Detailed Rules and Information

It’s Time!
January 26th - March 8th (6 weeks)
3 Informational meetings: Thursday 7 pm (Jan 8th, Jan 15th, Jan 22nd)
Registration: $149 through 1/11, $159 through 1/18, $179 after 1/18
All membership fees are additional.
1. Nutrition
• Nutrition is an absolute KEY to Weight Loss. You will be provided with your own copy
of the book “Eat-Clean Diet Recharged!”
2. Follow one of the recommended meal plans in the “Eat-Clean Diet Recharged” book (42
pts total)
• Receive 1 pt for each day you follow the meal plan in the book (NO cheats, NO
• Record the number of days every week you followed the plan exactly on the Weight
Loss Challenge Board at Killer B Fitness.
• Challengers who are serious about seeing results will follow the plan exactly for the
entire 6 weeks. (all 42 days)
• These points will be based on the “Honor System” since we will not be following you
around outside of Killer B Fitness. Be true to yourself and to your fellow challengers.
Stay committed and you will see the results you are after!
3. Calories Burned During Workouts (42pts total)
• All exercise calories must be recorded with your heart rate monitor.
• Killer B sells the Garmin vivofit which will meet all your needs.
• Women will receive credit for up to 3,500 cal/week. (total of 7pts/week (1pt/500cal))
• Men will receive credit for up to 4,900 cal/week. (total of 7pts/week (1pt/700cal))
• You are required to report all your WORKOUT calories according to your watch on the
Weight Loss Challenge Board at Killer B Fitness by Wednesday at 7 pm of each week for
the prior week (Monday - Sunday). If you are out of town, then simply email
[email protected] with the number of calories you burned by Wednesday at 7
pm and you will still receive credit.
• Do not report the total expenditure calories throughout the day. We only want to know
the calories you burned while exercising.
4. Weekly Weigh ins (18 pts total)
• The first and final weigh ins are mandatory to complete the challenge.
• 3pts are scored for each weekly weigh in.
• You will receive 3 points regardless of what the scale reads.
• You must weigh in between Monday and Wednesday in order to receive points
5. Weight Loss (unlimited points)
20 points are scored for each 1% of body weight lost
Points will be updated weekly based on your most recent weigh in.
6. Inches Lost (unlimited points)
• Measurements will be taken around the belly button, hips, left upper arm and left mid
calf during week 1 and week 6.
• 5 points are scored for each 0.25 inches lost.
7. Pictures (no points, but mandatory)
• You are required to submit a before picture electronically that was taken within a week
of the start of the challenge. Send a high resolution portrait to
[email protected]. It must be a full body image with the following guidelines:
front view include your face, full upper body, arms, and legs. No hats are allowed. You
can get creative, but you must follow the guidelines. We will take a photo of you
during week 6.
8. Posts on the Killer B Fitness Eat Clean Weight Loss Challenge Facebook Page (18pts
• Join the "Killer B Fitness Eat Clean Weight Loss Challenge Facebook Page https://
• 3 points will be scored each week if you complete the "Post"
• The posts are meant to be quick, fun and help keep everyone engaged. Example: "Post
an eat clean recipe that you tried and would recommend to others."
9. Teams (No points, highly recommended)
• Let us know if you would like to team up with your friends.
• We will be creating 4 teams only. The teams could be 8-15 or more people.
• Your team will help keep you motivated and accountable.
• We will have weekly updates on the team standings.
• We will have overall and team winners.
10. Team Challenges (4 Team Challenges worth 5 points each person per challenge)
• The challenges are meant to be fun, keep you motivated and help you engage with
your team.
• The challenges will be group activities, (not necessarily workout related), and not every
member of your team needs to be present for your team to receive points. However,
the more team members you have present on the challenge the more points the team
will receive.
• Points will be awarded to each individual. The teams points will be calculated by
adding up all the team members points.
11. Potlucks and Award ceremony
• There will be an eat clean potluck on the first Thursday after the challenge starts
(January 29th at 7 pm). Hint: this could be your first team challenge. All dishes must be
accompanied by a complete recipe card for others to take a photo of. This will be a fun
social night where you can meet everyone in the challenge.
• There will also be an eat clean potluck and awards ceremony on Thursday March 8th at
7pm. Individual and team winners will be announced and we will hear some great