The HEINZ Recipe Book for babies & toddlers

Recipe Book
for babies &
Healthy family
Healthy baby
“A healthy love of good
food is one of the most
important things you can
teach your baby. Healthy
food choices now are
the basis for good health
throughout life. Now is a
great time to encourage
the whole family to eat
well for life.”
Heather Ferguson,
Dietitian Heinz Infant Feeding
Advisory Service
First foods
Your baby must learn to eat –
it’s a new and enjoyable skill!
Learning about food involves
colour, texture, taste, temperature
and smell. Chewing and swallowing
are new skills that will be mastered
quickly with exposure to a wide
range of textures, colours and
flavours. The recommended age
for starting solids is around 6
months, but not before 4 months.
My baby does not like…
New foods may be rejected at
first, but baby will accept a food
if it is continued to be offered.
A food may need to be offered
up to 8-10 different times before
baby will accept it. You want
him to enjoy a range of foods,
so keep trying.
How do I know my baby
is ready?
Signs of readiness include:
He watches you eat and reaches
for food
He can hold his head up and
has good head and neck control
He leans forward and opens his
mouth when food approaches
Milk feeds alone no longer
satisfy him
For a guide on how to start visit
chunky dip with vegetables & pita bread
Good food for your baby or toddler can be
easy to make, nutritious AND tasty. This recipe
book features simple recipes using readily
available ingredients that your baby will love.
apricot & apple delight
1 Introduction
3 Preparation & storage
4 Equipment
First foods
Recipes, Hints & Tips
Now I can eat
Recipes, Hints & Tips
Finger foods
Now I can eat
family foods
Recipes, Hints & Tips
The Pure Start®
mashed pumpkin
Preparation &
ALWAYS wash your hands
and use clean utensils,
equipment and serving
bowls. Bacteria in and on
food can cause illness
Microwave oven power levels
vary, so check your instruction
manual for times and settings
Avoid handling food
unnecessarily, use tongs,
spoons etc. to prevent any
contamination occurring
Unused portions of food can be
kept in the fridge for 48 hours
Wash fruits and vegetables
well before preparing
Refrigerate foods as soon
as possible when not being
Use separate chopping boards
for cooked and raw foods,
especially protein foods such
as poultry, fish and red meat
You can freeze any untouched
leftover food in small portions
HEINZ baby foods need only
be warmed through, as they are
already cooked and sterilised
during manufacture. Heat by
simply standing the jar in hot
water or microwave briefly in
a microwave safe container.
Home prepared foods will need
to be heated thoroughly then
allowed to cool, before feeding
If microwaving
foods, ensure
they are well mixed
after heating to
prevent any ‘hot
spots’ occurring.
peach & pear crumble
You will most likely have everything you need already in your
kitchen. All you really need is a fork to mash first foods, but
here are a few items that may make your life a little easier.
Vegetable peeler
Ice cube trays, small
containers or snap lock bags
for refrigerating and freezing
small portions of food
Handheld blender
Small saucepan with a lid
Microwaveable bowls
Food processor (for meats)
Steamer or bamboo steamer
Clean chopping boards
Potato masher
chicken patties
High chair
Bibs – plenty!
Plastic bowls and plates
(prevents breakage if dropped
or knocked to the ground)
Spoons and cutlery – shallow
and small, preferably plastic, as
it is softer on gums and mouth
Plastic tablecloth – good to
protect the floor particularly
for when baby starts self
First foods
Recipes, Hints & Tips
How much food? Your baby’s appetite will guide
him as to how much food he needs. If he is not
hungry, don’t force him to eat, but try again later.
As the parent, YOU decide what foods you will
offer and let him choose if he eats and how much.
iron enriched rice cereal
Spoon 1 tbsp of HEINZ
Organic or Farex Iron Enriched
Rice Cereal into a clean bowl
Add your baby’s usual milk
(breastmilk or formula) or cooled
boiled water and stir until smooth
Start with a runny consistency for
the first day or so and gradually
increase to a thicker creamy texture.
Can be served warm or cold.
Once baby has had rice
cereal for a few days,
you can add mashed
apples or pears to the
menu & then continue
to increase variety
Try mashing pear, peaches,
apricots, sweet potato,
carrots or parsnip
refrigerate or freeze
any remaining mash
mashed fruits &
Place 2 peeled, cored and chopped
apples in a microwaveable container
with 1 tbsp water. Cover and cook
for approx. 2 ½ minutes on high.
Or, place into a small saucepan with
1 tbsp water and simmer covered
for 6-8 minutes until tender.
Place 400g peeled and chopped
pumpkin in a microwaveable
container with 1 tbsp water, cover
and cook for approx. 5 minutes on
high. Or, place into a steamer over
a small saucepan of boiling water
and cook until tender. Mash with
a fork, allow to cool and serve.
See page 3 for image.
To start, smooth
puree or very soft
chicken & vegetables
1 medium skinless chicken breast
fillet, chopped into cubes
½ carrot, peeled and chopped
½ zucchini, chopped
Place chicken and vegetables
in a small saucepan with ½ cup
water. Cover and simmer for 8-10
minutes until chicken is cooked
through. Allow to cool slightly and
blend with a handheld blender
until smooth.
Simply blend meat
prepared for the family
meal with vegetables
and a little boiled water
apricot & apple delight
1 apple, peeled, cored
and chopped
1 pear, peeled, cored
and chopped
½ cup (75g) dried apricots,
cup water
Place all ingredients in a saucepan
and bring to the boil. Reduce heat,
cover and simmer for 6-8 minutes
until tender. Puree mixture using
a food processor or handheld
blender until smooth. Serve.
Freeze any remaining
mixture in ice block trays
or small containers
Now I can eat
Recipes, Hints & Tips
Your baby’s experience of a wide variety of foods
in this “educational” phase will result in a healthy
acceptance of new foods later on. Build gradually
on the foods that your baby loves, increasing the
texture as he learns to chew.
If there is a family
history of allergy,
wait until 12 months
to introduce egg.
bircher style muesli
½ apple, peeled, cored and
finely grated
½ cup HEINZ Muesli
Apple Cereal
1 cup HEINZ Pear Fruit Drink
mashed fresh fruit, for serving
Place apple, HEINZ Muesli and
Fruit Drink in a bowl. Mix well
and leave to soak for 1 hour,
or overnight, in the fridge.
To serve, spoon into baby’s
serving bowl and stir in fresh fruit.
Enough for 2 serves.
Add sultanas or diced
fruits for babies aged
10 months plus
Substitute HEINZ
Muesli & Apple with
Mango Cereal
creamy apple dip
pea & mint dip
tuna pasta
60g spreadable cream cheese
½ cup HEINZ Frozen Peas
1 small mint leaf
50g spreadable cream cheese
squeeze of lemon juice
lightly steamed vegetables,
for serving
80g pouch HEINZ Cook
at Home White Sauce
2 tbsps cooked small pasta
1 tbsp drained GREENSEAS
Tuna in Springwater
1 tbsp cooked finely
chopped broccoli
2 tsps grated cheese
110g jar HEINZ Fruity Apple
lightly steamed vegetables,
for serving
Fork mash cream cheese and
HEINZ Fruity Apple until smooth.
Serve with lightly steamed
vegetables. Makes approx ½ cup.
If baby is repeatedly
pushing the spoon
away or turning
his head away from
food – he has had
Microwave or steam HEINZ
Frozen Peas until tender. Blend
with 1 tbsp boiling water and mint
using a handheld mixer. Stir into
cream cheese with lemon juice.
Serve with lightly steamed
vegetables. Makes approx ½ cup.
Heat white sauce to pack
directions. Stir in cooked pasta,
tuna, broccoli and grated
cheese. Top with freshly toasted
breadcrumbs if desired. Enough
for 1 serve.
Use mashed fish fillets,
or chicken mince in
place of tuna
Baby does not
need teeth to chew.
Chewing helps
develop jaw muscles
which are important
for speech later on.
cottage pie
chicken & couscous
120g can HEINZ Steak
& Vegetables
2 tbsps mashed potato
1 tbsp mixed finely grated
vegetables (zucchini,
parsnip or carrot)
1 tsp grated cheese
50g lean chicken mince
1 tbsp finely grated zucchini
¼ cup couscous
170g jar HEINZ Organic
Chicken Provencale Pasta
Place HEINZ Steak & Vegetables
in a microwaveable bowl.
Combine potato with grated
vegetables and spoon on top of
beef. Sprinkle with cheese and
microwave on medium for 1 ½
minutes, or until cheese is melted
and vegetables and meat are
heated through.
Can also be placed in an
oven proof dish and baked
at 180˚C for 5 mins
Enough for 2 serves
Spray a small frying pan with
olive oil spray. Add chicken
and cook until well browned.
Separate any clumps with a fork.
Stir in HEINZ Organic Chicken
Provencale Pasta and zucchini.
Cook a further minute until heated.
Meanwhile, combine couscous
with ¼ cup boiling water. Stand
for 1 minute. Stir in chicken mixture.
Mix well and serve. Enough for
2 serves.
fruity swirl
30g spreadable cream cheese
120g can HEINZ Egg Custard
variety of soft fruits (banana,
strawberries, ripe pear, cooked
apple, canned peaches or
apricots), mashed slightly
Fork mash the cream cheese until
smooth. Stir in HEINZ Egg Custard
and mashed fruits. Serve. Enough
for 1 serve.
There is a “window
of opportunity” at
this stage for learning
to accept texture.
Miss it & your baby
will not like to accept
lumps later on.
Try these combinations
for spreading onto
sandwiches or rice
crackers: Avocado
with unsweetened
yoghurt and grated carrot;
smooth ricotta with tuna;
softened cream cheese
with creamed corn; hummus
with chopped avocado;
softened cream cheese
with mashed banana
Stir soft fruit pieces
through unsweetened
yoghurt for a quick
Combine mashed avocado
and banana for another
quick and easy snack
pumpkin & sweetcorn
with soldiers
1 tbsp finely grated carrot
1 tbsp finely grated potato
110g jar HEINZ Pureed
Pumpkin & Sweetcorn (or
baby’s favourite savoury variety)
toasted bread fingers,
for serving
Place vegetables in a microwaveable
container with HEINZ Pureed
Pumpkin & Sweetcorn. Cover
and microwave on high for 1 ½-2
minutes. Allow to cool slightly and
serve with toasted bread fingers.
Enough for 1 serve.
Su g
ar Sn
ap Peas
Halved Seed
ed Gra
Make sure you
steam vegies & hard
fruits lightly so they
are softer for baby
to chew & won’t
break off in chunks
nger size pie
into fi
riangle S dwiches
Pita T
Grated C
d Carro
t Sticks
St r a w b
C ann
Co o k e d
l i ce
e lo
Always supervise
your child while
they eat
Pi k
Pineapple Pie
M i ni
Cooke d P
Cheese Sticks
a ke
Pasta Shapes
Now I can eat
family foods
Recipes, Hints & Tips
At around 12 months, growth rate slows so
appetite reduces, and your previously hungry
baby may appear to eat very little – make sure
that every mouthful counts.
pizza portions
1 small wholemeal pita bread
1 tbsp spreadable cream cheese
1 tbsp HEINZ Organic Pumpkin
Spinach & Ricotta (or baby’s
favourite savoury variety)
¼ cup finely chopped roasted
vegetables (pumpkin, zucchini,
mushrooms and capsicum)
Place pita onto a lined oven
tray. Spread with cream cheese
and spoon over HEINZ Organic
Pumpkin Spinach & Ricotta. Press
chopped vegetables onto the pizza
and bake at 180ºC for 10 minutes,
or until base is crisp and topping
is hot. Allow to cool and cut into
triangles. Makes 6 slices.
For a quick snack omit
the roast vegetables
and cook for 8 minutes
scrambled eggs with
cheese & toast shapes
1 egg
1 tbsp milk
1 tsp grated cheese
finely chopped parsley
2 pieces wholemeal toast,
cut into shapes using a cutter
Whisk together the egg and
milk until well combined.
Add to a small hot frying pan.
Cook, stirring often for 1-2
minutes, or until egg is cooked.
Alternatively cover and cook in
the microwave on high for 30
seconds. Whisk with a fork and
cook a further 15 seconds.
Stir in cheese and parsley and
serve with toast shapes. Enough
for 1 serve.
beef & vegetable rissoles
400g lean beef mince
170g jar baby’s favourite
HEINZ savoury variety e.g.
Globetotters Beef & Plum
2 tbsps grated vegetables
(carrot, parsnip, pumpkin,
sweet potato or zucchini)
1 egg
Combine mince, HEINZ variety,
vegetables and egg. Mix well. Shape
tbsps of mixture into patties using
wet hands as mixture is quite soft.
Heat a frying pan over medium heat.
Coat with olive oil spray and cook
patties for 2-3 minutes each side, or
until cooked through. Serve with
mashed vegetables. Makes approx.
30 small rissoles. 1-2 per serve.
Can be frozen for later use
chunky dip with
vegetables & pita bread
60g spreadable cream cheese
½ ripe avocado, chopped
¼ cup creamed corn
½ tsp lemon juice
steamed vegetables,
for serving (carrot, celery,
zucchini, broccoli and
cauliflower florets)
wholemeal pita bread, cut
into triangles, for serving
Mix cream cheese, avocado,
corn and lemon juice until well
combined, yet still chunky.
Accompany with vegetables and
pita bread for a quick snack idea.
Makes approx 1½ cups.
Cut foods into small
pieces for your
toddler to manage
more easily.
baked bean pie
100g lean beef mince
220g can HEINZ Baked Beans
– No Added Salt
1 tsp parsley, finely chopped
2 tbsps mashed vegetables
of choice, heated
Spray a frying pan with olive oil
spray. Add mince and cook until
well browned. Stir in HEINZ Baked
Beans and parsley. Cook for 2-3
minutes until mixture is hot.
Remove to serving bowl, top with
vegetables and serve. Enough for
2 serves.
peach & pear crumble
cheesy vegetable frittatas
¾ cup canned diced
peaches & pears, drained
¼ cup HEINZ Muesli &
Apple Cereal
1 tbsp brown sugar
1 tbsp (30g) butter or margarine
1 cup cooked, chopped
mixed vegetables (try HEINZ
frozen vegetable mixes)
1 cup corn kernels
½ cup self raising flour
½ cup grated cheese
2 eggs, lightly beaten
½ onion, grated
½ cup milk
¼ cup parsley, chopped
Place fruit in a lightly greased small
ovenproof dish (1 cup capacity).
Combine the HEINZ Muesli and
Apple Cereal and sugar. Rub butter
in lightly with fingertips, until
combined. Spoon crumble over fruit
and bake at 180ºC for 15 minutes,
or until golden. Allow to cool slightly
before serving. Enough for 2 serves.
Combine all ingredients in a large
bowl and mix thoroughly. Spoon
into a lightly oiled mini muffin
pan tray and bake at 180ºC for 15
minutes, or until golden and cooked
through. Allow to cool. Makes 24.
See page 4 for image.
Mixture can be cooked
in a 20 x 20cm lined
slice tray and baked
for 25 minutes. Cut into
triangles when cool
Make mealtime
a routine & minimise
chicken patties
450g lean chicken mince
cup HEINZ Organic Mango
& Apple Cereal
¼ cup finely grated zucchini
¼ cup finely grated carrot
Combine all ingredients in a
large bowl and mix well. Shape
tbsps of mixture into patties. Heat
a frying pan over medium heat.
Coat with olive oil spray and cook
patties for 2-3 minutes each side
until cooked through.
Serve with steamed vegetables.
Makes approx. 30 small patties.
1-2 per serve.
lamb with sweet
potato lentils
2 trim lamb cutlets
¼ cup red lentils, rinsed
¼ cup grated sweet potato
½ cup water
½ x 110g jar HEINZ Fruity Apple
1 tsp finely chopped parsley
Grill or pan fry lamb cutlets
until well cooked. Drain on
absorbent paper.
Combine lentils and sweet potato
with water in a small saucepan.
Bring to the boil, and simmer
for 6-8 minutes until tender.
Stir in HEINZ Fruity Apple and
parsley. Serve with lamb cutlets.
Makes 1-2 per serves.
Try using HEINZ Pear
in place of the Apple
pikelets with fruit
1 cup self raising flour
1 ½ tbsps caster sugar
¼ tsp bi-carbonate of soda
½ cup milk
¼ cup HEINZ Pear Fruit Drink
Smooth ricotta, bananas,
HEINZ Yoghurt Desserts or
Gels, for serving
Combine flour, sugar and
bi-carb in a large mixing bowl.
Pour in milk and HEINZ Pear Fruit
Drink. Whisk until smooth and set
aside for 30 minutes. Coat a frying
pan with olive oil spray and spoon
in tbsps of mixture. Cook for 2-3
minutes each side until golden
and cooked through.
Spread pikelets with smooth ricotta
and top with mashed banana or
HEINZ Yoghurt Desserts or Fruit
Gels. Makes approx. 20.
Water is all we really need to quench thirst.
Boil tap water and allow to cool before giving
it to baby.
Breastmilk or infant formula
are baby’s main drink for the
first 12 months
Full strength fruit juice
and sweetened drinks are
not recommended
Cow’s milk is not suitable as the
main milk drink for baby until
after 12 months of age. Cow’s
milk may be used in cooking and
in small quantities on cereal
Dilute unsweetened juice
with water, 1 part juice to
5 parts water
Water from a cup can be given
from around 6 months
HEINZ Baby’s Own juice is
ready diluted unsweetened
juice specifically for baby
If all the family
drink water, your
toddler will too.
Boil water until
12 months of age.
Try to eat as a
family as often
as possible –
your toddler will
watch you and
learn from you.
The Pure Start
The Pure Start® is HEINZ commitment to our highest
standard of purity, safety and nutrition. You will find this
symbol on all our foods for infants.
Our baby foods are made from
homemade recipes. Everything
that is important in your kitchen,
like quality ingredients, hygiene,
goodness and care are important
in our baby food kitchen.
The Pure Start® is a program that
ensures the nutritional quality
and safety of HEINZ baby food to
provide your baby with the best.
It just takes us a lot longer to clean
our kitchen at the end of the day!
All HEINZ foods for infants carry
this logo and offer:
No preservatives
No colours
No artificial flavours
No added salt
For further information about
feeding your baby/toddler go to
These recipes have been
developed and tested by
our own home economists,
Katrina Cleary and Michelle
Geddes, so we know they
work and taste great! We
hope you and your baby
enjoy them as much as we
have enjoyed preparing
and tasting them.
We have taken great care in formulating these recipes. Please carefully consider your child’s health condition (including any allergies) when
choosing food for your child. For concerns about the suitability of a recipe or particular food for your child, please consult your health care professional.
This recipe book has been written and produced by the Heinz Infant Feeding Advisory Service, for H.J. Heinz Company Australia Limited.
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