Pond Engineering Inspections $$

Now offers a new service:
Pond Engineering Inspections
Ponds are not only aesthetically pleasing but also critical in removing pollutants from
the environment and controlling storm water runoff. It is important that these ponds are
regularly inspected for proper operation.
The goal of the Engineering Inspection is to:
 Comply with Water Management District rules
 Identify minor repairs before they become major headaches
 Ascertain that the pond is functioning as designed
 Ensure the pond is properly protecting our environment
We can schedule inspections on a monthly, semi-annual or annual basis. These
inspections will be made by our Professional Engineer who will look for:
Erosion at Inlets
Sink Holes
Control Structure Settlement
Damaged Pipes
Potential Berm Failure
Missing Baffle/Skimmer
Leaking Pipe Joints
Don’t let this happen to your pond!
Cracks and
in January
in June
Catch the problem before it’s too late!
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