Nye County School District  How to Enter Leave 

Nye County School District How to Enter Leave To enter leave, first sign into the district iVisions Web Portal accessed from the district website or by going to: https://ivisions.nye.k12.nv.us Once you are signed in, the following screenshots will guide you through requesting and submitting leave requests: 1. Click Employee Resources, then highlight Attendance 2. This will bring up your Leave Plan information, including hours available for Annual, Personal, Sick Leave, etc. To add a new request for leave click Add Request. 1 3. Select a Leave Plan, click the drop‐down menu and select the appropriate leave option. (Note: the red arrows to the right indicate required information.) 4. Enter the Units (hours requested), Reason (enter a reason for your request), enter or select requested date/dates of leave using the calendar, select the From Time and the To Time. Then click Submit. 2 5. Once you submit your leave the request is sent to your supervisor for approval, you will see the Pending Absence Request. See example below. 6. You will receive a system generated email to inform you whether your leave was approved or denied. 7. If needed, you can make adjustments to a leave request by clicking Modify a Request. 3 8. This will bring up a grid listing all your submitted leave requests. Select Modify next to the applicable leave you want to adjust. 9. When you click Modify, your leave request screen will be available to adjust leave as needed. Once the appropriate adjustments have been made, click Submit. 4 10. You can also cancel a submitted leave request by clicking Cancel a Request. This will also bring up a grid for submitted leave request, click Cancel next to the appropriate leave you are wanting to cancel. 11. This will bring up your requested leave screen, in Note to Supervisor field, record the reason for the cancellation. Once completed click Done. 5 12. Once the leave cancellation is submitted to your supervisor you will be able to view the cancellation under Pending Absence Requests. The cancellation will show negative leave hours under Unit. 6