this week's newsletter - Waikanae Baptist Church

Knowing God, touching lives
A warm welcome to our church
family this morning. We hope
you will enjoy your time with us
and that God will touch your life
in a new and meaningful way.
Sunday 1st February 2015
Pastor Nigel Scott
[email protected]
Associate Pastor Matt Swank
[email protected]
Children, Families Ministry Don Macfarlane
[email protected]
Community Ministry Don Macfarlane
[email protected]
Roland and Elisabeth would like to thank you all for your prayers, love,
and concern during Roland’s illness. He has now been discharged from
hospital and is progressing slowly.
Doug operation went well and he is also recovering at home. Please
note Jean is in Room 35 of the Lodge, not Room 3 as previously
advised. She will be there for another week.
The former office area is now being converted back to a single meeting
space and should be available for use in the next week or so. This
medium sized meeting space will no doubt prove popular for various
groups so please ensure you book with the office.
Decoration and furnishing of the café area has been put on hold until the
April school holidays. This area will be repainted, new carpet and vinyl
will be laid and some new furniture added including a large screen TV in
one corner.
When: FRIDAY 6 FEBRUARY (Waitangi Day) 10.00 am
Where: In the church café.
If you'd like to be part of the Baptist Mission Fellowship group that meets
monthly to support and encourage those involved in overseas
service with the NZ Baptist Mission Society, you are very welcome to
join us for a time of fellowship, sharing and prayer.
Any enquiries, contact Jill G.
GOOD NEWS An easy way to learn about and keep up to date with
what the NZ Baptist Mission Society is doing in the Pacific and Asia, is
to receive on a monthly basis the NZBMS/BMF Newz and Prayer
There is the option of receiving them by email, at no cost, or in printed
form at $5 per year.
If you would like to receive these publications, or learn more about them,
contact Adele.
Mainly Music for 2015 starts on Monday 9th February. The phone has
been ringing hot as several mums have rung in wanting to join. We have
a waiting list so the popularity of this great ministry for mainly mums and
their kids continues on. The Mainly Music leaders team are doing a great
job and are continuing to serve with passion.
We have placed an emphasis on the God talk and most of the leaders
have taken their turn to share their testimony. The parents are listening
and many have started up conversations later with the speaker asking
how God ministered to them. Hearing how we all go through stuff and
especially stories of miracle healings, miracle births give testimony to
Gods goodness.
We are also planning to run an Alpha Parenting course for the Mainly
Music mums and dads if the interest carries through.
We are expectant that God will continue to work in the hearts of those
who attend.
If anyone would like to be part of the team on Mondays 9.30-11.30am
please see Francie or one of the team.
Prayer Points
That all the signed up mums/dads/grandparents can attend and join
in on Mondays regularly.
That the leaders all feel encouraged and strengthened as they
prepare for term one.
That the parents and children feel welcome, relaxed and open to the
God talks.
That the mums and Dads will want to attend the Alpha Parenting
That there will be more people wanting to help run the mainly music
sessions. Especially those willing to sit and talk to the mums and
dads during coffee and play time.
That Mainly Music will continue to be a fun filled time with lots of
song, dance, chat and laughter.
The updated church directory and prayer list is
available in the foyer this morning. Please take a
copy. We have printed 60 at this stage. Once
these are gone please put your name on the list if
you want one. We will do a further print run this
week and the extra copies will be available next
week. One copy per family please.
As with any directory, errors and omissions occur
and the thing is likely to be out of date the moment
it comes off the printer. Please check your details carefully and let the
office know of any alterations. If you are new and would like to be in the
directory please see one of the pastoral staff this morning; Nigel, Matt or
Starts: Thursday 5th February and meets every week
from 10-12pm
Bring along your friends and enjoy a creative environment where you can learn
a new craft or work on your current project. A helpful, encouraging and
supportive atmosphere where you can have fun, learn and develop friendships.
The first meeting will be held on Tuesday 3rd February at 7:30 p.m.
in the Church Hall, 286 Te Moana Road, Waikanae.
Beginners welcome.
For further information please phone Ann on 905.9030.
1. Mid-size pool table
2. Small table soccer game.
A large box containing small metal tool box tins
similar to those used for the lego competition
have gone missing from the hall. If anyone
knows of their whereabouts please let Carol
Shearer know. Thank you.
See Don Macfarlane.
TODAY 1st February
Morning Tea:
1st Service
Bob & Marian
2nd Service
Dave & Diane &
1st Service
Esmae & Chris
2nd Service
Paul & Denise
Mainly Music—starts 9 Feb
ICONZ– starts 9 Feb
THURSDAY 5th February
Prayer Meeting / 9.00-9.30am
Craft Group / 10-12am
FRIDAY 6th February
BMF / 10am
Youth Group—starts 13 Feb
SUNDAY 8th February
Morning Tea
1st Service:
Bruce & Natalie
2nd Service:
Virginia & Robert
1st Service:
Brian & Carol S
2nd Service:
Intercessory Prayer
1st Service:
2nd Service:
Jonathan & Esther / start 9 Feb
Elaine / start 17 Feb
Wendy & Nigel / start 17 Feb
Women’s Study Group / start 13 Feb
Ph: 293 6810
Office hours: 9 - noon,
Tuesday - Friday