Standard 5.20/Family Code 3200.5 Training Registration
March 20-22, 2015 - San Diego
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Standard 5.20/Family Code 3200.5 Training
Designed to provide supervised visitation providers and multidisciplinary professionals with a statewide framework for
comprehending, conceptualizing, and developing program policies and practice requirements for the successful implementation
of Standard 5.20 and Family Code section 3200.5. The training will offer participants specific strategies and approaches for
understanding the duties and obligations of a professional provider and the necessary tools and skills required for developing
program policies and procedures consistent with Standard 5.20 and Family Code section 3200.5.The Judicial Council,
Administrative Office of the Courts, Judicial and Court Operations Services Division, Center for Families, Children & the
Courts, Access to Visitation Grant Program manager will conduct the Standard 5.20 training, with several co-presenters.
Participants will be provided guidance on how to design a best practices service delivery model intended to enhance ethical
professionalism, quality of service delivery, and ensure provider accountability for widely acceptable practices.
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by CASVSP and/or the Judicial Council of CA - Access to Visitation Grant program. Proof of
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