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Veterans Corner New and Material Evidence
A veteran may reopen a
finally adjudicated claim
by submitting new and
material evidence. New
evidence means existing
evidence not previously
submitted to the VA.
Material evidence means
existing evidence that, by
itself or when considered
with previous evidence,
relates to an unestablished
fact necessary to substantiate the claim. New and
material evidence can be
neither cumulative nor
redundant of the evidence
of record and must raise a
reasonable possibility of
substantiating the claim.
New and material evidence received prior to the
expiration of the appeal
period, or prior to the
appeal decision if a timely
appeal has been filed, will
be considered as having
been filed in connection
with the claim which was
pending at the beginning
of the appeal period.
Once a decision is made,
if VA receives or associates
relevant official service
department records that
existed and had not been
associated with the claim
when VA first decided the
claim, VA will reconsider
the claim. These records
records that are related to a
claimed in-service event,
injury, or disease; additional service records forwarded by the Department of
Defense or the service
department to VA any time
Health Matters
after VA's original request
for service records; or
declassified records that
could not have been
obtained because the
records were classified
when VA decided the claim.
This does not apply to
records that VA could not
have obtained when it
decided the claim because
the records did not exist, or
because the veteran failed
to provide sufficient information for VA to identify
and obtain the records.
The Kings County
Veterans Service Office
issues Veteran I.D. cards
to honorably discharged
veterans. Contact Joe
Wright if you would like
to receive periodic veteran's information by email.
By Rina Patel
toms for pancreatic cancer
occur late, such as yellowing of the skin, loss of
appetite, nausea, weight
loss, pain in the abdomen,
etc. Many researchers
today are still trying to
find a path for a better
prognosis, but this may
take some time.
There are many state and
federal benefits and programs available to veterans and their dependents.
To find out if you are eligible for any of these benefits, visit or call our
office. We can and will
assist you in completing
all required application
forms. You can get information on the Web from
Veterans Service Office
webpage at
Joe Wright, retired Navy
Master Chief Petty Officer,
is the Veterans Service
Officer for Kings County.
Send your questions to the
Veterans Service Office,
1400 W. Lacey Blvd,
Hanford, CA 93230; call
[email protected]
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Pancreatic Cancer
Beverley hillbillies star
passed away due to a
deadly cancer, pancreatic
cancer. Pancreatic cancer
is a disease in which
malignant cells originate
in the tissues and structure
components of the pancreas. The pancreas is a
very important organ vital
for life, as it is strategically located behind the
stomach; it secretes many
enzymes and hormones.
The enzymes secreted
into the intestine helps in
the aid of digestion of
food, and the hormones
like insulin are secreted
into the bloodstream to
maintain a normal blood
sugar level. Pancreatic
cancer is a very aggressive
type of cancer, making the
because by the time it is
diagnosed the cancer has
already spread to surrounding structures.
Pancreatic cancer is
also very much resistant to
a lot of the medications
when treatment is given,
making it that much harder for a complete cure. The
American CancerSociety
reports that only about
23% of patients with cancer of the exocrine pancreas are still living one
year after diagnosis. Only
about 4% are still living
five years after being diagnosed. Many of the symp-
By Joe Wright
As many of us remember, Steve Jobs was also a
victim of pancreatic cancer. As medicine is
improving and growing,
we can only expect the
outcome of pancreatic
cancer will one day
change to an optimistic
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