Fix Your Pet, Win $500 - JoCo Spay & Neuter Fund

End Unwanted Litters of Kittens & Puppies
Winter 2015
JoCo Spay & Neuter Fund
With 5th Annual “Fix Your Pet, Win $500”
On Feb. 24th, the Humane
Society of the United States and
the International Humane
Society are sponsoring World
Spay Day. Here in Josephine
County, we’re celebrating
spay/neuter for not just one day,
but for 6 weeks - Feb. 1st
through March 16th.
Anyone who gets a dog or cat
fixed in our county during this
time can enter our drawing for
$500. We’ve added a $250 prize
for Big Dogs (40 lbs. or over) and
$100 for Cats (any weight!).
5th Annual
WIN $500!
rize ix!
$2 Dog” F
A $10
for Ki 0 Prize
tty Fix
One entry per animal - so if
you’re fixing 30 feral cats, that’s
30 chances to win.
Tell a friend, relative, neighbor,
acquaintance, the checker at the
store - NOW is the time to get
their dogs and cats fixed.
Breeding season hasn’t begun
and, you could win big!
Every animal fixed is lives saved.
It is the essence of compassion.
We are delighted to spread
the word again with “Fix Your
Pet, Win $500!”
Get your dog or cat spayed or neutered in
Josephine County from Feb. 1st thru March 16th,
and you can enter “Fix Your Pet - Win $500.”
Do the right thing — and maybe win big!
Call your veterinarian — appointments going fast!
Sponsored by Jo Co Spay & Neuter Fund
Since our start five years ago, JCSNF has helped to fix more than
7,000 dogs and cats; and two bunnies.
(541) 244-0685 • PO Box 787, Grants Pass, OR 97528 •
A Great Way to Teach Kids WHY
to “Fix” Dogs and Cats
How do you get people to fix
their pets? Get their kids
onboard. In Bark magazine (Fall
2014), “Creating Animal
Ambassadors” by Twig Mowatt
offers a great way to teach the
In Trinidad and Tobago, humane
educator Mitra De Souza starts
the class out with a poster of
“the animal shelter” filled with
pink and blue puppies. “Who
wants to adopt a puppy?” she
Only one child is allowed to
adopt two pups. One blue and
one pink. But guess what? They
haven’t been sterilized. So De
Souza immediately gives that
student 4 more puppies.
Everyone wants to adopt them,
and it’s easy at first. But then,
DeSouza drops a bomb: only
one dog allowed per household.
Meanwhile, she continues to
give every student with a pink
and blue puppy four new
“It’s like a light bulb goes off,
and they realize there are many
more puppies than homes; they
start worrying about what is
going to happen to them,” says
De Souza. That is when they
begin to understand the
importance of fixing their pets
and start spreading the word to
parents, siblings and friends.
Upcoming JCSNF Events
April 10th: Fix Your Pet “WINNERS’ DINNER”
“It’s like a light
bulb goes off, and
they realize there
are many more
puppies than
The Bear Hotel, Grants Pass- Our biggest fundraiser
of the year! Chef John Daws of Bacchanal catering
(at former Summer Jo’s) will serve up a terrific meal.
Yappy Hour: 5:30 - 6:30, Dinner 6:30, wine and beer
included. Silent Auction. $75 per person. Tickets
at Elegance, 321 SE 6th Street, Grants Pass,
(541) 476-0570.
April 24-25th: “Doggone Good Stuff”
Rummage Sale
Time/Place TBA.
(541) 244-0685 • PO Box 787, Grants Pass, OR 97528 •
You Add Up to “The Best!”
JCSNF Volunteer Reco Hill, a
professional accountant, has
managed the books for our nonprofit ever since we began 5
years ago. Behind the scenes,
Reco has been the one to make
sure everything in all those
columns added up. She was
responsible for writing all the
thank you notes to kind people
who gifted us through PayPal.
We called on Reco when we
needed a Year-to-Date
statement to apply for a grant.
And we relied on her at the end
of the year when the grand
totals must be calculated.
January was the last month that
Reco will act as our Treasurer.
She is planning on enjoying her
later years without pushing
We are so
thankful for
her help,
and we
wish her the
very best.
Reco with her
rescue kitty,
“There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats.”
—Albert Schweitzer
Feed One - Fix One
The Troublesome
Most statistics say that between 15% and 25%
of the U.S. population does not fix their pets.
In Josephine County, some of these statistics are
young men who own pit bulls. Some are
Others are chaotic, struggling families who barely
notice the kittens running under their feet or the
puppy, now grown, chained out back.
Are you feeding a stray cat?
Some have never thought of spay/neuter.
If so, beware: 1 can become 12 very quickly.
Please call our hotline 541-244-0685 if you
need financial help, or to contact our feral
trapping coordinator.
Some are adamantly opposed.
All contribute to the fact that nearly 2.7 million
dogs and cats die each year in animal shelters
(541) 244-0685 • PO Box 787, Grants Pass, OR 97528 •
PO Box 787, Grants Pass, OR 97528
JoCo Spay & Neuter Fund
You Make Spay/Neuter Possible
WE can help the animals,
because YOU help JCSNF!
We are an all volunteer 501(c)3.
We have no office or shelter to
maintain. More than 85% of our
income funds spay/neuter
surgeries. Donate online,
Special Volunteer
Meet ‘n greet the public at JCSNF’s
spay/neuter education table at the post
office, library, pet stores, etc. Commitment:
2 hours. We supply the table, materials
and training. Call Judy Reynolds, 541-4712986.
Help with our “Winners’ Dinner”
Blind auction (item donations), set up and
clean up. Call Sue Spor, 541-956-6161
(home) or 541-297-2666 (cell). with
PetPal, or mail your check to JoCo
Spay & Neuter Fund, P.O. Box 787,
Grants Pass, OR 97527.
Sneeze all Over—
About Spay/Neuter!
A speaker at a recent fundraising seminar said,
“Sneeze all over everyone about your
organization!” She meant, spread the word!
Make spay/neuter go viral—
in person at the
online with
Facebook, tweeting,
meeting, greeting—
it’s time to catch
a winter sneeze
that can make
a difference!