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February 2003
T h e Standing B o n f i r e
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Libby Peruchini
Christopher Stahl
Hello all ‘92s! Happy New Year to you all. I have officially taken over the Standing Bonfire for Siobhan Keenan,
who graciously volunteered her services for a long while. I am sad to report that this year, we lost our 9th ‘92 –
Justin Firestone. Kerry Zimmerman is working to set up a memorial for all of our departed classmates. Justin
was a close friend of mine, and he had a heart of gold. Justin always inspired me to always pursue knowledge
about far away places, history, the classics, art, architecture, etc. I would encourage you all to never stop
learning and appreciating life. Justin’s passing also made me realize that sometimes we forget the important
things in our lives. We are all getting married, living in cities near and far, having kids, changing careers, etc. It
becomes harder and harder to keep in touch with our ’92 friends, yet memories of each other won’t fade away.
I know some of the best people you have met have been at Dartmouth so let’s try to stay in touch with each
other so that we can watch each other become “adults”! – Heej
------ NOTES FROM ‘92’s -----Shelley Bennett “Bruce Ellis and I got married on Sept 1. With
30 Dartmouth alums in attendance, we had a fabulous time. The
reception was aboard the Berkeley steamship in San Diego and
no one jumped overboard. We must be getting old! We highly
recommend a Tahitian honeymoon--very relaxing and romantic.
Bruce is finishing up his MBA at UCLA, and I'm an attorney at
SAIC in SD working on M&A transactions. We spend much of
our free time (unsuccessfully) training our 2 dogs to stop digging
craters in the yard! We look forward to Sung Choi and Lei
Wang's nuptials this coming Memorial Day weekend.”
Katherine M. Brown “As usual I have been off the scene for
months on end, performing on keyboards with various groups
both in Jamaica and in the U.S.-NYC and Miami. I formed my
jazz band this summer. It’s really fun, fulfilling and a lot of hard
work! Yet I somehow find time to practice medicine. (Yes, I’m
still a medical doctor!) between rehearsals and gigs. More later.”
Katherine Aires Byrnes “I’m happy to report that I had a baby
girl (Natalie) on 7/27/02. Reunion was fun despite being 35
weeks pregnant. Potter, my 2 year old, thoroughly enjoyed
himself-geez there were so many kids. Full-time motherhood has
its perks-I can’t be laid off! We see Val Worthington a lot in
Mark A. B. Carlson “My wife Emily just had a baby boy,
Elijah Parkes Carlson (6 lbs. 4 oz. & 19.5 in.) on January 11th.
He was born three weeks early. In fact, 30 minutes before the
start time for the baby shower that Caroline Horn was throwing
for Emily in San Francisco.”
Sung Choi “I’m getting married over Memorial Day weekend in
Santa Fe, NM to Lei Wang (Princeton ’92). We met working
together at the New England Medical Center, where we are both
physicians. We both had a great time at reunion and look
forward to seeing friends at our nuptials.”
The Bennett-Ellis wedding: Alan Zerembo, Lou Bregou, Chris
Bingham, Bill Scott, Jill Blumberg, Whitney Allen, Tommy Butler,
Celia Corkery, Rhodri Davis, Kelly Kruse, Sung Choi, Matt
Semler, Bruce Ellis, Shelley Bennett, Scott Gardner, Greg
Goldfarb, Annie (Pieper) Kaskade, Julie Kenerson, Chitra
Narasimhan, Matt LeBlanc, Ashley Campion ’94, Darius Raji,
David Ellis ’83, Andre Gauri, Melissa Rich, Bill Kipp, Krista Klein.
Nancy DeSa writes in that Christine McCann Jennings “gave
birth to a baby girl Arden on December 26, 2002.”
Jill Dixon “Jeff Dixon and I had a wonderful time seeing
everyone at reunion. I was impressed with how child-friendly it
was. Our daughter had a great time. We are doing well in
Seattle. Jeff is at Amazon.com and I am busy with our 2 year
old. We are expecting our second child next spring. We don’t fly
east often but stay connected through West Coast alumni events.
Looking forward to our next reunion!”
Jeff Givens “My wife, Sarah, and I are expecting our first in
Jan. and look forward to life with baby. I continue to enjoy CA
and, despite a career change into real estate, still find some time
to enjoy morning surf sessions before heading to work. I keep in
touch with: Dave Mckeand ‘Starky’ is back east working with
AOL in Virginia; Jeff Barker is an attorney in Colorado
Springs; and Bill Corts is at Duke getting a PhD in something
way beyond my comprehension. That’s all from Surf City!”
Todd Gorman “Greetings from the Northern Tundra. I
completed med school (Cornell ’96), then residency in Internal
Med at Mass General, where I met my wife, Nathalie Turgeon
(an infectious disease MD). A Quebecoise, Nat convinced me to
move north to Montreal where we live with our daughter EmmaGabrielle (D’23) and baby #2 (D’25, gender NA), due in Feb.
I’m starting a fellowship in critical care, having done primary
care work for the past 3 years. Gregory York and Kelly
McMann are both doing well in Ohio. Kelly is working as a
professor in the gov’y dept of Case Western Reserve Univ. while
completing her PhD at U. Michigan. Greg is working in
biochemistry while completing his PhD at MIT. Scott Miller is
soon to marry Lisa Cosimi (Cornell ’91). Scott continues to
design robots and surf year round and Lisa (a physician at
Brigham and Women’s) keeps him healthy. Thanks!”
Caroline Harris “Nina Weber Neulight and Joe Neulight
(D ’91) had a baby girl, Olivia Skye Neulight, on Jan 7, 2003.”
James Brodbelt Harris “I enjoyed seeing old friends at the
reunion, as well as all the new faces, wives, husbands and
children. I look forward to many more reunions.”
Howard E. Jeffries MD “has been appointed to the staff of the
Pediatric Critical Care Unit at Children’s Hosp. of NJ at Newark
Beth Israel Med Ctr. Jeffries, who lives in New York City, most
recently served in Pediatric Critical Care for Valley Presb. Hosp.
in LA, the division of Emergency Transport at Children’s Hosp.
of LA. He received his medical degree from Tulane Medical
School in New Orleans.”
Ashley Roberts Isé “Thought I’d send an update! Our new
daughter, Lindsey Tyler Acklin, arrived June 24th, joining big
sister Natalie (now 2). I left my job as VP-Legal at Raymond
James investment bank and am ‘on sabbatical’ from working for
a while. My husband Jon (Wharton ’87) works for Citigroup in
Dallas, TX, so I single parent during the week.”
Hee Jung (Heej) Ko “I am little behind in contributing news!
Got married Oct. 7, 2000 to Jim Doughman (D’85). Since he
attended Dartmouth before I did, it was ironic that we met
through mutual Dartmouth friends back in ’95. Between us, we
had Dartmouth alumni classes ’83-’95 at our wedding!
Highlights included Kristel Dorion, Deborah Koh and Sabine
Clark (D’91) as members of my wedding party. Honeymooned
in Provence and now we live in a great apartment in the East
Village. Don’t go out as much as I used to (do you notice that
your liver just won’t take it anymore?) but I still enjoy exploring
New York. Recent ’92 sitings: Just saw Kristel in Nov, who
popped up from her new home in Arlington, VA to run the NYC
marathon. When not jetting to South Africa, Brazil, Costa Rica
and Scotland to adventure race, she works in DC managing
energy renewal projects. Deb Koh keeps Kristel company in
Arlington, where she is programming some kind of code for
some three-letter agency (I have tried to get it out of her but she
says she would have to kill me if she said!). Anne Kobayashi is
a hard-working attorney at Davis Polk and Wardwell in NYC.
Just saw a bunch more ’ 9 2 s and ‘91s over the holidays,
including Jay Harris, Steve Schlemmer (and wife Tanya),
Jenny Wesselmann, Linda Chung and Mike Arad.”
Allegra Kochman “In addition to practicing architecture here in
NYC, I'm competing in an International Latin Ballroom
competition - the Manhattan Amateur Classic at Columbia U.
next weekend - where I'll be wearing hot pink and false
eyelashes, so watch out!!”
H. Merrill Matschke “I finished my residency in urology at
Northwestern in June 2002. Instead of actually getting a job that
pays decent money, I am moving to Houston for a year to
complete a fellowship in Male Reproductive Medicine Surgery
(Male Infertility) at Baylor. Beginning in July, I hope to begin
practicing in the same group as Kris Atzeff in Lake Forest, IL.”
Andy Peay “Just released our first wines! I’m out hustling and
preparing to build a winery in Sonoma County. Recent ’92
sitings: Ben Wang is in L.A. getting his PhD in
Ecology/Ornithology. Chris Schin is a proud father of a
beautiful girl, Madeleine. Joe Bizarro still swims with the
fishies in Monterey. Alan Shabel studies evolutionary bio in
Berkeley. I live across the street from David Stern and his
family (recent addition is cute as a bug!). Ben Farrell married a
fine lass, Tanya, and works in public relations in S.F. Karen
White ’91 just got hitched at a raucous event in Tahoe. Jeff Cole
’91 splits time between NYC and SF still chasing the dot.com
dollar. Taylor Keen ’91 works for the Cherokee in Tulsa while
he sees the engaged Kevin Brown often. And if any of you are
interested in fine wine and want to learn more, email me or
check out our web site: [email protected] Cheers!”
Libby Peruchini writes: “Anita Reithoffer was married Dec.31
2002 to John Tucker, Jr. (‘Jay’) in Maine in a lovely 1890s
summer lodge. Her bridesmaids included Christina Caroe
Wunderle, Molly Benz Cindy Hansel Sherlock, and me! The
wedding transformed into a fun New Year's eve party complete
with hats and horns. After the honeymoon, Anita and Jay will be
living in York, ME. Cindy Hansel was married in Oct 2002 to
Michael Sherlock in Concord, MA. ’92s in the bridal party:
Christina, Anita, and Molly, who all live in Arlington, VA.”
Carolan Magnoli Prisco “My husband and I moved into a new
house on Labor Day and a few days later, I was in labor! Our
first child, Samantha Eve, was born on Sept. 5, 2002. What do
you think–Dartmouth Class of 2024?”
Elizabeth Ptacek “I'm living in Pittsburgh with my husband,
Chris, our son, Peter (17 months), and our two dogs. Not sure
how we ended up here, but we're enjoying it. I'm working in real
estate finance at PNC.”
Anita A. Reithoffer (Anita R. Tucker) “Hello everyone! It’s
been a busy fall. I recently was part of Cynthia Hansel’s
wedding along with Christina (Caroe) Wunderle and Molly
(Bradley) Benz on Oct 12 in Concord, MA. Her new husband,
Michael Sherlock, and Cindy had a beautiful wedding and then
flew off to Greece for their honeymoon. It seems weddings are
in the air. On New Year’s Eve, I will marry in Yarmouth, ME to
a long time friend, Jay Tucker. We are looking forward to
celebrating the New Year with family and friends and then off to
Hawaii to relax.”
Margot Sharapova “Hello from California! This fall we packed
up the kids and headed west to San Jose. If you’re in the Bay
Area, shoot me an email: [email protected] I miss snow,
but I suspect I’m secretly enjoying the mild winter. It was great
seeing folks at reunion. -Warmly, Margot.”
Kenta Takamori “We've been transferred back to Tokyo again
in August. I'm still with Goldman. Our daughter Mika just
turned 5 in December. I can't believe how fast she is growing up.
She is going to an English-language Montessouri school, but she
is picking up Japanese as a second language very quickly now
that we're living in Japan. I miss NYC a lot.”
The Hansel-Sherlock wedding: Molly (Bradley) Benz, Anita
Reithoffer, Jennie Bracken Jaffee ’94, Cindy Hansel Sherlock,
Laurie Gill ’91, Dave Voss ’90, Christina (Caroe) Wunderle, Laura
(Stack) de Ramel ’94. Not Shown: Libby Peruchini .
Jamie Rosen “The biggest news is my engagement. For
everyone reading the newsletter, it's just another engagement.
But when you're on this end, it's pretty major, and very exciting.
Knowing that our engagement was a possibility, I dragged my
fiancee Jeanine Strickland with me to reunion. We look forward
to being wed sometime in the fall. We'll have a small intimate
family wedding in CT in Sept., then a more celebratory bash
with friends at a surf/eco/low-key adventure resort in Mexico. I
envision a ceremony with friends on the beach in top hat, tails,
and surf trunks. We'll see if my vision comes to fruition! More
exciting news–a handful of ’92s – Frazier Miller, Kate Stone,
Marianne Bocock, Evans McMillion and partners – are
heading to Ecuador to visit Joaquin Ribadeneira in February.
And that's the news from Berkeley, CA.”
Gregory R. Rush “has been named CNC’s assoc. publisher and
COO. Rush, who joined CNC in 2002, will be responsible for
daily operations of CNC, a Herald Media unit that publishes four
daily newspapers, 87 weeklies and numerous specialty
publications in eastern Mass. Rush spent nine years in
investment banking at Sun Trust and Tucker Anthony and two
years in commercial lending at Fleet Boston Financial. Rush and
his wife, Kathleen, live in Wellesley with their three children.”
Andrew Tolson “Lots of changes in the Tolson household. On
Dec 21, my wife, Ingrid, delivered our second set of twin boys,
Solomon and Benjamin. Mommy and babies are doing well. Sol
and Ben’s older brothers, Gabriel and Adam, are ‘excited’ for
the new arrivals. In about a month, we will move from our
rential flat in San Francisco to the house we have been
renovating, in Mill Valley-across the Golden Gate Bridge. I
work at Merrill Lynch, selling equity derivatives to institutional
investors. 10 and a half years! Other than that, everying is just as
normal as can be!”
John Wack “Greetings from Richmond! I’m sorry that I missed
everyone at Reunion, but unfortunately I decided to have my
mid-life crisis this summer. I separated from my wife (a certain
’93) in May, changed employers (I now work as the Revenue
Analyst for the City of Richmond), grew a beard, and got a
tattoo (the word RAGE in red ink, of course). I’m closing in on a
divorce, and have a fair amount of visitation with my young
daughter Julia. I’m certain that wedding bells will ring again in
the near future. Anyways, I lost all my old email files in the
settlement, so anyone who cares to hear the details, please email
me at [email protected] I’ve kept up somewhat with the
following ’92s: Leigh Hubbard, who now lives in Alaska; Joe
Young, now back in San Francisco after hiking the Appalachian
Trail; and Erich Hester, now in Seattle. I lost track of Edwin
Hong when he went back to Europe on a business development
gig, and would love to get contact info for Edwin, Manny
DeLucca, and Greg Schwartz.”
Ali Ward “It’s hard to believe, but I’ve lived in New Orleans for
9 years. Upon the birth of our son Nathaniel (now 2 years), I quit
my job as an attorney for Mondon Market insurers and have
been a stay-at-home mom ever since. My husband, Andrew, and
I are expecting our second child in late January.”
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