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January/February 2015
Volume 2 Issue 2
The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.
Walt Disney
Dear Frog Pond School Families,
I hope everyone had restful and enjoyable holiday break with friends and family. As we enter 2015 many people
set goals for themselves of things they want to accomplish throughout the year. This is also a perfect time for
your child to set their own New Year's resolution. Encourage them to take time to write them down and post it
on the refrigerator. It is so important to teach our children the importance of self-reflection and working towards
social, emotional, behavioral and academic goals. Students need to know that goals should be measurable and
not unreasonable. For instance, you might have those that want to make a goal of "earn 100% in reading for the
rest of the year." That might not be a good choice. We would never expect students to set such a high bar (we
should remind them that learning is life long and that trying their very best is what’s most important). Take
some time to work through exemplary goals. Here are some suggestions from the American Academy of Pediatrics.
Children between the ages 5-12
I'll drink milk and water and limit soda and fruit drinks.
I'll put on sunscreen, stay in the shade when I can and wear a brimmed hat and sunglasses – especially
playing sports.
I'll try to find a team or individual sport that gets me moving (like soccer or karate) or activity (playing tag,
dancing, riding my bike) I like and do it at least three times a week.
I'll wear a helmet when I'm on my bike, scooter or skateboard.
I'll wear my seatbelt every time I'm in a car – or, until I'm tall enough to use a lap/shoulder belt, I'll sit in
the back seat and use a booster seat.
I'll be nice to other kids and friendly to kids who are shy, different or new at school.
I'll never give out personal information online, like my name, home address, school name or phone
number – and never send a picture of myself to anyone I chat with on the computer without my mom or
dad's permission.
Some additional goals that your child can set for themselves related to school are:
Prepare for school before you go to bed. Make sure homework and clothes are set out so you are not
scrambling around in the morning.
Set an alarm early enough to give yourself time to get ready, eat a healthy breakfast (if you don't eat at
school) and get to school ON-TIME.
Make sure you are reading at least 2 steps at home and 2 steps at school. If you free time, read additional
steps that you can bank for a day when something come up and you can't read.
Be helpful to others whenever you have the opportunity, something as simple as holding the door for the
person behind you or picking up a dropped pencil can make an important difference in someone’s day.
Try your best every day to set a positive example, to treat everyone the way you would like to be treated.
Encourage others to try their best, and be supportive. Remember that no one is perfect, including yourself.
I believe the most important piece to taking the time to set a goal is making a conscience, concerted effort to
achieve it. Otherwise, it just becomes words on a page! I look forward to starting the school year with your child
and I hope all your New Year wishes come true!!
Mr. Troy A. Henderson, M.Ed., Principal
Frog Pond Elementary School
Little Egg Harbor, N.J. 08087
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Email: (use the first letter of the first name
then last name in full)
Joseph McDermott
Educational Facilities Manager
Please Note:
For safety reasons, children will
not be permitted to enter the main
lobby until 7:50am.
Mark Your Calendar!
January 19 —School Closed—Martin Luther King
January 30—Early Dismissal for Students
If you are a parent
that drops your child
February 2—Groundhog Day
February 13 & 16 —School Closed—Presidents Weekend
February 18—PTO Meeting 7:00pm—MPR
February 20—PTO Candy Bar Bingo 6:00pm—MPR
off in the morning for
school, please
remember there is
a stop sign after the
drop off zone! We
want to keep
everyone safe!
Also, please do not park
in the fire zone when
picking up or dropping
off your child.
Thank you!
If you have comments and/or
suggestions about this
newsletter, please submit them
[email protected]
Let Us Know
If there is a change in your child’s normal
dismissal procedure, please send a note with your child
or call the main office before 2:00pm. Keeping us
informed allows for a smooth and timely dismissal.
Be Prepared !
Weather permitting, children will go
outside every day for recess.
Please be sure to send your child
to school with a warm coat, hat,
and gloves or mittens.
Book Fair
Scholastic Book Fair will be held beginning
January 30 and running through February 6,
2015. Evening hours will be held on
February 3, from 5:30—7:30pm.
P.I.E. Program
The P.I.E. program allows volunteers to come
into the school to lend a hand where needed. It
may be assisting in a classroom or library,
helping during lunch/recess or with special
programs offered by the school. If you are
interested in volunteering an hour or more of
your time, please contact the Frog Pond School
main office for more information.
Reading Buddies
Once a week Mrs. Sailer and Mrs. Morio's
6th grade class visit with Mr. McAdam's
kindergarten class to buddy read. The sixth
grade students read the stem of the story for
the kindergarten students, and then the
kindergarteners continue reading the story
to their partners. All of the students
thoroughly enjoyed their reading