and detail of a game.
Here are her best
picks for the quarter.
Remember, with
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243 Ways to win and bring your wildest fantasies to life
Fulfill all the wishes of your burning heart by playing the
Burning Desire Video Slot. Burning Desire is a NO PAYLINE video slot that allows you 243 ways to win big. This
exciting game is sure to get the blood rushing straight
to the heart. You’re not constrained by the number of
pay-lines so you can generate more winning opportunities – up to 243 of them to be exact.
Keep an eye out for the Burning Desire Wilds and the
Coin Scatters that will heat up your winnings.
Ways to win
Way Wins means that all symbols act as adjacent Scatters. Any adjacent symbol combination then offers a
The game incorporates a completely new concept of
ways, as opposed to the typical paylines. The rationale is
to provide players with a new game type and to attract
their attention with the ability to play and win in 243
Grand Edition 10
February 2010
The mysticism and romance of the
ancient Celtic culture unfolds in this
25 line, 5 reel video slot.
It makes use of ways instead of paylines to calculate
wins. Instead of a set configuration of paylines, the slot
calculates wins on left-to-right combinations regardless
of their position on each reel.
Burning Desire is player-friendly and it features Wilds,
Scatters, Multipliers and Free Spins with achievable wins
of 30 000 coins in the base game or up to 90 000 coins
in Free Spins.
15 FREE spins
3, 4 or 5 bright gold coins will activate 15 Free
Spins with re-triggers possible within those spins,
trebling wins and providing hours of red hot gaming
fun. The Burning Desire logo is Wild, with huge
potential for ramping up winnings by forming
rewarding combinations using the revolutionary
Way Wins game rules.
The betting range will suit any pocket, running from
0.01 to 1.00, with a maximum bet of 250.00 to really
open up the way to wealth!
This high potential reward game is something completely new.
Come and play Burning Desire and let the love of the
win pull at your heart strings. Have a sizzling hot affair
with no strings attached!
reward bonus feature. Topping off a hard-to-beat ton of
entertainment is a Gamble facility where players can bet
on color and suite to double or quadruple winnings.
Celtic Crown offers players all the elements of a rattling
good game – Scatter, Wild, Bonus and Gamble action
with multiplier and Free Spin rewards aplenty and will
provide hours of great entertainment spiced with solid
In a theme that showcases ancient kings, ravishing
redheads, singing harps and illuminated monkish script
against soft green, and lucky four leaf clovers, the player
will find that the princess and the harp bring the best
Brilliant graphics
With brilliantly colored and elegant Celtic graphics,
this new offering has a large betting range up to 0.25
and presents opportunities for players to win up to
50 000.00 in the base game, double that on Free Spin
earnings and a whopping 56 250.00 on the pick-your-
When the redheaded noblewoman appears simultaneously across reels 2, 3 and 4 it opens up the second
screen bonus feature – the Great Hall of King Bryan
Boru where players make three choices from six of the
king’s kneeling knights, each with its own random prize
multiplying the winning bet.
Fortune’s worth predicating with the Harp Scatter
The Harp serves as a Scatter but is also a potent generator of up to 25 Free Spins where 2x multipliers come
into play and new spins can be retriggered.
We predict that this game will provide hours of great
entertainment spiced with solid rewards.
Proudly GrandPrivé.com
by Delia Woker
There’s an Irish adventure waiting for you and
the clover leaf could be your gateway to loot!
The luck of the Irish could be yours when you
sign up for an exciting cruise with the jovial
Irish crew of clover leaf pirate Jackpot Jack
Meet JackPot Jack
Using a 3 reel, one pay-line platform,
Treasure Ireland is a game with the traditional
nudge and hold features that enable you to
give Lady Luck an extra push to deliver on a
whole range of opportunities and rewards.
It has a
typical lapper style feature board built
around a treasure map with Feature and
Nudge stacks and a cash pot.
Creating the right wild Irish atmosphere
in this absorbing game are a gallery
of outstanding graphics that will keep
you amused, from Jackpot Jack the
clover leaf pirate and his grinning crew
Grand Edition 10
February 2010
through to glasses of Guinness, Jolly Roger flags,
parrots and ancient treasure maps.
Plunder the loot and avoid walking the plank!
In Treasure Ireland you won’t be
made to walk the plank... Just
enjoy a thoroughly entertaining game with a wide range
of betting options that
can bring you plenty of
Now try both your luck
and your skill for a broadside of bonuses and bucks!
There’s a definite touch of Irish good fortune around
this 5 reel, 25 pay-line video slot game
Rainbows End
Rainbows End is a five-reel game based on
a Leprechaun theme with a Free Spin Feature and an Expanded Pot of Gold Feature.
Lucky Leprechauns and pots of gold
The theme abounds with lucky four leaf
clovers, golden horseshoes, Leprechauns
and of course the mythical and very rewarding pot of gold that resides at the end
of every rainbow – especially this one!
With Wild and Scatter powers respectively,
it’s the Pot o’ Gold and happy Leprechaun that deliver
the main winning opportunities for players; the expanding Wild is triggered when the Pot o’ Gold appears on
reels 2 and/or 4 creating great winning combinations,
whilst 3 or more Leprechauns herald the arrival of 15
Free Spins where all wins are doubled.
Rounding off several
exciting ways to win in
this entertaining game is
a Gamble feature where
those feeling the tingle of
good luck in their fingertips can bet to double or
quadruple wins by selecting the right color and card
Remarkable returns
With a betting range that runs from as little as a 0.01
to 0.25, Rainbows End can deliver some remarkable
returns for those with the luck of the Irish. In the base
game up to 25 000.00 can be won, and on the Free
Spins feature up to 50 000.00 is available, so hoist your
shillelagh and find your own personal pot of gold at
Rainbows End.
Proudly GrandPrivé.com
The latest new 5 reel 30 pay-line slot provides players
with a unique opportunity to choose the best Wilds with
which to build those winning combinations
It’s an interesting new element in an already exciting
game that offers hours of entertainment and good
reward opportunities through a heady mix of Wilds,
Scatters, Free Spins with Multipliers and the everpopular Gamble feature, where players can round off a
session by predicting the color or suit of a mystery card
and lose, double or quadruple their winnings.
The mining theme is immediately apparent as the
game opens, with striking artwork depicting glittering
gems and gold nuggets, sticks of dynamite, a pickaxe
and gold panning dish... And a comical grizzled 49er of
a miner!
Maximize rewards
The key feature in the game
is a new way to build the
best combinations to
maximize rewards. This
is done by giving the
player control of the
three Wilds in the game
– diamond, ruby and
Gold nugget – on reels
2, 3 and 4.
The player selects the
Wild he or she thinks
will best deliver the
right lines for the best
prizes as the game moves
forward. Where the chosen
Wild is not delivering the goods,
the player can change the selection to
open up better possibilities. It’s an entertaining
innovation that adds a fresh dimension of suspense
and excitement to the game, but note that the Wild
symbol cannot be changed during Free Spins.
Mining wealth and opportunity
Talking about Free Spins... There is an abundance in
Fortune Finder, and the trigger is the appearance of
the grizzled miner scattered across reels 3, 4 or 5. This
delivers 15, 20 or 25 re-triggering Free Spins during
which all wins are doubled.
Come find your fortune with this lucky game – it may
be waiting for you right around the very next corner.
There’s a mine of wealth waiting or you. Dig to find
nuggets, diamonds and rubies to boost your winnings.
by Delia Woker
by Delia Walker
Heart-shaped candies, pretty cards and lots of xoxoxox… no wonder Valentine’s Day is such a popular
holiday! Today presents everyone who has ever had
a secret crush on someone special to make their
intentions known.
Did you know almost 188 million (and counting)
Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged annually,
making Valentine’s Day the second-most popular
greeting-card-giving occasion.
is in the air!
Get bitten by the love bug this Valentine’s Day and let someone
know they hold a special place in your heart
Grand Edition 10
February 2010
The 14 February falls on a Sunday this year and that
means you may as well make a weekend of it and
really go to town. Take that someone special on an
exotic weekend away and spoil them a little.
We want your dream Valentine
We’d like you to share your stories of romance and
adventure with us. Please write in and tell us about
your DREAM Valentine’s Day. We’ll publish the
responses, and we’ll then let our readers vote on the
most romantic proposal presented.
And your ideas had better be top notch because the
player who has the best and most imaginative way
of celebrating this auspicious day of love will have
that dream come true!
A burning desire
If that isn’t encouragement enough we will offer all
players a 75% Match Bonus on Valentine’s Day! The
Match Bonus is currently between 25% and 50%
across the various tiers on a Sunday, so up the ante
and bring a date – there’s history to be made here
with GrandPrivé.com casinos.
Why not try your hand with our Valentine’s Day
themed games like Burning Desire and Secret
Admirer. And just by the way, Burning Desire has
proved to be one of the most popular games played
during 2009. And that’s a hot tip if ever there was
Confess your love
Valentines Day is about the mutual exchange of love
notes. Which game do you have a secret crush on?
Have you fallen in love with a game that you just
can’t help coming back to play over and over again?
If so, please write in and confess your love for that
certain special game and you might receive a mutual “love” bonus offer.
You may have been a secret admirer of this game
for a very long time – its life-like graphics might be
mesmerizing, its story line engaging or simply the
successive payouts you’ve been receiving over the
time have made you fall in love since you’ve been
Now it’s time for you to receive a reward for making
your feelings known and confessing your love for
your favorite game.
There’s nothing like being in love – it changes your
whole perspective on the world, so get your thinking
caps on, submit your ideas for your DREAM Valentine’s Day, take advantage of our special gift to you
with the 75% Match Bonus offered on the day itself
and confess your love to us for your favorite game
and stand a chance to receive a mutual love bonus
in return.
A dream can well become a reality with the compliments of GrandPrivé.com casinos. Celebrate in style
and luxury and really make this a day to remember.
Come Dream, Dare and Play this Valentine’s Day!
Proudly GrandPrivé.com
Romantic figures
by Danette Breitenbach
On the flip side, there are some
celebrities who just cannot get
enough of tying the knot and just
want to do it over and over again
– sometimes even to the same
Tying the
Love is life.
All, everything
that I understand,
I understand only
because I love.
Everything is,
everything exists,
only because
I love.
- Leo Tolstoy
Grand Edition 10
• 7
0% give a card, 49% call, 48% give a gift, 37%
cook a special dinner, 33% buy candy, 30% go to a
restaurant and 19% give or send flowers.
5 x married – Larry Flynt
6 x married – Boris Karloff,
7 x married – Lana Turner, Richard Pryor
8 x married – Elizabeth Taylor, Mickey Rooney
9 x married – Zsa Zsa Gabor
• Men spend twice as much money as women on
Valentine’s Day
Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock have wed four times – to each
other. More recently Pamela opted to be on the sidelines
when she threw a beach wedding for her golden retriever
and chihuahua.
• U
S$30 million – the amount Americans spend
on Valentine’s Day per year. (National Retail
• H
alf of the US population celebrates Valentine’s
Day (Hallmark research)
alentines’ Day is the second largest card-sending
holiday in the year after Christmas. The largest and
most elaborate Valentine cards are sold 48 hours
before the big day.
Regardless of the odds on a celebrity marriage’s success,
Valentine’s Day remains a big day to actually tie the knot.
Love can be fickle, especially if you’re a celebrity; and this
means that the success rate of many celebrity
marriages is… well… not great. Here, from highest to
lowest – in months, not years – are some of the shortest celeb
20 months – Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Jackson
16 months – Liza Minnelli and David Gest
12 months – Mickey Rooney and Ava Gardner
11 months – Drew Barrymore and Jeremy Thomas
9 months – Jennifer Lopez and Cris Judd
8 months – Elizabeth Taylor and Conrad “Nicky” Hilton
7 months – Shannen Doherty and Ashley Hamilton
5 months – Drew Barrymore and Tom Green
3 months – Lisa Marie Presley and Nicolas Cage
31 days – Ernest Bergnine and Ethel Merman
And in true Vegas style the winner is:
55 hours – Britney Spears and Jason Alexander
• 1 000 – the amount of letters sent to Juliet every
Valentine’s day, in the Italian city of Verona, where
lovers Romeo and Juliet lived in the Shakespeare
February 2010
Famous couples who wed on this day include:
1974 – The Captain and Tennille
1984 – Sir Elton John and Renate Blauel
1991 – Leeza Gibbons and Stephen Meadows
1991 – Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid
1994 – It was a busy year with the Grateful Dead’s Jerry
Garcia and Deborah Koons, as well as Roseanne and
Ben Thoma, Brian Wilson, Beach Boys Founder and
Melinda Ledbetter all going to the chapel.
1995 – Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee
1996 – Prince/The Artist and Mayte Garcia
1998 – Sharon Stone and Phil Bronstein
This year it is Robbie Williams’ turn. He is apparently making
all sorts of plans to marry Ayda Fields on Valentine’s Day this
year. According to sources the super star has asked his family
and close friends to keep the entire week running up to 14
February free. It is rumored that the event will take place in
California, with two venues in Santa Barbara short listed.
• 1
billion – the number of valentines sent each year
worldwide (US Greeting Card Association).
• T eachers receive the most Valentine’s Day cards,
then children, mothers, wives, and then only
• 3
% – of pet owners who give Valentine’s Day gifts
to their pets
• 1
.1 billion boxed chocolates will be sold throughout the US and more than 58 million pounds of
chocolate candy will be sold during Valentine’s
week adding up to more than $345 million. More
than 35 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate
will be sold.
• 1
89 million stems of roses are sold in the US on
Valentine’s Day. Of this 73% are bought by men,
27% by women and remaining 15% by women
who then send the flowers to themselves.
by Danette Breitenbach
Romance on the
silver screen
Dinner and a movie must be the oldest date in the
modern world. Valentine’s Day is no different. And in
today’s world if you are strapped for cash, you can cook
y r own romantic dinner for two and then watch your
favorite Valentine’s Day DVD.
Perhaps something more lighthearted? Try Roman Holiday with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck. If you’ve
never seen the famous beach scene with Burt Lancester and Deboah Kerr now is the perfect time. From here
to eternity is everything Valentine’s Day encompasses.
Magazine has been out and about and found some
of the best Valentine’s Day movies for you – from old to
action to the slightly different.
If you are looking for a tearjerker look no further than
An affair to remember with Deborah Kerr and Cary
Grant – it wouldn’t disappoint so have the tissues at
hand. Doctor Zhivago is another great classic – if you
have a few hours.
The greatest love story on film must be the 1942 Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman Casablanca. If you
have more time what about the 1939 saga Gone with
the Wind with Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable.
Perhaps something more modern. Try Out of Africa with
Meryl Streep and Robert Redford. Wars do seem to
bring out the romance in people as the movie
The English Patient proves.
A slightly different romance movie is Crouching Tiger,
Hidden Dragon. If you haven’t seen this, it is recommended. Again this is a long one so make sure you
have lots of time. A modern classic must be
When Harry met Sally. If you enjoyed this the first time
round, it is just as good the second time and it won’t
make you cry, except for tears of laughter. For those of
you who enjoy action try the Rocky series, and for bit
of sci-fi, the Terminator movies.
Dim the lights, pop the popcorn and cosy up to your
Valentine for some romantic viewing, whatever you
choose to watch.
Grand Edition 10
February 2010
of them all
Who’s the most
Romance can be the stuff of dreams
but not everyone finds their true
love, and if they do, the fairytale
happily-ever-after is not always
He did the unbelievable – he gave
up his throne for his one and only
love. The King of England proposed
to Wallis Simpson just a few months
after being crowned. But the country disapproved and Edward, refusing to give up Wallis, abdicated the
throne instead. The couple married
and lived in France in exile –
happily ever after.
The man who was a cardinal
in Rome, a violinist, magician,
diplomat and spy during his life is
famous for not one of these activities. Instead Casanova’s seduction
of the opposite sex is what we
remember him for. His autobiography, published by himself, is to thank
for this. However if you think badly
of him, remember this: he said that
a woman’s conversation was at least
as captivating as her body.
Also in France, but not with the
fairytail ending, was Edith Piaf. She
began her famous singing career,
singing for pennies on the street.
She was discovered by a cabaret
promoter and she soon shot to
stardom with her throaty voice.
Her great love was Marcel Cerdan,
a world middleweight boxing
champion. He died in a plane crash
in 1949. It is said that her romantic
song Hymne a l’amour, was sung
for him.
The most romantic man on earth
must have been King Edward VIII.
Elizabeth Taylor was also hung up
on a man – not once, but twice. The
actress with the violet eyes
met Richard Burton on the set of
Cleopatra. Despite being married,
not to each other, the two could
not resist each other and fell in
love. They married as soon as
they could, but divorced in 1973
after a passionate – good and
bad – relationship. However the
passion between the two would
not die and so they remarried in
1975. Unfortunately it did not last
long and they were soon divorced
Maybe not romantic in many
people’s eyes, but Vatsyayana’s
Kama Sutra is in truth about fulfilling relationships and a guide on
courtship and marriage in the
Indian society at that time. In fact
the manuscript is a tribute to the
Indian god of love, Kama (hence its
name). Today, though it is considered the ultimate love manual and
has been translated into hundreds
of languages worldwide.
Proudly GrandPrivé.com
by Danette Breitenbach
by Danette Breitenbach
The ultimate
Valentine’s Day
While Valentine’s Day is the most romantic Day of the year, be careful you don’t
spend your time running around trying
to create the perfect evening.
So first don’t leave it to the last minute,
but plan ahead of time. The last thing
you want is to be one of the more than
50% of people who purchase their cards
only six days before the big day. Never
mind not getting a reservation in your
true love’s favorite restaurant or tickets
for that new special Valentine’s movie.
Apart from this, planning ahead means
you will be able to add those personal
touches to your evening to make it
extra special. And speaking of which
how about a gift? Instead of buying
something really expensive, why not
give something more personal. So frame
a picture of you and your Valentine.
Try your hand at poetry and write a
poem for them. Scrap booking is very
popular and you could make a card, or
even a book of photos. These days most
photography outlets offer a photo book
service – in fact many are on-line. Add in
your photos and some text and you will
have a beautiful gift for your loved one.
We suggest you also make dinner at
home. Prepare your Valentine’s favorite
dinner. After your meal you can try out
some of our great Irish coffee drinks
on page 16 – 18. To round it off try out
some of the old romantic favorites (see
pages 37 – 42). With GrandPrivé.com offering a 75% Match Bonus on Valentine’s
Day to all players, you and your Valentine
will be in playing heaven.
Grand Edition 10
February 2010
And don’t forget our great Valentine’s
Day promotion (see page 44 – 45).
Send your dream Valentine Day to us
– whether it’s an Indiana Jones style
adventure, or drinking wine in Paris
watching the Eiffel Tower light up as
night spreads over the world’s most
romantic city – we want to know. Spread
the love around and send in your idea
of the most romantic, adventurous, and
fantastic Valentine’s Day getaway and
we’ll make it happen.
Cupid – According to
legend and mythology, if
cupid’s arrow strikes you,
you will fall in love with
the first person that you
see. A Greek word meaning
desire, cupid, symbolises
the madness and intensity
of love. In Greek mythology
he is the son of the Goddess
of Love.
Perhaps you will be alone on Valentine’s
Day or are one of the many people who
are anti-Valentine’s Day. This movement
is growing year-on-year. Well, find some
like-minded friends and get together
for dinner and Irish coffees anyway. If
you prefer to celebrate or anti-celebrate
alone, buy yourself a delicious treat,
whip up an Irish coffee for one and log
onto GrandPrivé.com – remember the
75% Match Bonus.
Also, as part of our love(ly) Valentine’s
Day promotion tell us which game you
have been secretly eyeing and admiring
and why and we’ll give you a mutual
love bonus in return. (My bet is on Lara
Croft receiving lots of Valentines from
secret admirers…) New game or old,
it doesn’t matter as long as it’s your
Remember we’re always here for you
and with our great Valentine’s Day
specials online, you’ll be sure
to be celebrating soon.
Proudly GrandPrivé.com
by Danette Breitenbach
The greatest
gift of all
So while most of us would settle
for a nice dinner, her then-flame
George Clooney gave Sarah Larson
a romantic night – in a US$40,000
hotel suite. Something more functional like a mobile phone is a good
present so Jay-Z gave Beyonce a
platinum cell phone.
But this present must take the cake
(or is it horse). Courtney Cox once
gave husband, David Arquette, a
carousel horse.
The greatest gift however must be
the Taj Mahal. Built by Shah Jahan,
Emperor of India (1628 to 1658) in
honor of his wife, Mumtaz Mahal,
his favorite of three queens. The
construction of the Taj Mahal began after her death and her coffin
lies at the center.
These are the top 10 gifts to
give… if you can afford them
1. Bombardier Global Express XRS executive jet – US$48 million
2. Phuket private island in Thailand – $23 million
3. Renee Strausse for the Bride diamond encrusted wedding dress
– $12 million
4. Neil Lane sapphire and diamond necklace and diamond
drop earrings – $2 million
5. Tiffany & Co. 7.5 carat diamond and platinum engagement ring
– $845 000
6. SSC Ultimate Aero sports car – $654 500
7. Honma 24k gold and platinum plated golf clubs – $52 938 per set
8. Fendi Pink Crocodile Spy Bag – $25 700
9. Golf round at Sandy Lane in Barbados – $1 265
10. Bling h20 water – $40 per bottle
Valentine’s Day is the traditional day on which lovers express their love for each
other by sending Valentine’s cards, flowers or chocolates. Or so you would think. But
as always there are those in the world that just take it that step further
(probably because they can afford to…)
Grand Edition 10
February 2010
Proudly GrandPrivé.com
by Delia Woker
Enjoy hassle-free
There are millions of transactions taking place
on the Internet everyday. You can buy anything
your heart desires and more, but people still
want the reassurance that it’s safe to provide
personal information online
The best way to combat this anxiety
is to find out all you can about the
casino you are about to play with
and make sure you are familiar with
how eBanking works. Our Customer
Service Department is outstanding and the agents are more than
happy to talk you through the finer
points and help you understand any
terms you may be unfamiliar with.
Get more bang for you
buck with easy e banking
options – its easy, practical
and secure – there’s
nothing to it.
Online gaming may still seem intimidating to some, but it’s actually
easy, practical and, most importantly, secure. You can enjoy hassle-free
gaming and explore a new world
of online possibilities with
eCash is also an option well worth
considering. It’s also known as web
wallets and provides a secure and
convenient way of managing your
online banking funds. The processing occurs in real time, which means
there is plenty of extra time to keep
playing without having to worry
about the details. Especially if you’re
not Bill Gates and still want to know
that you’re playing safely.
You can make use of your
Mastercard or Visa at any of our
casinos. Mastercard is one of the
world’s most well-known, widely
accepted payment options and is
a preferred method of payment for
many a seasoned player. Its
Grand Edition 10
popularity and ease of use makes
it our preferred method of transaction.
Internet security is something
GrandPrivé.com has built its reputation on. We have impenetrable
February 2010
firewalls in place and hackers might
find breaking into Fort Knox easier
than hacking into our casinos. And
if that wasn’t reassuring enough
our Fraud and Risk Team sleep with
one eye open. All the time! They’re
diligent and vigilant guards and
nothing escapes their beady and
ever-watchful eyes.
Nothing should stop you from
getting the most out of the things
you love in life. And fun is essential
to life and there is no reason
why you shouldn’t be
having the time of your
life with GrandPrivé.
com simply because
of an unfounded anxiety
about online banking.
There’s a whole world
out there for you to
explore and we’re
here to help you
make the best
of it.
by Delia Woker
by Delia Walker
We have set up an Escalations point for players to
ensure that any financial or cash related queries are
responded to and resolved as quickly and efficiently
as possible. We pride ourselves on exceeding expectations and pursuing excellence by constantly challenging our own levels of service.
A personal touch
to online gambling
Customer service is right at the heart of GrandPrivé.com!
Online gambling is unique in that we are using a new
medium to play games that have been around for
decades. And their appeal has not been lost over time.
If anything technology has made it possible for more
people to enjoy their favorite games from the comfort
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Our players game with us because they like our
brands, the player support department and our unique
promotions. Most of the players say that even if they
play at other casinos, they always come back to GrandPrivé.com.
The reason for that is the personal interaction we have
with our players which is vitally important to us. We’d
like to get to know each and every one of you and we
Grand Edition 10
February 2010
will be making some important adaptations to our
Customer Service division to further facilitate this.
You are a discerning player and know what you
like and how you want to be treated. But being a
competitive player in top form you still wonder if
there is something more you could get out of our
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If you have any questions or queries about bonuses,
our Loyalty Club or competition information, call our
player support staff.
We here at Customer Service would like to challenge
you to let us know if you have experienced superb
service or if you have anything to add to help us help
you get the most out of your gaming experience.
Drop us a mail at [email protected] or give us a
free call on:
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3D at home
by Roy Johnson
Green shoots
Green initiatives are very topical – without even
mentioning Copenhagen or the movie Avatar – and, in this issue,
we look at green gadgets and the green impact of gadgets
Clean air in the home
Pedal power from MIT
Cleaning up the air around this
planet is a major mission but,
as the green movement says:
“think global, act local”. For
your own health at home or
even in the office, you might
want to look at air purifiers –
especially if you are exposed
to printer fumes or anything
else that isn’t good to breathe.
Sanyo has brought out a small
device called the Air Washer
Plus. At about US$250, it isn’t
going to break the bank to
stay healthy. It uses electrolyzed water and a HEPA (high
efficiency particulate air)
filter to get rid of bacteria,
odors, spores and unhealthy
It’s not news that the
Copenhagen Climate Change Conference
was a bit of a disappointment. That aside,
one item that really didn’t get enough
coverage in the press was an innovation
from researchers at MIT – the Copenhagen Wheel. This is a special wheel for your
bicycle that stores kinetic energy when
you are moving and charges batteries
that will give the bike a push, through a
built-in electric motor, when you need it.
This might not be the best thing if you
really want the exercise and it won’t be
allowed on the Tour de France. But it
does connect via Bluetooth to a mobile
phone – there is already an iPhone application for this – so you can monitor
speed and distance. The application will
also display pollution and traffic conditions if you are in an urban area. It should
be coming on the market this year.
Grand Edition 10
February 2010
The other big thing at CES 2010 is 3D TV. Obviously, this
has received a major boost with the phenomenal performance of James Cameron’s Avatar at the box office
– the first movie to fully explore 3D as more than just a
gimmick. It seems a safe prediction that 3D at home will
be the next big thing, and it has an oblique impact on
green issues. The upcoming 3D TVs will use a bit more
power than older LCD or plasma screens, but won’t
lead to a climate catastrophe. Standards for 3D Blu-ray
have been agreed – no VHS/Beta wars this time – and a
number of manufacturers will soon be launching players and TVs. So you can make a green saving in another
sense by holding off on buying that new equipment
until later in the year. Samsung and Sony are just two of
the big names involved. Both have information on their
websites. and
Easy filtered water
You can save some money and get a convenient
supply of healthier water by using a filtration
system. The downside has been that it’s a process
that is almost as much hassle as making coffee –
just to get a glass of water – and you can’t carry
it with you. The Hydropal filter water bottle gives
you portable, healthy water that is cheaper than
bottled water – and it doesn’t result in millions of
hard-to-recycle plastic bottles being produced.
A nice touch is that the Hydropal has about 35%
recycled plastic content anyway. For about US$20,
this is an investment in convenience and the environment anyone can afford.
Tablet PC: the sequel
Tablet PCs came out a long time ago and, like the Segway, they didn’t take over the
world, but they found a niche market. More recently, netbooks made a bigger impact.
The key features are portability, size and enough functionality to handle e-mail, browsing and multimedia. Touch screens, speech recognition and easily readable text display
are popular features, thanks to things like the iPhone and Kindle. But we are still looking
for the one device to rule them all. Big at the Consumer Electronics Show 2010 (CES),
held recently in Las Vegas, are the latest tablet PCs, sometimes called slate PCs – and
Apple announced a device in this league, the iPad. On the green side, these purse-sized
machines use very little power and don’t chew up resources during manufacturing, like
the bigger laptops and desktops. Plenty of companies have products in the pipeline
and you can get an idea of what will be on offer looking at PC World’s coverage of
CES 2010.
February 2010 –April 2010
by Linda Shaw
Your gambling horoscope
21 March – 19 April
The planets have shifted and you’re more
powerful than you’ve been in ages.
February brings intuition and a natural
instinct for places and times to excel. The
career is going superbly and the love life
improves towards the end of February.
Extra luck is available – 12 to 20 and 26 to
28 February. Gamble with enthusiasm on
those days. By 10 March your ruling planet
returns after a three month absence
to fuel your many fires. Do you go with
impulsive wildness or courageous determination? Your choice. Either way, you’re
confident and ready to experiment. Watch
your gambling choices on 11, 12, 25 and
26 March. For the rest, success and courage
zoom you through April in a mad whirl.
What you lose one day, you win twice on
the next. Money is flowing, love is settling
into a comfortable space and energy is
pumping. One more thing: watch yourself
after 18 April. The intellect collapses, leaving you with fantastic instincts but very
little common sense. Take a breath before
choosing your moves.
Lucky numbers: 1, 2, 16, 18, 22
Lucky gems: amethyst, diamond
Grand Edition 10
February 2010
20 April – 20 May
Gamble with someone you like. The planets
are helping you win through others – which
means, of course, asking for help. Once you
get past that hurdle, though, you’ll find you
enjoy the company. Besides, there’s more
than enough to share – especially after
25 February, when the energies shift into
a place of abundance and good fortune.
Your career improves after 10 March, when
you finally understand what you want. At
last, you’ve discovered that self-sacrifice
doesn’t make either you or them happy.
Which is not to say you can’t help out with
the odd worthy cause in March – as long as
you choose something that touches your
heart. Gambling goes especially well after
20 March and into April. Even so, watch your
instincts after 18 April. They slow down for
three weeks. So plan your actions carefully,
or ask your ever-present partners to help.
If nothing else, you’ll reach May with many
more friends – and even lovers – than you
had before.
Lucky numbers: 2, 8, 14, 28, 44
Lucky gems: coral, emerald
21 May – 20 June
This is a great feeling. You’re career’s taking off, and every
move you make shoves you higher up the success, ladder. Your gambling tunes into the ‘can’t lose’ mood and
encourages you to play your hand. Before 18 February
you can include travel and exploration in your itinerary.
If you’re learning new skills, pick something that excites
you. Nothing boring or tedious will flourish now. The key
to success is adventure. By 10 March, you’re unstoppable
– so much so that your health takes a short dip, just to
give you a break. Rest when you can. There won’t be many
opportunities. By April, some of the heavier planets are
causing drama at home, but not enough to pull you off
track. You’ll have to watch yourself after 18 April, or your
decisions will be too impulsive to be useful. Other than
that, you can’t lose. In fact, you won’t lose.
Lucky numbers: 7, 17, 25, 33, 35
Lucky gems: agate, aquamarine
21 June – 22 July
You’re ambitious, successful and right on form.
Opportunities chase after you, refusing to go
away. Your love life is sparkling, and your friends
are patient with your strange ways. In fact, it’s
been a long time since you’ve had this many
friends. Gambling is the cherry on top. With this
level of confidence, everything you touch turns
into more cherries. There’s even a chance of a
new business partnership. Then, with the glow
of February and March still in your smile, the few
April dramas will sail past unnoticed. You’ll barely
flinch. Besides, there’s enough money – and luck
– in March, to make up for the rest. And sure, April
will need some work. But you don’t mind working
– especially when it’s for such a good cause.
Lucky numbers: 8, 9, 22, 28, 30
Lucky gems: moonstone, pearl
23 July – 22 August
Finally. You’re beginning to understand your own worth – and behave as though
you deserve the best. This is when Leo is at its best – not arrogant, just quietly
confident. Now’s your chance to begin again. If the others won’t back you, you’ll
find your own way. But they probably will. So whether it’s a new gambling
strategy or a fantastic deal, you’re the one raking in the rewards. Of course, the
relationships may need some work, but you have the light-hearted foolishness
of February to play with those. The luck planet is on your side for most of the
year, focusing all its attention on growing your money. And sure, there’ll be an
occasional glitch, which you’ll sail through unscathed. Make the most of a time
specially designed for you.
Lucky numbers: 1, 2, 5, 8, 28
Lucky gems: amber, yellow diamond
Proudly GrandPrivé.com
by Linda Shaw
23 August – 22 September
You’re not Superstitious type. But for February, and maybe March, you’ll need all your lucky
charms, secret tricks and interesting hideouts on standby. Gambling for now is secretive,
solitary, and very slightly wicked. Your instincts are extraordinary and your only stumbling
block is that fabulous intellect that always over-analyses. For now, don’t think. Just act. Sure,
everyone thinks you’re weird, but there’s nothing new in that. From 10 March, your social
side re-emerges. You’ve forgotten how much you like to be with people. Needless to say,
though, you’re easily bored. Stick with games that hold your interest and demand your
input. The slots simply won’t do it for you. And don’t drink while you gamble. Alcohol interferes with your instincts. April brings new career opportunities and a different approach to
your games. Hold back after18 April, when your confidence takes a dive for a while. Other
than that, when in doubt, whisper one of your secret spells – and jump.
Lucky numbers: 3, 4, 12, 17, 22
Lucky gems: agate, jade
23 September – 22 October
Prosperity and all good things
get your year off to a sparkling
start. Don’t dwell. Take your winnings and turn them into bigger
winnings. Your risk management
techniques serve you well this
year. Also, if you’re single and
looking to commit, Februay
would be a perfect time. Watch
all business and gambling partnerships before 10 March, when
the courage to say ‘no’ sets your life on a better road. Meanwhile, someone is keeping something from you and it’s about
to come out. Prepare your forgiveness speech in advance. In
March, people close to you make money. Be happy for them.
The rewards will spill into your life. April tests your love life. If
you want to hold on to it, say so. Not everyone’s a mind reader,
you know. Meanwhile, take regular breaks – to gamble, run
round the block, clear your head. Your energy is easily contaminated. Detachment and privacy are the keys.
Lucky numbers: 6, 7, 14, 23, 35
Lucky gems: chrysolite, opal
Grand Edition 10
February 2010
23 October – 21 November
You’ll have to be at your charming best now, if
you’re hoping to get your own way. The planets
have turned away from your
needs, and focused on the
people in your life. Not a
problem. Gifts, luck, money
and opportunities come from
them – provided you behave.
Your love life, on the other
hand, is a separate entity.
It’s taken on a life of its own,
bringing romance and magic
of the kind fantasies are
made of. March continues in
the same vein, bringing intimacy and commitment,
especially after the tenth. Gambling is better than
ever, slowing down on 18 April after which planning and strategy are needed. February pushes all
your buttons, calling for trust and instinct to override logic. But behind each moment, love persists
– and grows. And that’s what keeps you sane.
Lucky numbers: 4, 15, 17, 22, 31
Lucky gems: bloodstone, topaz
20 January – 18 February
February wants you home, behaving yourself. So much
so, that the planets have arranged for money to be
made there. For once, you’ll have to gamble alone,
unless you can get the family to join in. That shouldn’t
be too difficult since your love and family planets are
fantastic, bringing romance, surprises and interesting
invitations your way. By 10 March, you’re working like
a dog, with barely a thought for your own needs. In
fact, if you get a week off, consider yourself lucky. But
if you’re looking for work, there’s lots
to be had. Still, you’d better grab your
chances while they’re there. April is
complicated, bringing confused communications (after the 18th) , broken
promises and unearthed secrets. But
with that wonderful detachment,
you’ll understand and forgive before
you’re even asked.
Lucky numbers: 8, 9, 20, 26, 28
Lucky gems: black pearl, obsidian
22 November – 21 December
Health and fitness are important if you’re hoping to survive
the madness of the next few
months. The planets have all
shunted forward, shoving you
into the kind of action you’d
forgotten existed. Prepare to be
excited as opportunties, offers
and invitations arrive at your
door. No excuses allowed. Your love planet moves a little
slower, giving you time to catch your breath. February
is for deals, gambles and investments. March and half of
April bring romance and excitement – with just enough
conflict to hold your interest. You’ll need to make some
changes though – or, by 18 April, they’ll be made for
you. Explore the parts of your life you’re ready to release
and toss them out, one by one. No need for panic. This
will be fun.
Lucky numbers: 2, 3, 4, 12, 16
Lucky gems: turquoise, onyx
22 December – 19 January
Career and money are swimming along – at last. By 10
March, you’re at the top of the
tree, able to name your terms.
Your finances are up and
you’re learning what it means
to have your dreams come
true. Still, there are consequences to success – exhaustion, lack of time for yourself, strained relationships. Finding
some balance will be your greatest challenge. Oh, and take a
nap when you can. By mid-March you’re more
interested in fun and travel than in love and responsibility.
And you take your laptop with you everywhere. Finally, gambling has become fun – the best way to get what you want.
April brings relationship problems as the communication
planet abandons you – from the 18th, for three weeks. Dig
deep and find that inner charm. You know it’s in there.
Lucky numbers: 1, 12, 21, 27, 28
Lucky gems: sapphire, black diamond
19 February – 20 March
The planets are shifting, after weeks of paralysis. Projects
on hold start moving again, as money and work become
key figures in your life. Not that you’re left out of the social
scene – by any means. You’ve never felt so popular, and,
if there’s any time left, love will certainly follow. Unlikely
though, since you hardly have a moment to draw breath –
just the way you’ve come to like it. Passion is key, and you’ll
have to find yours. Money, meanwhile, floats in by
28 February, and throughout March and most of April, so
gambling schedules will need attention. Even so, don’t
spend it before you’ve got it. Debts can mount if you ignore
your budget. April is confusing
after the 18th – calling on your intuition to make your choices for
you. Success is the key to growth.
After each one, tell yourself this
is just the beginning. Because
it is.
Lucky numbers: 3, 4, 19, 22, 26
Lucky gems: amethyst, clear
Proudly GrandPrivé.com
by Giselle Willcox
Going Green
Giselle Willcox has found that green is the new black
If irony were a color, my guess is that
it would be green.
Because green is often the very
opposite of, well, green.
I mean, having green fingers means
you’re good at gardening, with the
word “green” closely related to the
Old English verb “growan”, meaning
“to grow”. But being green also refers
to someone who is, ironically, not
growing. You know the term,“green
around the gills”? Well, sickness is
where green is also at. As well as jealousy – think “green with envy” – and
inexperience. So if you have green
fingers or a green thumb, you are
on top of your game. But if you’re a
greenhorn, you’re inexperienced and
have lost the game altogether.
Green is a symbol of nature and
in many cultures represents good.
Green is a symbol of Ireland or the
“Emerald Isle” while in Thailand, the
color is lucky for anyone born on a
Wednesday. In China, its association
is with the east, with sunrise, life and
growth. Fertility, life and rebirth – all
of it is linked with green. In Ancient
Egypt, the Egyptian god Osiris was
Grand Edition 10
even depicted as having green skin,
green symbolizing resurrection and
Or so we thought. Because while
green, for some, means life and
hope, it means the very opposite for
others. Like sickness and death. And
the devil. In Michael Pacher’s 15th
century painting, Saint Wolfgang and
the Devil, the devil is, you guessed it,
green. Green has been linked with
witchcraft and evil for its association with English folklore fairies and
spirits. I mean what color are Spiderman’s villains? You got it, baby. Green.
In the Celtic tradition, green clothing
was avoided for its association with
misfortune and death. And in British
culture – where green cars, wedding
dresses and theatre costumes are all
And then if you thought the color
green referred to the color green,
well, not so. I mean in Perisan, the
word for green can also mean “black”
or “dark”; in Persian erotic poetry,
dark-skinned women are described
as “green”. And many Asian languages
have no word to distinguish blue
February 2010
from green. Plus, the Thai word for
green doesn’t just mean green. It
also means “smelly” – and all sorts of
other unpleasant things!
How ironic also, that this symbol
of environmentalism, of saving the
planet, is also the symbol of money
– and greed! The US one dollar note,
like all other American dollar bills,
has historically been green. Hence
the term “greenback” for cash.
Which means that green is everything from Irish to blue to black.
Making green anything but. Right?