Instructions for Ordering Online

Baccalieu Collegiate Fundraiser
Shopping Online with Coffee Karma
Step #1:
Go to
Step #2:
Select the K-Cups you wish to purchase (hover over picture of
K-Cup and click on ADD TO CART)
Step #3:
When you have selected what you wish to purchase, scroll to the top of the page and
click on the blue shopping bag which is located on the left hand side. This will bring you
to a new page which will list the items that you have in your cart.
Step #4:
You will notice that there is a $15.00 shipping fee. It is very important that you enter the
coupon code “baccal” and click apply. This will waive the shipping fee and ship your
order directly to Baccalieu Collegiate.
Step #5:
Click “Proceed to Checkout”. This will bring you to a new page where you can enter your
billing information and pay using credit card or Paypal. Remember to include the name
of the student you are supporting as there will be prizes available for sellers. If your
order is to be shipped to the group you are supporting (which it should be) you need only
enter your Billing Address and un-check the box ‘Ship to a different address’
To complete your order, click Proceed to Paypal. You do not need a Paypal account to
use your credit card, but sales are completed through the Paypal system.
Note: If you have family or friends who do not live in the area and would like to purchase
coffee, they can choose to have orders shipped directly to them. For orders under $70 there is a
$15 shipping fee. Orders over $70 have free shipping. However, the school will only get a small
percentage of sales with direct shipping. This is why we would prefer orders to be shipped
directly to Baccalieu.