February 6 – 9, 2014
Welcome! The ACTS team is so pleased to welcome you as one of the retreatants to the St. Peter
parish Women’s ACTS Retreat. Thank you for saying “yes” to God’s call inviting you to know, love
and serve Him better. Mark your calendar for February 6-9 for a wonderful weekend, an
opportunity to renew your spirituality, to strengthen your faith and its application in your daily life
and to build lasting friendships and parish community.
The retreat begins Thursday evening, February 6th with check-in at 6:15 pm at St. Peter in the
church lobby. At that time, registration will take place and any remaining retreat fees will be
collected. (Your check can be made out to St. Peter). A brief service will take place at church and
your family and friends are invited to attend. Transportation will be provided to and from the
retreat center, located in Frontenac. A light supper will be served at the retreat center.
Dress for the weekend is casual: jeans, sweats, and tennis shoes are quite appropriate – whatever
is comfortable for you. Make sure to bring a sweater or sweatshirt as the meeting room can get a
bit chilly. You will want to bring an outfit for Mass on Sunday. Please bring a coat & comfortable
walking shoes - the grounds at Mercy Center are beautiful and you may want to spend some time
outdoors. You will need toiletries, any medications, robe and slippers and extra towels and
washcloths if desired (one set is provided). All rooms have a private bathroom. You are also
encouraged to bring spiritual reading and any other items that might make your room more
We ask that you immerse yourself in the weekend and that you not bring radios, TVs, CD
players, laptops or cell phones. Also please note that the ACTS retreat is an alcohol-free
The retreat will conclude at the 11:00 a.m. Mass on Sunday at St. Peter, and again, transportation
will be provided. Please invite your family and friends to attend this “coming home” celebration.
The retreatants will sit as a group at Mass. Mass will be followed by lunch in the Parish Center
with your family and friends and the ACTS community.
The emergency phone number at Mercy Center is (314) 966-4686. My co-directors’ cell phone
numbers are Sarah McCaffrey (773) 301-7585 and Kay Strebeck (314) 378-5290. Please give
these numbers to your family, but ask them to use them only in case of an emergency.
The balance of $145 will be due on February 6th at check-in, but if you’d like to submit
earlier, please send your check to the church office at Ursuline Hall. PLEASE NOTE:
difficulties should not prevent anyone from attending this retreat. If you wish to
about a scholarship, please call me at the number below or Linda Doyle at Ursuline
Hall at
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call me at (314) 221-9949. If for any reason, your
situation changes and you are unable to attend, please let us know as soon as possible, as we have
other parishioners on the waiting list. We look forward with great joy to serving you. God bless
you as you prepare to spend time away from your family and daily responsibilities.
Bonnie Kreutz
Your sister in Christ,
Retreat Director
and your ACTS Retreat Team:
Lynn Abeln-Meyer, Teri Appelbaum-Viano, Candy Behl, Josie Bommarito, Martha Caldwell,
Kathleen Carmody, Peggy Clodius, Julie Council, Melissa Elli, Kristen Figge, Cheryl Flaherty,
Diane Foy, Sharon Hartman, Carol Herre, Anne LaBarge, Lynn Lang, Joyce Lavin, Anne Loida,
Sarah McCaffrey, Mary McEvoy, Roe Monrotus, Brenda Moore, Katy Muldoon, Mary Nigh Sara
Padin, Mary Raizman, Jane Shea, Becky Skaggs, Kay Strebeck, Joan Turnure, and Msgr. Jack