Class: XI
1. What physical meaning is attributed to the square of the absolute
value of electron wave function?
2. Arrange in the increasing order of metallic character
K, Al, B, Mg.
3. Give the values of temperature and pressure at S.T.P?
4. Arrange in the increasing order of non-metallic character
Si, B, C, N, F.
5. Write IUPAC name and symbol for an element having atomic
number 105?
6. Write cell representation in which the following reaction take
place.Zn+2Ag+---> Zn2++2 Ag
Which of the electrode is negatively charged?
7. Critical temperatures of two gases A & B are at 293K & 267K
respectively. Which is more easily liquefiable? Why?
its Ksp at this
8. Solubility of AgCl is 1.06X10-5Mol/L. What is
9. What causes temporary and permanent hardness of water?
10. Complete the equation
CH3COONa+NaOH ------Æ
11. 32g of Sulphur will react with 32g of Oxygen even if more than 32
g of Sulphur is available. Which law of chemical combination does
it illustrate? State the law.
12. What is Bohr radius? What is its value?
13. Draw the resonance structures of
14. The size of weather balloon becomes large as it ascends
up into altitude. Assign reason?
15. What is Boyle temperature ?
16. Liquid NH3 bottle is cooled before opening the seal. Assign reason?
17. Using s, p, d, f notations describe the orbital with following number
(a)n=1, l=0 (b)n=4,l=2
18. SiCl4 can be hydrolysed, Why?
1 IISR Worksheets/XI/Chemistry/2014‐2105
19. Name the law given by the mathematical expression
20. C2H2
Identify A & B.
21. Identify the isomerism exhibited by the following pairs.
a) Pent – 2-ene and pent-1-ene
b) 2-methyl propane and butane
22. Write the chemical reaction of the following
a) Borax is heated strongly
b) Al is treated with dil. NaOH
23. The combustion of 1mole of Benzene takes place at 298K and
1atm. After combustion CO2 and H2O are produced and 3267KJof
heat is liberated. Calculate the standard enthalpy of formation of
Benzene? ∆
of CO2=-393.5KJ/Mol and ∆
of H2O=-
24. Dichromate ion oxidises Fe2+ in to Fe3+ and Cr3+ion are also found
in acid medium . Balance this equations.
25. How will you explain the formation of Balmer lines in the emission
spectra of hydrogen?
26. What are Silicones? How are they prepared? What are its uses?
27. Calculate the degree of ionization and
Of a 0.05M NH3 Solution?
The ionization constant of NH3 is 1.77X10-5 .
28. How is Sodium carbonate prepared by solvay process?
Write the chemical equations involved?
29. Describe the hybridisation in PCl5? Why the axial bonds are longer
than equatorial bonds in PCl5.
30. Derive the relation ∆H =∆U+∆nRT for gaseous reaction.
31. Find the relation between ∆H and ∆U for the reactionN2O4Æ2NO2
32. Lithium salts are commonly hydrated than other alkali ions. Why?
2 IISR Worksheets/XI/Chemistry/2014‐2105
33. Hydroxides and carbonates of Sodium and Potassium are easily
soluble in water, while corresponding salts of Ca & Mg are sparingly
soluble in water. Why?
34. BeCl2 is soluble in organic solvents. Why?
35. Enthalpy of hydration of alkaline earth metals decreases down the
group why?
3 IISR Worksheets/XI/Chemistry/2014‐2105