TEACH STOP Handout - CAMH - Nicotine Dependence Clinic

CAMH Nicotine Dependence Service
What does the STOP Program mean to the team?
We see STOP as a balance between providing client-centered care and positive
treatment outcomes, while ensuring quality research for thought-provoking and
evidence seeking questions. Underlying all of this is the importance of providing
community support, through collaboration with our partnering organizations and
building capacity for improved treatment outcomes.
What does the TEACH Project mean to the team?
The TEACH Project is an interprofessional knowledge translation initiative with an
objective to ensure that practitioners have the specialized knowledge and skills to
deliver effective, evidence-based cessation interventions to their clients seeking
support for their tobacco dependence.
For each team member, STOP and TEACH have shared and unique meanings
“I'm grateful for the STOP program. I encouraged 3 other
people to attend. One of the 3 has also quit smoking, 1 has cut down greatly and one has not quit but is
going to try again soon and is encouraged by my success. So even if not everyone is able to quit, you never
know having one person quit will affect other smokers
around them. They may be the inspiration one person is looking for. Being on a low income, I would not
have wanted to put money out for NRT in case it didn't
work. Having it provided for me free of charge was one
of the things that helped me decide to take the plunge.
STOP Participant Testimonial
“The core course is comprehensive and enlightening. It
provides each participant with all the tools required
to return to their own workplace and start on this very
important work within their own community. The
design and delivery of the course is very conducive to
learning and all the key ingredients are in place to facilitate individual success after the event in terms of application of the material. ”
Jennifer Blackhall, PHC-NP