ISL - Arts Research Abroad (ARA) Award

ISL - Arts Research Abroad (ARA) Award
The ARA award generously covers up to 70%* of program and flight expenses for
students accepted into an approved 2015 International Service Learning (ISL) course.
ISL ARA courses are for 3rd and 4th year Arts students who meet the course criteria who
wish to enhance their academic studies through a 3 month international placement related
to the course. This is an amazing opportunity to lower the financial barrier while making
the most of your degree.
Deadline is fast approaching –apply now!
How does the funding work?
For Example:
If the program is $3800 and the flight is $2000, successful applicants would be awarded $4060!
The ISL program fee covers all preparation & re-entry sessions, in-country support as well as room
and board.
$3800+$2000=$5800 X 70%= $4060 Awarded
Learn more about the award eligibility criteria here.
What ISL ARA courses are available for 2015?
3 Courses are open for applications until November 23, 2014.
1. Partnerships for Participatory Development: SOCI 435
6 credit course to better understand how applied research can promote social change, in this case
by supporting the design, implementation, and assessment of development projects. This course
explores how social research can be employed in international projects for community-based
development where collaboration and reciprocal learning are central to the research process
Placements available in Kenya & Uganda
2. Psychology and Developing Societies: PSYCH 417A
3 credit undergraduate course designed to introduce students to the application of psychology to
global development initiatives. Students will explore the diverse contributions that psychologists
may make to global development and examine topics that foster cultural sensitivity and respectful
collaboration in diverse cultural contexts.
Placements available in Uganda, Swaziland, South Africa
3. The Economics of Sustainability: Communities, Markets & Technology. ECON 492C
6 credit course aimed to both deepen and broaden students' understanding of the process of
economic development as it affects poor communities in Africa and Latin America. In particular,
students will explore the problems and concerns of developing communities in relation to ways that
resilient, healthy communities are able to create sustainable livelihoods, to support rather than
deplete the local or regional environment, and to build local economies that ensure the well-being
of all community members.
Placements available in Uganda, Swaziland, Costa Rica, Bolivia
*Students with demonstrated financial need will be considered for up to 100% award support.
For more information contact: [email protected]