November 18 / 2014, Dubai
8.00 – 8.45:
Registration and Welcome Coffee
9.00 – 12.30:
Plenary Session
Welcome and Introduction. Nordine Aamchoune, Area Director Middle East & Africa. BMC Software
BMC Strategy & The New IT. Paul Cant, Area Vice President Southern EMEA Region. BMC Software
Platinum Sponsor: DEVOTEAM
Special Guest Speaker. DAVE CRANE.
Customer Awards.
Paul Cant, Area Vice President Southern EMEA Region. BMC Software
Rabee El Mohammadi, Territory Manager. BMC Software
“NEW Everything” – MIS & BMC. Rania Maatouk, Marketing Manager. Al Moammar Information Systems Co.
12.30 – 13.50:
13.50 – 17.00:
Breakout Sessions (see next slide for details)
17.00 – 19.00:
Drinks Reception
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The New Remedy User Experience – My IT and
Automation Passport – Strategic
Smart IT.
Guidance on Implementing
13:50 - 14:20
Karim Mawlawi, Senior Software Consultant.
Automation. Alastair Walker, Director
Cyril Gobrecht, Software Consulting Manager.
BMC Software
14:20 - 14:50 MIS presentation
Remedyforce: Next-generation IT Service
14:50 - 15:20 Management on Saas Platform leader.
DCA Sales. BMC Software
Customer Case Success
Devoteam presentation
Sebastien Zins. Salesfoce
Workload Automation as an
TrueSight: The future of BMC
Application Management
Performance & Availability is HERE!.
Platform with Application
Pushpak Pradhan, Lead Product
Integrator. Thomas Wagner.
Management TrueSight.
BMC Software
Principal Software Consultant WLA.
BMC Software
Customer Case Success
Storage, Monitor, Optimize,
Automate. Bertrand Martin, CEO.
Customer Case Success
BMC Software
Sentry Software
Coffee Break
15:20 - 15:50
Combining years of ITSM experience and the
15:50 - 16:20 best PAAS platform: RemedyForce.
Haissam Hassan, Senior Software Consultant.
BMC Software
Accelerate Application Delivery
Taking availability to the next level: with Workload Change
Intelligent Compliance —
Manager and Simplify
Introducing Data Analytics.
Establishing Trust in the Datacenter.
Milan Mihic, Software Consultant.
Application Monitoring with
Steve Terry, Lead Technical Marketing
BMC Software
Workload Archiving.
Consultant. BMC Software
Thomas Wagner. Principal Software
Consultant WLA. BMC Software
How to right size your environment
A peek into the future of the Remedy ITSM
Trusted Cloud — A Hybrid Cloud That
Bringing Hadoop and the
Suite - The strategy and roadmap for 2014 and Is Built to Last. Patrick Plewes, Area VP with BMC Capacity Optimization.
Enterprise Together.
16:20 - 16:50
Paolo Romagnoli, Senior Software
WorldWide Cloud/DCA Presales. BMC
Thomas Wagner. Principal Software
the future. Cyril Gobrecht, Software Consulting
Manager. BMC Software
16:50 - 17:00
17:00 - 19:00
Consultant. BMC Software.
Consultant WLA. BMC Software
Drinks Reception
* Please see next slide for abstracts.
Breakout Sessions abstracts
Empower the End User
The New Remedy User Experience – My IT and Smart IT.
With the recent trends in social, mobile, and analytics, user expectations have increased dramatically. End users expect the same experience inside their organization as they get as
customers when accessing services. And what about IT users? Just like customers, they deserve an amazing user experience that is intuitive, intelligent, and elegant and
personalizes customer support and increases first call resolutions. Come see how BMC is bringing ITSM to a new experience.
Combining years of ITSM experience and the best PAAS platform: RemedyForce.
Come see how combining the world's most widely used cloud platform with years of experience delivering ITSM solutions enables you to deliver to deliver complete IT service
management functionality with the secure social, mobile, and collaborative capabilities users expect.
Remedyforce: Next-generation IT Service Management on Saas Platform leader.
Remedyforce began by bringing the leaders in IT management together to create the next-generation of IT Service Management. As a strategic partnership, BMC Software and
Salesforce have joined forces to bring customers Remedyforce the new IT Service Management in the Cloud.
A peek into the future of the Remedy ITSM Suite - The strategy and roadmap for 2014 and the future.
Come hear about BMC’s ITSM vision and strategy for the future that is based on helping companies innovate their IT service management practices to achieve better business
outcomes. By re-inventing and leveraging new technology and new interactions, you can increase efficiencies in services delivery while amazing and delighting both business and IT
Performance & Availability
TrueSight: The future of BMC Performance & Availability is HERE!.
BMC TrueSight fuses industry-leading performance, availability, and capacity management solutions to deliver end-to-end datacentre management, monitoring, analytics and an
effective autonomic experience. TrueSight solutions help you tune your entire IT environment through system and event analysis and management. Improve performance,
utilization, and uptime with actionable reporting and analytics all in a single pane of glass. Gain business insight to optimize your IT environment now and in the future.
Taking availability to the next level: Introducing Data Analytics.
BMC is extending the capabilities of the BPPM solution to help IT solve problems faster without expertise in every silo. Come to this session to learn how with IT Data Analytics you
can get to faster problem resolution by adding correlation of machine data/log capabilities, improve root cause analysis and rely on predictive capabilities to resolve similar
How to right size your environment with BMC Capacity Optimization.
On average 60% of storage is under-utilized and servers average only 14% capacity. How do you get a clear view into your data centre resource consumption to optimize your
resources and predict future needs. Advanced analytics model ideal configurations of complex data centre environments - Physical, virtual, cloud and mainframe - for optimal
performance and resource allocation. Capacity Optimization Analytics forecast saturation points of your resources, so you can plan future capital expenditures when you need them
and not before.
Breakout Sessions abstracts
Plan, Build and Run Your Cloud and Data Center
Automation Passport – Strategic Guidance on Implementing Automation.
Automation is one of the few IT initiatives that can immediately pay for itself with hard-dollar savings in operational costs. Yet, even this is a far from ambitious view. Implemented
strategically, automation can deliver far greater business value by dramatically improving time to market; reducing the overall cost of your IT infrastructure; and radically reducing
security and compliance risks.
This session will focus on the BMC Automation Passport, which organizes automation into multiple solution areas—for example, Provisioning & Configuration; Patching &
Compliance and Cloud Services—each demonstrating increasing business value over multiple automation levels. This phased approach enables the orderly deployment of
automation and ensures that each individual automation project can be used to justify the next.
Participants in this session will leave with:
A full understanding of the different approaches to deploying automation in a strategic way.
A framework for assessing their own organization and determining the best next steps for their specific situation
Examples of how other BMC customers utilize automation strategically to improve time to market, reduce costs and increase security and compliance
Intelligent Compliance — Establishing Trust in the Datacenter.
Many of the problems in addressing IT security and compliance can be traced back to the gap that exists between the Security function and the Operations function: the SecOps gap.
The Security team adopts or defines policies, and based on the results of an audit, requests changes to be made to bring the environment into compliance. The Operations teams is
responsible for making those changes, but their first priority is the performance and availability of the systems, and they know that change is dangerous. To control that danger, IT
Operations teams have processes to manage change - but all too often, these introduce delay.
The result of this misalignment is a delay in addressing vulnerabilities and compliance gaps, which in the worst case can lead to security breaches and compliance failures.
Intelligent Compliance is an approach that closes the SecOps gap, reducing companies' window of vulnerability by giving both Security and Operations teams what they need: rapid
remediation of compliance issues, with full operational control and governance.
Trusted Cloud — A Hybrid Cloud That Is Built to Last
To fully realize all the benefits of cloud computing for your business, you need to deliver a cloud that is trusted. ITSM change management, a common service catalog, and
management database (CMDB) are essential for ensuring that your organization can trust your cloud infrastructure. In this session you will learn:
• Why change management and the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) are essential to successful enterprise cloud computing
• How you can avoid compliance drift, server sprawl, missed SLAs and failed audits
• The benefits of managing your entire IT footprint holistically with one ITSM solution
• Extending your ITSM governance processes to cloud computing
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