Frank Diamond

‘Lean on me’
“I have come to give you life, life in
all its fullest.”
Throughout my life I have always
wanted to try and make a difference in
the lives of others. I worked as a
Missionary in Nigeria, Zambia and
Tanzania for 8 years and in Youth
Ministry/retreat work in Ireland for 5
years. The art of story-telling from my
lived faith experience is the technique I
use in delivering a message of hope and
inspiration. I am passionate about the
service I can offer and I always do my
best to make it as enjoyable, yet thought
provoking as possible through the use of
my guitar, songs and sharing personal
Like the Irish proverb “Mol an oige agus
thiocfaidh si” my approach is to
“Encourage the youth and they will
Frankie D
Emersion Experience Service
Using established contacts, I can facilitate
overseas project work for groups of up to
25 students /teachers in African
developing countries.
Retreat Details & Price
Retreats can be delivered to groups of up
to 150 students without assistance from
the teachers and can be held either in the
school or at another venue. Daily rates
can vary in terms of numbers and location
but approximately €6 - €8 per child will be
applied with a minimum fee of €350.
Contact Details
I offer nationwide coverage and for
further information on services provided
please feel free to contact me on:
Phone: 0863340238
Email: [email protected]
Spiritual Retreat
Coordinator & Motivator
Retreat discussion topics
can include:
Positive self-esteem
Faith in action
Well-being and keys to
Friendship and relationships
Service to others and overseas
Forgiveness and positive
mental health
I am also a member of the Motiv8
Performance Excellence team and as
part of a team, the five areas Motiv8
Team Development
Leadership Development
Motivation and Mental
Executive Performance
Wellbeing and Energy
“We at Motiv8 are delighted to be
collaborating with Frankie D and his
extensive portfolio of life experience both
in Africa and in Ireland. Our motto of
‘Our mission is your potential’ links in
with Franks’ ethos and passion to make
the world a better place and “Be” the
change to make it happen.”
Enda McNulty (Managing Director)
“Our mission is your potential”