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At this juncture in time there are an increasingly large number of God’s people who are
suffering from unresolved problems; problems which cannot be resolved by making
snap judgments, giving pat answers, or by
using “strong-arm” techniques to get them to
fit and function in a certain type of legalistic
mold. These and other faulty methods which
tend to be accompanied by uncharitable
attitudes, words, and actions have all too
often characterized much of what has passed
for “counseling” in our conservative
reformed circles. God’s suffering children do
not need the type of counselors Job encountered in the trouble filled chapter of his life;
counselors who, although well meaning, did
not understand his case, gave wrong
prescriptions, and wrongly framed providence. They need counselors who genuinely
care enough about God’s people to receive
the training that is necessary to effectively
bring God’s truth to bear in their lives in such
a way as to provide encouragement, hope,
understanding, correction, and guidance in
the midst of their problems.
The Biblical Office of
Elder is a
Counseling Office!
March 26, 2015
An Introduction to Reformed
Biblical Counseling
Lecturer: Dr. Jeff L. Doll—IRBC
What We’ll Do (D.V.)
During the first session we’ll discuss some
of the biblical principles that serve as the
foundation of a model of counseling that is
distinctly reformed in nature.
During the second session we’ll begin to
explore the process of biblical counseling.
Practical, easy to employ steps that you
can utilize as an elder will be discussed
during this portion of our time together.
Where We’ll Meet
The Cornerstone URC located at
6442 - 36th Avenue, Hudsonville, MI.
What You’ll Get
Who We Are
Reformed theology practically applied
to the subject of biblical counseling in
a lecture style that is challenging and
easy to understand.
IRBC’s identity can best be understood by
looking at our governing principles:
Each participant will also receive their
own personal copy of Look up To
Reach Out: Suggestions, Spectacles,
Steps, & Scripture References for an
Effective Counseling Ministry.
This short volume discusses the three
indispensable marks of a godly leader,
the type of “spectacles” we must look
through to properly understand the
problems people are facing, and some
helpful steps to take when counseling
others. Also included is a scripture
reference section which contains key
verses for constructing your own
counseling reference repository.
The majority of the volume is adapted
from the Diagnostic, Prescription,
and Teaching Manual for Biblical
Counselors; the text used for our basic
counseling training class.
2. Jesus Christ utilizes the divine medium of
Scripture to cure the hearts of God’s people.
This Spirit-inspired medium (2 Timothy 3:16)
is practically ministered by Christ to those in
need as members of His body (in cooperation
with the Holy Spirit) understand and apply
Scriptural truths to counselees’ hearts.
3. The Word of God is not dependent upon the
collective knowledge of man which is
propagated under the designated fields of
psychology, psychiatry, or sociology. The
Word of God stands alone. It alone is sufficient
to meet the needs of God’s people.
4. Stating that the Bible is sufficient to meet
the needs of God’s people does not mean to
imply that knowledge obtained from the aforementioned fields should not be utilized in
counseling. What is being conveyed is that in
the Bible, God has given us a perfect standard
for judging all other knowledge. The
knowledge disseminated in the various fields
must be checked or read through the lens of
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6442 - 36th Avenue
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attend the event free of charge with at
least one elder registration. Pastor registration is required for planning purposes.
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Counseling is provided at the Shepherd’s way
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1. Jesus Christ, the Wonderful Counselor
(Isaiah 9:6), is the best counselor for God’s
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