Spring Ring - Handbell Ventures

Spring Ring
Saturday, April 11, 2015
(Bay Area Intense Ring begins Friday, April 10)
Dear Bell Directors and Ringers,
The 25th Spring Ring is coming in
April, and we hope you’ll be there!
We’ll miss Dave Ruder and Carol Smith, but Handbell Ventures has
stepped forward to take this event on and make sure ringers can continue to enjoy a great day of ringing, workshops and a wonderful concert.
Valley Church has graciously agreed to host us
Valley Church
again this year, and all we need now is YOU!
Our guest conductor this year is Lee Afdahl. Lee has
been a church director of music and organist for 40
years. As a handbell musician, he is frequently a conductor and clinician for conferences, workshops and
church music conferences, and has conducted local, area, national and international handbell events.
Lee has served the Handbell Musicians of America as
Michigan Chair for Area 5, as Chair of Area 7, and is past president of the na-
10885 No. Stelling Road
Cupertino, California 95014
Bay Area Spring
Ring information
can be found online:
Kathy Arnold, Registrar
[email protected]
Phone: 650.962.0375
tional board of the organization. He has represented the organization as a conductor at the International Handbell Symposium, is an active organ
recitalist, and is a published composer and arranger of handbell and
Early Bird Registration (by February 15, 2015)
choral music with over 60 compositions and arrangements in print.
Per Ringer
$ 35 10% discount!
This year’s spring ring attendees will be in good hands!
10 or more
$ 315 10% discount!
We are grateful that Valley Church is willing to continue to allow the
use of their facility at a cost that is still affordable. As usual, all ringing, workshops, and special concerts are included in the registration fee. We suggest registering early so that you can be assured an
optimum space on the floor and we can plan for the best workshops
and enough equipment.
This event is endorsed by Handbell Musicians of America.
Regular Registration (by March 31, 2015)
Per Ringer
$ 39
10 or more
$ 350
Late Registration (after April 1, 2015)
Per Ringer
$ 45
Intense Ring
Per Ringer
$ 25
After April1, 2015
$ 30
Handbell Ventures: 2015 Bay Area Spring Ring
HANDBELL STORE (8:30 am - 3:45 pm)
Once again Mel and Gail Tully of West Coast Handbell Supply will bring their wonderful handbell store with music and
all kinds of other handbell related goodies. They will open
early on Saturday for perusing and stay open during the day
until the last break. They will have copies of the Spring Ring
repertoire available for order in advance of the event and extra copies at the event in limited supply.
CLASSES (more details online soon)
There will be fascinating workshops for beginning, intermediate and advanced ringers, as well as for directors. Classes
include a duet class with Handbells Unlimited!, meet the conductor, a reading session, a Malmark maintenance session,
four-in-hand basics, and a special track for youth.
CLINICIANS (more details online soon)
Class clinicians at this time are Lee Afdahl, Handbells Unlimited! (David Jordan and Beth Davidson from Portland), Dolores
Rhoades, and Barbara Walsh.
2015 Spring Ring Schedule
Friday, April 10
7 pm-10 pm Intense Ring Rehearsal I
Saturday, April 11
8 am Setup of Ringing Room
(help with setup is always welcome)
Handbell Stores Opens
8:30 -10 am Registration
Ringers May Start Individual Table Setup
9-10:30 am Intense Ring Rehearsal II
10:30-11:30 am Classes I
11:30 am-12:10 pm Lunch and Solo Rehearsals I
12:15-12:45 pm Noon Concert featuring Handbells Unlimited!
1-2 pm Massed Rehearsal I
2-2:15 pm Break and Solo Rehearsals II
2:15-3:15 pm Classes II
3:15-3:45 pm Break
3:45-4:45 pm Massed Rehearsal II
4:45-5:45 pm Announcements/Closeout Shopping Bags/
Intense Ring Rehearsal III
5:45-6 pm Concert Prelude: Messiah Brass
6 pm Final Concert
(help after the concert is always welcome)
The Intense Ring workshop participants will perform
selections at the evening concert at the discretion of director Lee Afdahl. Those who register for the Intense Ring should
come expecting to perform the pieces rehearsed during the intense ring sessions.
Groups registered for the spring ring are invited to apply to perform a solo number at the evening concert. Contact the
registrar if you are interested. Please note that not all groups may be able to perform—participation will depend on concert
length and number of applicants.
Ringers may stand (or sit if chairs are available) in the audience to watch the solo performances.
Guests (non-registrants) are welcome at the evening concert for a donation of $5.
Ringers should bring their own quick lunch or purchase nearby. There are many places to eat near the church during lunch
time and after the concert. Eating lunch on the church campus is acceptable. Some have even had pizza delivered!
You may wish to bring a snack to eat before the final concert or plan a trip to a nearby restaurant after the concert since it
will be around dinner time (7 to 7:30 p.m.).
Groups may begin rehearsing solo numbers as early as they arrive, but all rehearsal spots need to be scheduled at the
registration desk upon arrival.
During the breaks there are opportunities to munch on goodies, so please bring a snack to share. There is also time to shop
for music and related items at the handbell store and spend time socializing with other handbell musicians.
Your registration will be confirmed via email shortly after it is received. Your early registration will help us have enough
reading packets for the reading session and plan for class size. The later you register, the less likely it is that we can guarantee space on the massed ringing floor.
Handbell Ventures: 2015 Bay Area Spring Ring
2015 Spring Ring Repertoire
West Coast Handbell Supply
[email protected]
Jeffers Handbell Supply
[email protected]
Fanfare for a Celebration, by Lee Afdahl
Choir I, Level 3; Choir 2, Level 2*
National Music Publications, NMHB609
Grazioso, by Arnold Sherman
Level 2+
Red River Music, RRHB0042
Note: Copied music is NOT permitted at this event. It is illegal to
copy music. You must purchase a copy of each piece of music.
Bwana Asifiwe, by Cathy Moklebust
TABLE RENTAL: $1/foot of table needed
Joy and Celebration, by Lee Afdahl
If you’re unable to bring your own tables, you may rent some for use
at Spring Ring. The small rental fee of $1.00 per foot is used to help
with custodial fees. However, it will help us if you are able to bring
your own tables.
There will be a table near the registration desk for directors and
participants to put out music that they no longer want. Feel free to
help yourself from this display. In addition, various groups may wish
to advertise a concert or services, etc. Feel free to display your
materials or brochures in this area.
Because of equipment needs for classrooms,
we can always use extra bells and foam. If
you are able to bring equipment for use in the
classrooms, please let Kathy Arnold know when
you register and make a note on your registration form. We will provide a small honorarium
for handbell use, depending on the number of
octaves ($10/octave). Some of the classes may
require moving bells from the massed rehearsal
space to the classroom. We will confirm classroom needs, so please bring bells if requested.
If participants bring light snacks, it will help everyone to get through the long day and help to
keep costs down. We will provide drinks such as
water and sodas during break times, but would
appreciate snacks such as fruit, crackers, cookies, etc.
Feel free to check the Spring Ring web site:
or contact the registrar if you have more questions. And make sure to come ring with us! We
want Spring Ring to continue for another 25
years and for that to happen, we need YOU!
Refunds requested prior to February 15, 2015
will be refunded in full. Cancellations between
February 15 and March 31, 2015 will receive
a 50% refund. Registrations cancelled after
March 31, 2015 will not be refunded.
Level 3+
Level 2
Choristers Guild, CGB367
AGEHR, AG35297
*Please play the choir version that is appropriate for your choir
Intense Ring Repertoire
And All Shall Clap Their Hands, by Lee Afdahl
Level 3+ From the Top Music, FM20227
Veritas, by Kathleen Wissinger
Level 4 Choristers Guild, CGB587
Rockin’ Jerusalem, arr. Lee Afdahl
Level 3
Shawnee Press, SPHP5407
2015 Bay Area
Friday, April 10 (7 to 10 pm) and
Saturday, April 11, 2015 (9 to 10:30 am)
Dear "Want to be Challenged" Ringer,
It's the 9th year of the Intense Ring that accompanies the Bay Area Spring
Ring, and we welcome Lee Afdahl as our conductor. Lee has conducted at area,
national and international handbell events, as well as choral workshops and
church music conferences. He has represented the United States as the conductor at the International Handbell Symposium. Intense Ring participants will
be in good hands!
We are excited to offer the Intense Ring at the same rate as last year: $25/ringer.
If you have not participated in this event before, it is a chance to play music at a
more advanced level than you might experience with your home choir under a
seasoned director. You will work the pieces up to performance level in only two
days, with 4-1/2 hours of straight rehearsal, and a run-through right before the
concert: it's intense! But if you love to ring, it's also very fun!
To register for this event, simply fill out the additional Intense Ring form, pay
the $25 fee and submit it to the registrar. Assignments will be made as much in
advance as possible, but no later than February 1. We want you to have plenty
of time to prepare the music. Order your music as soon as you send in your fees.
Once you have your music and receive your assignments you can get started
making sure you really know your part.
There are no classes involved with this additional activity—just ringing. Fill out
the form, wait for confirmation, and enjoy!
3790 El Camino Real #162
Palo Alto, CA 94306
2015 BAY ARE A
Spring Ring
Saturday, April 11, 2015
(Bay Area Intense Ring begins Friday, April 10)
Register Now!
Spring Ring
Saturday, April 11, 2015
(Bay Area Intense Ring begins Friday, April 10)
Valley Church
10885 No. Stelling Road
Cupertino, California 95014
Registration information enclosed!