Member of the Month How we Choose

Meade County Chamber of Commerce
Member of the Month
Selection Criteria
Regular attendance at Chamber luncheons
Regular attendance at Chamber events
Current in financial commitments with the Chamber
Active member within the general community
Improvements to Building and or Exterior
Donated time and services to the Chamber
Donated time and services to the Community,
i.e. businesses, senior citizens, schools, youth activities
At the Chamber, we notice who is making an impact, large or
small, and consider this when choosing Member of the Month. A
chamber member may nominate another member and should be specific
in explaining why their nominees merit recognition.
The selection is announced at each monthly luncheon. A photo
is taken at your place of business and presented with a press release to
the media. The photos and press release are featured in our weekly
updates and placed on the home page of our website at The electronic sign in front of the Chamber
office announces the Member of the Month until the next luncheon.
The Member of the Month is a value of being a member of our chamber.
Carole Logsdon
Director, Meade County Chamber