We Love India. We love SVJCT

We Love India. We love SVJCT
Entry Form
Name of Participant:__________________________________________________________________________
Name of School/Club:_________________________________________________________________________
School/Club Address:__________________________________________________________________________
Gender:______ (M/F)
Birth Date:____/____/_____ (DD/MM/YYYY) Age:____ Yrs ____ Months
Contact Number:______________
Alternate Contact Number (In case of Emergency):_____________
e-mail Id:____________________________________________________
Sporting Events (Please Tick on the event of participation)
Individual Events
Team Events
o 100 m. Running
o Shot Put
o Kabaddi
o Kho-Kho
o 400 m. Running
o Discuss Throw
o Foot Ball
o Basket Ball
o 800 m. Running
o Long Jump
o Volley Ball
o 4X100 m. Relay
o 1500 m. Running
o High Jump
o 100 m. Hurdles
o Wall Climbing
o Table Tennis
o Badminton
o Archery
o Shooting
o Challenge Course
o Swimming 50 m. Free
o Swimming 50 m. Back
I hereby agree that the organizers shall not be responsible for any accident, injury, death, loss or damages due to
participation in the Sports Event organized by SVJCT Sports Academy.
I also hereby, self certify that I am medically fit to participate in the Sports Event organized by SVJCT Sports
I agree to all the terms and conditions for the Sports Event organized by SVJCT Sports Academy.
Enclosed a)Photo Id Proof:_____________________________b) Age Proof:______________________________
c) 2 Copies of latest Photographs
Signature of Participant:___________________
Official Use
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Fees Received:_________________________________________
For SVJCT Sports Academy