2015 ASTHRDP-CBPSE Brochure

E. Where to Obtain and File Application
D. Terms of the Scholarship Award
An awardee shall:
 enroll full-time in the identified
institution (9 units/sem/term).
 enter into a Scholarship Contract between
himself/herself, the Sending Institution,
SEI-DOST and the Training Institution, and to
comply with the terms and conditions.
After signing the Scholarship Contract, the
scholar’s name shall be included in the list of
scholars needing clearance from DOST-SEI
forwarded to the National Bureau of
 maintain the grade requirement in the
graduate program and comply with all other
academic requirements of the Training
 render return service to the Sending Institution,
upon completion of his/her PhD degree, on
full-time basis along his/her field of
specialization for a minimum period equivalent
to the length of time he/she enjoyed the
De La Salle University
Dr. Lydia Roleda
University Coordinator
College of Science Education
Taft Avenue, Manila
(63) 526-5916
UP College of Education
Dr. Ma. Nympha B. Joaquin
Project Coordinator
UP College of Education
UP Diliman, Quezon City
(63) 981-85-00 loc. 2811
UP Open University
Prof. Patricia B. Arinto
Project Director
Faculty of Education
UP Open University
Los Baños, Laguna
(049) 536-6009
Secretary, DOST
Department of Science and Technology
Science Heritage Building, DOST Compound,
Bicutan, Taguig City
Phone Nos.: 837-1333/839-0083
Fax No.: 839-0086
A. Criteria of Eligibility
The applicant must:
1. have been a scholar-graduate under any of the
DOST-SEI scholarship programs in the undergraduate or master’s levels; and/or
2. have graduated with academic honors in the
undergraduate degree or have master’s degree in
any of the priority fields:
3. be a science or mathematics faculty of Teacher
Education Institutions (TEI’s);
4. not be more than 45 years old at the time of
The Department of Science and TechnologyScience Education Institute shall award a 3 or 6-year
scholarship grant to qualified science and
mathematics faculty of Teacher Education Institutions
(TEI) to pursue a PhD in Science/Mathematics
Education degree with major in any of the following
priority fields of specialization:
 Biology
5. have passed the doctoral admission test in
science / mathematics education and have been
admitted in
the Science / Mathematics
Education Program in any of the identified
d) Certified True Copy of Service Record;
e) Certified True Copy of Official Transcript of
Records (TOR);
f) Notice of Admission to the PhD in Science/
Mathematics Education program in any of the
identified universities;
g) Endorsement from two (2) former professors
h) Letter of nomination/recommendation from
the head of the university.
Deadline for Submission of Application
July 31, 2015
6. not be a recipient of other scholarships;
7. be recommended by the Head of the Sending
C. Scholarship Privileges
Effective AY 2015-2016
8. have permanent employment status in the TEI;
9. be allowed to study full-time for 3 years
(Residential Mode) and part-time for 6 years
(Distance Education Mode) by the Sending
Objectives of the Program
10. possess sound physical and mental health; and
The program aims to :
11. be willing to accept the terms and conditions
 improve the quality of
education in the country;
c) Certificate of Health Status, Form 3;
 increase the number and improve the quality of
faculty in the Teacher Education Institutions; and
 develop and produce competent educators, policy
makers, researchers, administrators and other
educational personnel involved in science and
mathematics education.
specified in the Scholarship Contract which
include, among others, return service to the
Sending Institution.
B. Documents to be submitted
Tuition & other school fees
Book Allowance
Transportation Allowance*
Group Insurance
Dissertation Allowance
a) Accomplished Information Sheet ,Form 1;
b) Certification of Employment and Permit to
Study, Form 2;
1 economy
Maximum of
60,000, outright
* Given only to those who will study outside their
home province.